Multi Vitamins

Multi Vitamins

Junk Companies That Create Multi Vitamins Did you know that there are many unethical companies out there who manufacture poor quality multi vitamins? In fact they may even be owned by pharmaceutical companies. These companies don’t create PURE multi vitamins, they add chemicals or other harmful products into the multi vitamins, or they create them … Read more

Antibiotic Overuse Is Causing Antibiotic Resistance to Grow

Experts have been warning us for years about the growing danger of antibiotic-resistant infections. Now, thanks to rampant overuse, antibiotics are unable to cure infections that kill 23,000 Americans a year, according to In short, antibiotic overuse is causing antibiotic resistance to grow. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – more commonly known as MRSA – kills … Read more

Poverty Hurts

Poverty Hurts

Poverty Hurts It’s easy to see that, but did you know that poverty can actually hurts your brain? Being Poor and Being Less Intelligent In recent years, researchers have begun finding links between your economic circumstances (being poor) and your IQ. Essentially, they’ve discovered that poverty hurts your brain. For some, that might seem counterintuitive … Read more

New strain of marijuana plant

New strain of plant possesses same pain-relieving qualities without intoxicating, numbing side effects Good news for medicinal marijuana consumers: Israeli scientists have successfully developed the first strain of cannabis that doesn’t cause intoxication. The unique strain was grown in the greenhouse of the medical cannabis company Tikun Olam, and tested by Professor Ruth Galili of … Read more

Stressing Your Unborn Baby

With more ongoing evidence that stress is THE major reason for health & emotional issues, here’s another study shows that when the mothers of unborn babies have constant stress, the unborn baby is also affected. This was an interesting read for this writer, as I’ve been anemic my entire life. Here’s the entire article.   … Read more

The World’s Healthiest Women

From pouring on the olive oil like the Greeks to slashing stress like the Scandinavians, what we can learn from the happiest, slimmest, longest living cultures around the globe. By Valerie Frankel The secret to a long, healthy life in America? According to longevity researchers, it may be to act like you live somewhere else. … Read more

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