GMO Foods

Frankenfoods sound like something that only Frankenstein would eat, right? Actually, it’s not just Mary Shelley’s lab-made monster who eats them – you do, too. Every day. What are they? They’re GMO foods – foods containing genetically modified organisms. Commonly known as GMOs or GM organisms, genetically modified organisms are laboratory-created plants or animals that … Read more

What is happening to your food?

Do you know what is happening to your food? While I’ve been in love with food pretty much my entire life, I never actually cared about what went INTO my food until I started learning that what we eat directly affects things like: Our health How well our brain works How quickly we age How … Read more

Public is paying for cow lot pollution

Did you know the public is paying for cow lot pollution? Do you know what a cow lot is? It’s those HUGE lots that confine cows, and feet them food they aren’t supposed to be eating, like grains. In their natural environment, cows aren’t supposed to be eating grains, they are supposed to be eating … Read more

Is your olive oil really olive oil

Have you ever asked, is your olive oil REALLY olive oil? I came across this interesting article about olive oil fraud. Who knew that companies have been defrauding the public about olive oil for thousands of years & yet olive oil has many health benefits, but ONLY if you are using the real oil. Do … Read more

Data on Contaminated Meat in America

So a little while ago I wrote a blog post on data on contaminated meat in America I mentioned this alarming book I read about the fast food industry and how it’s harmed American in NUMEROUS ways. One of the ways it all started, was with the meat industry, and many others. These industries had … Read more

Oprah and KFC

We were shocked to see this video explaining how Oprah is sponsoring Kentucky Fried Chicken. While we used to love Oprah & then stopped watching her once she started showcasing shows more about superficial topics, when we heard her show was finally shutting down, we watched the last year as we knew there would be … Read more

Is Organic Meat & Chicken Always on the Up & Up?

Most people don’t know that the organic meat & poultry industries aren’t always much better than the toxic meat & poultry industries. Here’s an example of why you should ONLY be buying grass fed meat & the cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. should be allowed to roam free. Hope this educates you.   We Deserve Health

Grass Fed Cows

Most people don’t realize that grass fed cows (as apposed to grain fed cows) are the healthiest cows around which means anyone who eats their meat aren’t about to get sick because they ate grain fed meat. This company provides Kosher meat that is 100% all natural (no antibiotics or hormones are given to the … Read more