So a little while ago I wrote a blog post on data on contaminated meat in America

I mentioned this alarming book I read about the fast food industry and how it’s harmed American in NUMEROUS ways.

One of the ways it all started, was with the meat industry, and many others. These industries had to increase their output, and of course the meat industry was just one of them since obviously that’s what hamburgers use. This led to cutting corners, abusing and harming employees, and selling unsafe meat not just to the fast food chains, but also to schools and grocery chains. This also led to the abuse of power so that even the government (USDA) couldn’t shut down these slaughter houses when they produced infected meat. Read the book, it was very well researched.

The book details how all of this information is usually swept underneath the rug, and the media doesn’t even report it.

Now there’s another article about contaminated meat on Huffington Post. It talks about super bug antibiotic resistant strains, and they also detail how this data is largely ignored.

It shows data on contaminated meat in America with respect to all types of infected meat, and poultry too. Chickens aren’t immune, do you know how many chickens KFC has to buy every day just to supply all of their fast food chains? You think chickens can grow that fast and produce that much meat on their own?

Here are just some of the points from the report:

  1. “a shockingly-high percentage of meat sold in U.S. supermarkets is contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”
  2. “the boom in superbugs is directly related to the increased use of antibiotics by factory farms.”
  3. “In 2002, 50 percent of salmonella microbes found in raw chicken were antibiotic-resistant, according to EWG research which draws from government data. In 2011 samples, that number increased to 74 percent.”
  4. “According to the report, about 30 million pounds of antibiotics were used on domestic livestock in 2011 — an increase of about 22 percent from 2005 sales by weight.”

Please don’t ignore what is happening. The only way we can fight this is if you STOP buying the tainted meat. Consumers have ALL the power.

Read the book PLEASE – it may save not just your life, but all of our lives.


We Deserve HEALTH!

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