How to clean your pool

How to clean your poolHow to clean your pool naturally without all of the toxic chlorine chemicals.

You can also use these techniques to clean your hot tub.

Anyone using chlorine doesn’t know the first thing about health or cares about their body. Chlorine and whatever else is found in these toxic pool cleaners are very very toxic to our bodies. Just breathing it in is toxic, then you add to that you take it in through your skin and it’s just toxin after toxin.

Here are some sites, but first, look at this called EM Ceramics. Here’s an article about that. Link. Wow, very interesting.

A woman wrote… “We’ve kept our hot tub clean for about 7 yrs now without ever changing the water using EM ceramics. Very simple and very cheap. 1 bag of ceramics, we remove it and soak overnight in EM’s (Essential Microbes) once every 6 months. Also add a couple of cups of Niagri (magnesium flakes) once a month.”

Here are some other sites

Someone heard that salt water is a better way than chlorine, but if your replacing a system it can be expensive. 3-4,000. You have to change the entire pool system when switching to salt water.

Natural Swimming Pools

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