Why are people overweight

Why are people overweightI’m going to detail a several reasons why are people overweight.

First I’m going to be using the word “evils” often, so you should understand who the evils are. Here’s my definition.

I get irked when people who don’t understand much about the human body, don’t understand how the evils have been poisoning us for decades (a century even, if not longer) and just assume that the reason a person is overweight is because they eat junk food or eat tons of food in general.

While eating fake food is definitely one reason why people are overweight, it’s not the ONLY reason.

And most poor people don’t have access to real food, they only have access to convenient stores within walking distance. They don’t own a car to go anywhere else, and so they eat all of this toxic fake food which definitely DOES make you gain weight because the body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.

In other countries like third world countries, that’s usually not the case. They do have access to real food and instead they choose to eat fake toxic food.

Most people don’t question what they are eating or read the ingredients. They ignorantly trust their mafia government who is harming them and it really does take a lot of education to understand why one is sick in the first place. And if you are already sick from fake food, using your brain will be that much harder. Also, learning biology often scares people and most people don’t like learning about themselves to help themselves. That’s a worldwide issue. And just to be clear, regular mainstream biology is mainly lies anyway.

Unfortunately most people don’t even pay attention to their bodies when the food they eat makes them feel bad. They don’t analyze their bowel movements or how tired they are.

Because the evils use chemicals in all of their fake food, there is actually a reason why people overeat when they eat this fake food. It’s because the chemicals actually trick your brain and stomach into thinking that you’re not full and you continue to eat over and over again. This was a very enlightening book on the topic of the fake food industry and what it does to our bodies and society as a whole.

Also, a lot of people emotionally eat which means when they are stressed or have gone through a trauma, they eat to numb the pain.

In our society, unfortunately children are often rewarded with cakes, ice cream, cookies, etc., so when they celebrate something as an adult, they go for those treats that reminds them of a happy childhood. There’s a reason they call hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, mashed potatoes “comfort food.”

Also, did you know that a lot of women who were sexually abused as children grow up to gain weight to subconsciously protect themselves from being abused again? They often don’t want to look attractive to predators.

Also, did you know that people who don’t sleep properly or sleep very few hours have a tendency to eat junk food and therefor increase their weight?

Ignorant people often blame overweight people for their overweight situation when it’s not 100% their fault.

I agree, we all have to take part in learning about health and the basics of how our bodies function, and STOP relying on low IQ white coats who don’t know the first thing about how the body works, but we can NOT discount how we are ALL being poisoned and also brainwashed by TV shows, movies, commercials, the Internet, magazines, etc.

Losing weight is VERY difficult. Ask anyone who has ever tried.

The lies spread about diets meant to help you lose weight make many people feel even more unworthy then they already feel being overweight. The diet industry is a SCAM worth around $65 billion dollars per year.

Do people REALLY think it’s just a coincidence that most people are now overweight with many being obese?

On top of it being being very difficult to lose weight especially because a lot of us sit behind a monitor all day which is not how we were meant to live, once you have serious health issues, it usually all stems from the same issue, the ROOT CAUSE.

People have to find out what their root cause is because it’s not the same for everyone.

That’s  another thing, most people assume we are ALL the same and we aren’t. Each one of us is different then the other and there are tons of factors that make up why I get sick and you don’t, I’m emotionally stronger than you and so on.

So here are the main reasons I know that people like myself are overweight that have nothing to do with overeating:

  1. Mold toxicity – the evils use mold to poison us.

    Amazingly I only found this out in 2020 with this video talking about how they spray it on us (chemtrails), and there’s even MORE evidence that mold is used to poison us in this book.

    Why am I bringing up mold?

    Well because most moldies (I’m one of them) are overweight.

    You either gain a lot of weight and can’t get rid of it, or the odd person (they are in the minority) loses so much weight, that they are under 100 pounds. I’m talking mainly women, since most men generally don’t even know they are sick with mold and they don’t pay attention to their health issues as much as women do.

    Our bodies are actually interesting in this regard.

    I read a whole book back in 2015 that explained why people carry weight and can’t seem to shed it. In 2015 I studied why I was sick for almost a whole year and that’s when I realized that I’ve probably been a moldie since I was a little girl and I just didn’t know it.

    Then every time I was exposed to mold in a house, I got more sick until it started to get very bad in 1996 or 1997 and the rest is history. My health just plummeted.

    So why do our bodies hold onto the fat?

    It’s because if you have a lot of toxins in your body, your body fat holds onto and stores that toxin safely so you do not DIE. If it were to get released from your fat, you would die. The body just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    That’s why we all need to detox, it’s just a matter of finding out what is the best detox for you because every person’s body is different.

    Mold is very hard to detox (not impossible) and we have to try plus remove mold from our home. That’s another huge issue.

    Mold makes us very very sick and yes, even kills people. Here’s an article I wrote up years ago on all of the symptoms one could have due to mold poisoning. One HUGE symptom is brain dysfunction.

    And here’s a search link that ties mold and EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that work with mold to make the mold more toxic. The more toxic the mold and the weaker we are, the more sick we become and yes, mold does KILL.

  2. The next reason why people are overweight is their thyroid.

    If your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, you won’t lose weight. Even if you go to a whitecoat, which I don’t recommend, and you get a thyroid test done, the odds are it will say you are fine.

    Our thyroid (thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) — collectively make up the thyroid hormone) deals with our hormones, and the evils have been poisoning our HORMONES for decades. There are actually other thyroid tests such as Hashimoto’s Thyroid Function Tests which are: TSH; TPO antibodies; Thyroglobulin antibodies; Free T4; Free T3; and Reverse T3.

    Of course the mainstream allopathy is clueless, and never lists them.

    Why are the evils attacking our thyroid?

    So people get sick and can’t get pregnant and to change men into women and women into men. Here’s my playlist that proves the evils have been doing this to bring down ALL men. I believe one main reason is so they can’t fight back as the evils kill us all off and destroy our world.

    This also pushes people to become gay and then the evils brainwash kids and people into mutilating their body to become transgender which is completely UNATURAL.

    ALSO, our hormones (this was news to me) directly affect our… Wait for it – BRAIN.

    So long as we are braindead, we can’t even think, let alone fight back the evils. And then you wonder why 90% of the human population is now under deep MIND CONTROL doing whatever the evils tell them to do while they attack friends and family who know the truth and are trying to help them.

  3. Our digestive system is another reason we become overweight.

    Most of us have a very poor digestive system, especially if we’ve gone through a lot of trauma in our lives as children.

    The evils target our digestive system because if that’s not working, you WILL get sick since you can’t digest your food and get the nutrients from the food into your body. You either get very loose stools, or constipation (sometimes both) which means your entire body is not functioning properly.

    And what do they call our gut?

    Again, wait for it… “are tiny brain.” I told you, the evils have been targeting our brains for almost 100 years, especially with fluoride.

    Here’s some text from John Hopkins… “Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, this “brain in your gut” is revolutionizing medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way you think. Scientists call this little brain the enteric nervous system (ENS). And it’s not so little. The ENS is two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract from esophagus to rectum.” Link and here’s a link from Harvard.

    While they don’t talk about the intelligence of the brain which in my opinion is VERY relevant, they talk about how it affects our mood, and the evils always want us to be full of FEAR and angry and not positive and loving.

  4. Diabetes

    So I am not anywhere near as knowledgeable about diabetes as I am with the other 3 reasons people gain weight, and I’m pretty positive there’s no such thing as diabetes, it’s once again, something else is causing the symptoms, but the evils and moron whitecoats want people to buy insulin to screw with their entire body, so they tell them it’s diabetes, and people just blindly believe them without educating themselves on what causes diabetes.

    I did vaguely remember hearing you gain weight when you are diabetic, so I searched and sure enough the Mayo clinic said… “Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin — a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) by cells.”

  5. Inflammation which is responsible for so many health issues.
  6. Water retention in the body.

So I’m going to wrap this up for now. If I find out any other reasons people gain weight other then what ignorant people think is the reason (junk food), I’ll add it to this article.

People PLEASE stop blaming ALL people for their weight issues.

I am in no way saying we aren’t responsible for our lives, but the evils ARE poisoning us, and you can’t discount that part of the equation. We have no idea if all of these OTHER toxins also cause us to gain weight. Look here at my list.



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