Plastics in Sea Salt

Toxic Oceans

Researching Plastics in Sea Salt During our research into Himalayan salt, we discovered there can be plastics in sea salt Toxic plastics in sea salt is a worldwide problem that harms all things natural including the human body. BPA is known for harming the brain, and most people buy cheap plastic materials that have BPA … Read more

Some plants can be deadly

Amazingly this plant is very dangerous & while most of you won’t ever see the light of day, others will… The borrachero tree, which is marked by beautiful white and yellow blossoms that droop ever so innocuously from the plant’s slender branches, holds a secret that few people outside northern South America know about. The … Read more

How to stop bees from stinging you

In the last decade or so many more African Honey bees (also known as killer bees) have been swarming & stinging humans & animals including dogs. Just last week an owner of 4 dogs lost 3 to death & one is in the hospital. The African Honey bees have been multiplying & breeding with other … Read more