Take a Look at The States Known For Mold

States Known For MoldYou should not take mold lightly. It’s very nature is very toxic and has caused severe illnesses to many people.

In fact, most people don’t even know they have mold poisoning, they think the illness they have is something else entirely.

Many doctors, both holistic and conventional, don’t even know that their patients may have mold toxicity, so they never get them tested, and since testing for mold is either very expensive or hard to diagnose, the best way to determine if you have mold toxicity, is to compare your symptoms to the list here, plus think back to whether you’ve seen mold, or had a mold smell in the last 10 places you’ve lived. A person can contract mold poisoning many years before the symptoms get out of control and then each time they are exposed to more mold, they get more and more ill.

And because the government refuses to acknowledge that indoor air quality is the leading cause of illnesses in humans, they also refuse to acknowledge that mold is toxic.

In order to be one step ahead of the problem, here is a site that lists the top 10 states that tend to have mold:

Top 10 (as of 2012):

South Carolina
South Dakota
Bottom 5 (as of 2012):

West Virginia


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