Did you know the public is paying for cow lot pollution?

Do you know what a cow lot is?

It’s those HUGE lots that confine cows, and feet them food they aren’t supposed to be eating, like grains.

In their natural environment, cows aren’t supposed to be eating grains, they are supposed to be eating grass.

Because they are forced to eat grains, the amount of pollution they produce is astounding.

So where do you come into the picture?

It’s this taxpayer-subsidized federal policy which gives these HUGE CAFOs about $35 billion.

What is a CAFO you ask?

It’s a Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO).

The government even gives these CAFOs even MORE money (you are paying for this of course) to clean up the pollution.

So do family run farmers get this subsidy?


Are they polluting the earth because of how they treat their cows?


Read more here about cow lot pollution, and how YOU, the American tax payer is paying to pollute our Mother Earth.


We Deserve Health and CLEAN air!

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