Brain Issues Because of Mold

Do You Have Brain Issues Because of Mold?

Brain Issues Because of Mold

Most people don’t realize they may have brain issues because of mold. They will listen to ignorant doctors who tell them it’s just part of getting old.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Behind every symptom is a reason for the symptom, and it’s up to you to figure out what it is. Understand that the majority of doctors (both conventional and holistic) are uneducated when it comes to most illnesses, especially poisonous mold toxicity. At the end of this article watch the documentary on mold.

Mold is this silent killer that doctors don’t even bring up because they haven’t bothered to learn about how toxic mold has become more prevalent in the last three decades since the 70’s and 80’s.

One reason was a product farmers used to prevent their crops from becoming moldy. All this did was take normal mold anyone could endure and make it come back that much stronger therefor resistant, and more toxic. It’s the same concept with antibiotics where the doctors prescribed antibiotics over and over again so the viruses became resistant, that much stronger so many antibiotics don’t work anymore.

In fact there’s an illness called “Farmer’s lung” which is a noninfectious allergic disease caused by inhaling mold spores by dust. The dust becomes moldy from moldy hay, straw, or grain. This just proves that mold is being grown into our food supply making people sick.

The second reason for the increase in toxic mold over the last few decades, is due to the increase in oil prices. This is when the construction of commercial buildings and houses changed to become more energy efficient.

They started building offices where you can’t open the windows so there is no air flow and all toxins just remain inside swirling around.

Even with residential houses, the types of material used such as drywall, is more like thin paper. When it gets wet for whatever reason, it retains the moisture and mold starts to grow. The windows are also tighter so it takes less energy to warm and cool the house. Tighter windows means less air flow. No one ever opens their windows anymore, especially in the winter when there is a lot of dampness due to either heavy rain or lots of snow.

This is such a huge problem and has became so well known, that they called it sick building syndrome (SBS.)

Even construction companies that advertise “Green construction” don’t think about how the air temperature outside at the time of construction will directly affect the air inside after the building is finished being built. One person encountered this very problem in his brand new apartment building and we know of one entire family (father, mother and child) who suffered years ago after moving into their brand new home. Why? Because when the drywall went up, it had rained outside and the drywall went up wet. Poisonous Toxic Mold started to grow immediately.

Thermal imaging can detect moisture behind the walls of your home.

One of the most deadly of all mold types is called “Stachybotrys chartarum” also known as black mold.

In the 1930s, mold was identified as the cause behind the mysterious deaths of farm animals in Russia and other countries. Stachybotrys chartarum was found growing on wet grain used for animal feed. Illness and death also occurred in humans when starving peasants ate large quantities of rotten food grains and cereals that were heavily overgrown with the Stachybotrys mold. Ref.

Fungi (another word for mold) will also release metabolites into our food. These mycotoxins poison our food and then we ingest them. Fungi can alo be found on organic matter, including leaves, grass clippings, and dead trees.

If you have ANY illness at all, the root cause may very well be mold.

Here are the most common symptoms people have when they are subject to toxic mold. You may start off with one symptom, but over time people often accumulate more symptoms.

Here is the list:

  1. Brain fog, cognitive issues.
    • Your IQ decreases, you can’t concentrate, you put things in the wrong place, you forget things (even your name), etc. Even if you are 70 years old you should NOT be having cognitive issues. Doctors who are uneducated often blame these types of symptoms on age, even if you are 40 or 50, their easy way out so they don’t have to work hard on your case is to blame “age.”
    • Unless you have bad habits from early on, you could be experiencing mold which is eating away at your brain and you get brain disruption.
    • Moldy brains are brains that start to shrivel up and are no longer fat and full. Most people feel hopeless since no one is giving them support, or people (including doctors) think they are crazy or making it up. The conventional doctors often prescribe toxic drugs like Zoloft or Prozac which of course will NOT cure your mold poisoning.
  2. Mood swings, depression or suicidal thoughts
  3. No energy – need to sleep all the time and for long hours.
  4. Weight gain for no reason. Some people lose weight drastically, but most people gain weight, and can’t get rid of it.
  5. Dry or itchy skin – Jock itch
  6. Dizziness and nausea
  7. Join pain – some people can barely walk
  8. Toe nail fungus
  9. Vaginal yeast infections
  10. Ring worm
  11. Asthma – people just assume you have to live with asthma
  12. Allergies – doctors will tell you that you will just have to live with it
  13. Inflammatory bowel system (IBS)
  14. Chronic sinusitis
  15. Some bronchitis
  16. Some cancer
  17. Hormonal disruption where people may assume it’s a Thyroid problem where in fact it’s mold toxicity. They have been poisoned by mold
  18. Inflammation

Society has been ignoring what is happening with mold for decades now and most doctors will tell you in all in your head which will make you feel even WORSE.

All this means, is that you haven’t been properly diagnosed because you haven’t gone to doctors who specialize in mold poisoning.

Here is just a short list of mold doctors you can learn from or who can help you:

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Pedram Shojai – taoist priest & doctor of chinese medicine (former biologist)

Daniel G. Amen, M.D. Founder, Amen Clinics

Dr. Scott McMahon, MD

Tests You Need:

Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) – for your home

The Fungal I.D (FID) – for your body

Numerous lists of other tests for your body

For litigation purposes most people use this test to prove their brain was damaged due to mold – Neurocognitive Function Testing

Some Protocols For Healing Your Body of Mold Illness:

  • First you have to move from where you live
  • Get rid of all the things you own or we’ve heard an ionizer can work at getting rid of mold spores on items you own (it may damage paper products), but as the documentary says, dead molds spores are just as dangerous as live ones
  • Injections of the mold
  • Sauna if they can tolerate it (I always suggest infrared)
  • Vit C, glutathione, Multi Minerals, Multi Vitamins
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Mold parasites hate eggs, beef, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, carrots, and celery, so eat lots of those

Mold Restorer:

When you want to salvage your home, you will need a professional mold restorer who really knows what they are doing.

They will often start with a pre-treatment that fogs the house to kill off most of the mold. This also protects the workers, as it’s a very dangerous job to work at mold removal.

Most mold is trapped behind walls where you can’t even see it. They will almost always take out all the carpets which are very porous and trap in moisture.

They will continue to look for any places where mold can congregate. This is a costly process that could be avoided if you build your house the proper way right from the getgo.

How to build a mold free home:

Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH)

Dome Style Homes

Tips for Existing Homes and New Ones

This documentary called “Moldy” came out in 2015 and is educational, therefore we feel everyone should watch it.

You can also watch it here on YouTube.

We strongly recommend you watch this video on mold toxicity and take mold seriously. Even if you don’t have mold poisoning symptoms today, you may down the road, or you may know of someone who does.


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