q Oprah and KFC

We were shocked to see this video explaining how Oprah is sponsoring Kentucky Fried Chicken.

While we used to love Oprah & then stopped watching her once she started showcasing shows more about superficial topics, when we heard her show was finally shutting down, we watched the last year as we knew there would be some interesting episodes & there were.

We do have some admiration for her of course & Oprah has a good heart, but we feel that some of the adulation has gone to her head. Now after watching this video which we feel shows Oprah’s decision to sponsor KFC is clearly all about money, we are floored she would encourage people to go out & eat KFC. Do you know how bad their food is?

Yes some of us used to eat KFC when we didn’t know any better, but once we learned how those poor chickens are treated by KFC, we were disgusted & literally heart broken.

Watch below…

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