Climate Change Episode 1

Reasons for Climate Change Episode 1 Years of Living Dangerously Climate Change Episode 1 Certain actors and directors in Hollywood have gone out of their way to create an educational documentary series called “Years of Living Dangerously.” This documentary will cover how Climate Change affects the ENTIRE world and show you how this is a … Read more

Dying Polar Bears

The dying polar bears still aren’t being recognized worldwide. Because of Global Warming, what is happening, is that the ice is melting, & the polar bears need the ice to stand on so they can catch & eat seals which is their main source of food. Without the ice, they are forced to live on … Read more

Hydro – Electricity – climate change

Electrical usage is one of the leading causes of environmental damage. For this reason Bull Frog Power has come up with a way for Canadians to contribute by being part of a clean energy movement. Help climate change by producing cleaner hydro usage – Green Power. If you are a Canadian business or home who … Read more

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