Here Are Some Remedies For Mold Poisoning

Remedies for moldDr. Doris Rapp is an MD who specializes in allergies and she states that many allergies could be due to mold poisoning.

She calls mold an allergy, but that’s the one thing I disagree with her on. The word “allergy” is too weak a word to describe ALL the health issues associated with mold poisoning. It implies it lasts for a few weeks, you can handle it, and overall you are healthy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Millions of moldies are chronically ill with no quality of life at all.

It’s now June 6, 2022 and I started getting FB notifications about some of the old mold groups I was in back in 2015 when I first started really studying mold and realized I was a moldie.

Well someone mentioned this mold group, I just got approved and WOW.

I read the first 2 guides and WOW, I never learned this back in 2015, but people were really still just learning this stuff only 2-4 years earlier since mold toxicity has been hidden from us for over hundred years at least.

Forget about getting a remediator, what you need is an IEP (Environment Professional).

This must be something new, because it was never talked about before. And she even says that most remediators don’t do a good job and stress out the family because of it.

In fact, I just posted a negative review for one mold remediator company on my review site. This moldie was very upset because they weren’t giving her her money back and they never even removed the mold.

Here’s another doctor (I guess more have come on the scene) who specializes in getting rid of mold from without our bodies. As someone says, it doesn’t matter what you do if “you are colonized with mold in your gut and / or sinus cavity.”

Meaning, you can move to a new home or go on sabatical, but if you don’t detox it from your system (she’s right), you will never get healthy.

Here’s his book on how to heal a toxic body. Link.

And here’s his website.

Here are the symptoms she says to look for

  • Joint Pain
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Sinus problems and post-nasal drip
  • Itchy rashes

I have a much more detailed list of symptoms due to mold toxicity here.

Provocation Neutralization Allergy Testing

This is Dr. Rapp’s easy to do mold allergy test:

“You can put a drop of a mold mixture in somebody’s arm that looks perfectly normal. If they have asthma, you can produce asthma in seconds. Within eight minutes, they will be sick… That’s why they call it provocation. You would provoke the actual symptoms of the mold producers.

So if molds cause you to have a headache and fatigue, you put on a drop and you’re going to have a headache and feel tired. If it causes hyperactivity and asthma, you’re going to have those symptoms.


Then, if you give that patient increasing dilutions — so you give them a 1 to 5 [dilution] and then a 1 to 25, and then a 1 to 125; one drop of that allergy extract in the right dilution will render the patient is entirely normal within eight minutes. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of doctors that know this technique, and your insurance may not cover it.”

Additional Signs of Mold Toxicity

  • Children can’t write. She would put a drop of mold allergy extract on their arm, and the next thing she knew, they were writing upside down. Or they would rip the paper in half. Or write very, very tiny or very large, or over the place.
  • Rapid pulse – use an electronic heart rate monitor like the one used for Sprint 8 exercises. Even if you eat something and feel weird, take your pulse to gauge it. This is more accurate than using your fingers to test your wrist pulse, but that is a good first alternative.
  • After being in a space where you think there is mold, check your handwriting. If it’s not the same as it normally is, this could be an indication that something’s wrong.
  • Blow into a peak flow meter while standing in different rooms or areas of your house. If you blow 400 in one room but only 300 in another, it could be a sign that something in that room is affecting you. You can also do this before and after eating different foods.
  • Red cheeks or ear lobes
  • Dark under-eye circles
  • Bags under your eyes
  • Restless legs

Notice when you get these reactions and start keeping track of what you ate or where you were just before this happened to your body.

Remedies For Mold

  • Of course the FIRST step is identifying that obvious or hidden source of water that is raising the humidity levels in your home or office that is allowing the mold to grow.

    In the end it won’t matter what filter you use until you have the humidity under control and the mold properly cleaned.

  • The NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) has books that explain exactly what to do to remove mold the proper way.

    You can also call them at 877-251-2296.

  • One way of controlling mold is to get a quality air purifier such as the IQAIR, Air Oasis or Austin. Now many die hard moldies don’t believe in air purifiers, but Dr. Rapp feels it breaks down the mycrotoxins.
  • She also recommends getting a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) unit (research this before posting). She said, “she personally likes it because it works for the whole house (up to 3000 square feet), required little maintenance, and is relatively inexpensive. A machine that produces ozone at biological levels is also safe and can be very effective in removing odors.

    “We learned that for the air purifiers and ozone machines, you can’t have pets or plants left in the home and even certain paper products shouldn’t be left in the home otherwise it will harm them.

  • Provocation neutralization allergy testing – what you do is take

You can read the full article here, or watch the video below where she even discusses how to diagnose food sensitivities or allergies. She even talks about how you can continue eating some food items if you have just a mild sensitivity.

She’s also written the book, Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call. Unfortunately it was never formatted for Kindle being that it was written 14 years ago back in 2003.

I hope this helps you.




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