Spero Cell Phone Pouch

Spero Cell Phone Pouch The Spero Cell Phone Pouch won’t work for most people. Matt Landman who’s Youtube channel I’ve watched only twice so far and supposedly is an expert on chemtrails, radiation from cell phones, the cell phone towers, etc., was promoting this Spero Cell Phone Pouch. When someone (rightly so) asked if you … Read more

Social Media With No Censorship

Social Media with No Censorship

Social Media with No Censorship Damm, I had to put this “social media with no censorship” link on my site because FB is blocking me from PMing people. I PMed way too many people (over 100-200) and I don’t want to jeopardize my account) https://steemit.com/@ourfreesociety (this is my profile link, you can follow me if … Read more

Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations

Where Did Pure Encapsulations Go? So Pure Encapsulations from Quebec Canada sold OUT to Nestle for 2.3 billion dollars in December of 2017. That is where they went. Their parent company is Atrium Innovations. We guess if you dangle enough money in front of a company whose mission statement is ALL about purity, they WILL … Read more

B12 Oils

Our B12 Oils Review So in our search for a quality B12 supplement, a couple of times now people in Facebook groups have recommended this B12 Oils company. http://b12oils.com [email protected] When we were finally ready to order, we started e-mailing the company because we were confused as to which oil to purchase. The oils are … Read more

Healing Solutions Health

The Site Healing Solutions Health Here is our review for the site Healing Solutions Health This site is owned and run by Karen Fitzpatrick Dame from Tuscon, Arizona – [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/healingsolutionshealthandnutrition/ https://healingsolutionshealth.myshopify.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-dame-98155635/ https://www.facebook.com/karen.fitzpatrickdame So we signed up for a thyroid Facebook group to learn more about healing the thyroid. We can’t get you the name … Read more

Post Reviews

Please Post Reviews of Holistic Products Companies and Practitioners So we at We Deserve Health feel very strongly that businesses can only improve if their customers tell them what they like and don’t like and post reviews. This holds true, especially when there is a problem. It’s the duty of every consumer to rate a … Read more

Time to get rid of the FDA

If you care about the food you eat & you are SICK & tired of being misled by HUGE corporations that lie about what’s really in their food, then it’s TIME to get rid of the FDA. Please sign this petition…