Releasing Stress in the Stomach

StomachA method to Releasing Stress in the Stomach. Before I continue with this, I want to also give you this HUGE list of alternative therapies that I know will help you emotionally to release childhood trauma and emotional issues. I’m sure you will resonate with at least one of them.

I will be linking this page over there as well.

I got this from someone online a while ago and it was very interesting because one of the main areas we all carry stress is in our stomach or 3rd chakra.

So here we go…

“Hidden in the pelvis there is a core muscle running from the base of the pelvic floor up towards the lower abdomen in men, but I suspect there might be something similar in women although I know anatomy here may be quite different.

When you hold your attention on this muscle group and relax it using your intentions it releases tension and becomes less constricted. I’ve attempted to do this several times, and on the last one after I had finished, I perceived an inner voice or intuitive thought that vocalised “I don’t think I’m shy anymore”. I’m certain there’s a link between muscle tension in the pelvis and chronic shyness.

The pelvic floor is also attached to what I believe are the quadriceps, and if you relax the tension in these muscles that pull on it, then similarly you can remove the sensations associated with chronic anxiety and lessen stress in the lower body as it makes your pelvic seat far more comfortable to be in.

Yoga works to a degree on these muscles, as you can stretch the muscle fibres, however the most effective method I’ve found is just to sit, bend the legs, relax and attempt to release the tension by feeling into the spongey muscle and relaxing it by placing all your awareness and attention on this area similar to body scanning and using the mind as opposed to merely exercising. Feel the sensations and allow them to happen without constricting and pulling back on them.

If you perform a high vibration meditation you can begin the process of clearing the pain body which is usually the first thing many people need to do. After this you can begin to perform an inner body scanning in alignment with the body’s chakras and hold your attention on an area for a period of time, often you will feel an unpleasant resistance, this will be an energy or emotion that requires sustained attention placed into it in order to clear. There’s a link to a video I’ve used int he passed in the resource section found under the “Files tab.

You can also process bad emotions in the shower using a bar of soap and a gentle, caring and tender message in small circles over an area of the body such as the heart, belly or sacrum, you have to listen to the thought that comes into the mind which corresponds with the emotion, some of them will be quite unpleasant. I’ve not written anything on emotions yet, but I probably will do in the future.

The first exercise above will also enable you to process inner issues and emotions from the body as everything is intricately linked to one’s sense of security found in the pelvic floor.

I would do both of these exercises in sessions of up to 20 minutes as it can really take it out of you.

Some of them can be done once a week such as the showering and intuitive body sensing or the pelvic release work, meditation can be done pro-actively for 5-10 minutes or more per day or during a yoga session. The high vibrational meditation is actually quite taxing to do and does require determination and a commitment, but it is well worth it for the rewards and improved living that result from an inner attitude shift or spiritual change to one’s ego development.”


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