Did You Know Vitamin C Can Heal You?

Vitamin C
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Here’s the story of a New Zealand family who had to fight tooth and nail to get two different hospitals to administer high doses of Vitamin C intravenously to their husband and father who had both Leukemia AND Swine Flu.

Conventional doctors have HUGE egos, and since they have been taught to call anything natural “quackery,” they will do everything in their power to ignore what’s right in front of them. That’s even if it WILL help their patients.

This is only one of the reasons we find almost all conventional doctors to be pure IDIOTS and very dangerous.

We don’t care if it’s their insecure EGO that’s causing this, doctors are supposed to help heal people, not fight with them just so they can prove they are right and everyone else is wrong.

This family almost lost their family member even AFTER it was clear to everyone, including the doctors, that the high doses of Vitamin C was helping the patient who had been on death’s door.

Almost every doctor involved in the case was arrogant, and handled the family very immaturely. One doctor even crossed his arms, rolled his eyes and REFUSED to put the patient back on Vitamin C. The doctors kept taking the patient off the Vitamin C and even tried to use excuses as to why the patient was recovering.

They finally had to get a lawyer involved to threaten the second hospital the patient had been transferred to.

These conventional doctors are a risk to our health worldwide. This isn’t a story in America or Canada, but in New Zealand. In fact we wonder if anyone would have the gumption to go against conventional doctors in North America since they hold so much power with both the legal system that is corrupt, as well as them working in tandem with the corrupt pharmaceutical corporations.

Liposomal Vitamin C in high doses has been miraculous for other people as well.



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