Do you know what is happening to your food?

While I’ve been in love with food pretty much my entire life, I never actually cared about what went INTO my food until I started learning that what we eat directly affects things like:

  1. Our health
  2. How well our brain works
  3. How quickly we age
  4. How quickly we heal when we get sick
  5. How much energy we have
  6. Overall how we feel on a day to day basis

What do you know about food?

It wasn’t until 2007 when I saw this documentary on FOOD, that I REALLY started to understand that we know very LITTLE about what is REALLY going on out there.

We are just pawns in the corporate world of FOOD.

I literally felt sick to my stomach after I watched that documentary, so please don’t watch it on an empty stomach, and make sure you have close friends or family members around when you do watch it. If you care at all about humans, nature, health or saving our planet, you will need the support.


Now I have yet to see this documentary about Monsanto (the evil empire who has destroyed our world), or this one about the Corporate Food Industry, but I’m sure they are just as informative about what is REALLY going on.

I have to say, that I NEVER use the word “Evil”, so for me to say that about a company speaks volumes. This company IS dangerous and you will see why.

Please watch, if not for yourself, for others you love and your the next generations to come.

Monsanto, the EVIL Empire

How Corporations control the food YOU EAT

We Deserve Health

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