Most people don’t realize that grass fed cows (as apposed to grain fed cows) are the healthiest cows around which means anyone who eats their meat aren’t about to get sick because they ate grain fed meat.

This company provides Kosher meat that is 100% all natural (no antibiotics or hormones are given to the cows) and they found a farmer who believes in the natural process.

In the 1980s our Appalachian Trail (AT) beef farmer, Jake, was sickened with liver disease as result of grain-finished feedlot farming. During his time in and out of the hospital, Jake read a lot about grass-fed farming practices. In the early ’90s Jake converted his animal farm to be strictly grass-fed. Since then he has witnessed great positive changes not only in his own health, but in the health of his animals and soils which are now able to soak in rainwater. Read more about the differences between grass-fed and vegetarian/grain-fed beef.

Jake now raises his cattle on his family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on pasture with access to shade and grasses. These cows are humanely treated, appropriately fed and free of hormones and antibiotics. In addition to tasting great, grass-fed meat is the healthiest beef around. Read more about the health benefits of 100% grass-fed beef.
Know your terms!

All cows spend the first part of the life on pasture and are then moved to feedlots. Even McDonalds’ cows can claimed to be “grass-fed” for part of their life. The big difference is when animals are “100% grass fed.” Look for the terms “pasture-finished,” “grass-finished” or “100% grass fed.”  When you see “Vegetarian-fed” or “grass-fed and corn/grain-finished” these are animals sent to a feed-lot, which is not nearly as healthy for you or them.

Only 100% grass-fed meat can claim a rich Omega 3 and 6 balance, (cancer-fighting) CLAs and low cholesterol.
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