GMO is linked to cancer in rats

Anyone who has been studying GMO knows that GMO is linked to cancer in rats We also know what lengths HUGE biotech corporations like Monsanto and others will go to to discrete anyone who shows proof that GMO is unhealthy and very dangerous for all living creatures, yet these unethical greedy corporations continue to get … Read more

The medical community & studying data

This is a VERY interesting video about science that sure enlightened me on how they do clinical trials & studies & twist the facts to support what they want the results to be. Then the public (and even doctors) believe whatever they are peddling. I don’t think he’s too open minded enough to accept alternative … Read more

Electric Cars

This is a great discussion (spirited, so don’t get offended by strong points of views) about electric cars, diesel fuel, fossil fuels, hybrids, Lithium, hydrogen, ethanol, biofuels, etc. from some people who have obviously researched this subject for quite a while & have nothing to gain about steering you in one direction or another about … Read more

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