Autism One

Autism One

The Autism One Conference Del from HighWire went to the Autism One conference and interviewed several people. Here is a brief rundown of this episode of HighWire. Did you know that women aren’t having as many babies and many aren’t having any babies, as the fertility rates have gone down not just in America, but worldwide? Chicago … Read more

The decline of insects

This is an article about the decline of insects and how this is affecting humans Most people would only be too glad to get rid of pesty insects, but we are starting to learn how devastating this is for our planet and food supply. We talked about the death of the honeybee and how scientists … Read more

The world’s healthiest countries

This is an interesting list of the world’s most healthy countries. I don’t know if  they are just referring to the people, or they are also gauging the air, water, food, etc. We hope it’s both. You can see the health slideshow here…   We Deserve Health

Israel plans to tax junk food

The Israeli government is set to authorize a plan to slap Israelis with a special tax on junk food, in efforts to fight growing obesity rates, local media reported on Thursday. According to the Health Ministry data, 37 percent of Israeli adults and 14 percent of Israeli youths are overweight; 15 percent of adults and … Read more