Our Earth is in Crisis

EarthSo the other day someone asked one of us what was wrong with our earth.

In our opinion, the earth includes us, as we are natural living being on our natural living planet.

We had been discussing a topic on You Tube about how EVIL CORPS and the government are harming our earth and the person didn’t know what we were talking about.

At first we thought he was just playing games, as we just assume EVERYONE knows at least one thing EVIL CORPS and the government is doing or has done to harm us and our earth, but then we thought, maybe not.

He was sincerely wanting to know, so we decided to create a list of all the things WE know of (there could be more)  that EVIL CORPS and the government are doing or has done. We also sincerely apologize to all of you who have no idea what is going on and we will say this…

You can’t trust mainstream news. The news networks are owned by the EVIL CORPS.

They will hide things from you, or just avoid reporting things that are happening around the world that affect us Americans, because EVERYTHING worldwide affects us.

How do you know what the American government is doing to other people in other countries in the American name?

Don’t you think there’s a good reason that a lot of people in countries worldwide hate Americas?

Even here at home corruption is hidden from us at all times, or they will say things that are just flat out lies.

So… how do you learn about what is going on so you are up-to-speed and stay in-the-know?

Well finding a good You Tube channel that has REAL news on it (not all the fluff and theater) is key.

So is finding one very good news site that provides good factual content and will do what they can to provide you with the TRUTH.

Bare in mind that investigative journalists who care about the truth are often killed and yes, even in America. Their deaths are often made to look like a suicide, drug overdose or car accident.

Unfortunately we don’t have a good You Tube news channel for you, because we find that many alternative news channels also don’t check their facts, or often put on a “good show,” rather than sticking to the facts.

We recommend you sign up for various newsletters that will provide you with news in your inbox. Than you can start to get an idea of who you can trust and who you can unsubscribe from.

Now, due to the nature of these immoral acts below, we will use broad strokes to describe their character as we see it. We aren’t using any names other than the company’s name, or the general use of the term, “government.”

We don’t care if it’s a corporation or the so called “government.” Corporations and the government are run by people. People need to be held responsible for the harmful things they do to others.

We the People OF THIS EARTH deserve to have access to clean air, water, soil, food (vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs and so on). We are NOT guinea pigs to be fed scraps of garbage.

Most dogs are treated better than American citizens are, and you can see it in how many people are full blown sick, or on their way to getting sick.

It starts off with people not feeling very well, than not having enough energy, than other symptoms that add up. until 10-15 years later (or sooner), they are full blown sick wondering what happened.

We are positive these EVIL CORPS and the governments of the world are doing a lot more terrible things to us than we are even aware of. We learn something new all the time.

So if you as a reader have anything to add to this list, please feel free to register and add to this post. Thank you.

Also, we don’t have time to point to web pages to show unequivocal proof. For any issues we’ve already written on we will, but there is still so much we haven’t written about. Unless otherwise noted, we are just referring to America.

  1. Many EVIL CORPS dump toxic chemicals into the water. Supposedly according to the law they aren’t allowed to do that, but they’ve been getting away with it for years, so why stop now?If you dump poisonous toxins in the water, the marine life (fish, seafood, algae, etc.) then becomes poisonous. Humans then eat them and ingest the poison.Where do you think the water coming out of your tap comes from most of the time? And why the city has to pour TONS of toxins in the water to kill the toxins from the water?
  2. Many EVIL CORPS bury toxic chemicals into the ground. They usually do this in poor towns or cities where people are uneducated and won’t notice until it’s too late and they all start getting sick and start to die.
  3. Agent Orange – the US government had an EVIL CORP create a terrible toxic chemical (biological warfare) that they then sprayed on the Vietnamese people back in the Vietnam war. The chemical was called “Agent Orange,” and was created by a VERY EVIL CORP called “Monsanto.”This chemical was so deadly, it burned anyone it touched, AND any babies born during that time and for many years later (we think even up until now in 2017) came out with either deformities, both physically or mentally, or died. We don’t have the numbers, we don’t have the articles, but there are many articles and documentaries online about what the American government did to these people back in the 1960’s and how Vietnam vets came back totally torn up about what happened over there.We aren’t even sure what happened to the earth they sprayed this VICIOUS Agent Orange chemical on. We assume anything grown from that soil would be toxic to eat, but what choice did the Vietnamese people have?
  4. EVIL CORPS have been polluting our air since the industrial revolution.The men and women who realized they had found something new and exciting RUSHED to create methods of transportation without even sitting down to discuss the ramifications of the pollution they would spew out from their trains, boats, buses, cars, factories, and so on.Or, maybe they did sit down and think this through or others warned them, and they just didn’t care. Even if they didn’t realize it right away when it first started in and around 1820-1840, it’s been 197 years SINCE then and it’s clear to anyone paying attention with any kind of caring for the world, that pollution kills or causes MAJOR health issues, not to mention what it does to ALL living creatures which we should be in synergy with for a myriad of reasons.To be clear here, we are NOT against inventions or progress. What we are against are people NOT researching the dangers of use of these chemicals, OR knowing they kills or cause illness and just ignoring it just to make money.

    The ongoing spewing of chemicals into the air (pollution), has created a hole in the ozone layer and since then started to create a HUGE change in the climate.

    To be clear again, this has to do with the corporations and how much pollution they spew into the air.As one person said, “yes regular folks have to care about their part in creating pollution, but there is NO way we make up even close to what these factories spew out every day in the name of manufacturing.”

    And just so you know, they COULD create methods that allow us to have all the machines we need WITHOUT causing harm to humans and our earth. They just don’t want to change what they have been doing for almost two centuries, or take money out of their pockets to do it.

    The government has ALWAYS protected these EVIL CORPS and let them get away with their polluting rather than tax them for creating this nightmare, but rather than tax, we want to see them totally revamp everything. Engineers should come up with CLEAN ways to produce the same products, machines, etc.

    And engineers and scientists already HAVE come up with non toxic alternatives, but the EVIL CORPS always quash their research, inventions, or they buy them and then quash them.

  5. Toxins in our plastics. We use plastic for almost everything and the EVIL CORPS have created the plastics with neurotoxins called BPAs that affect people’s health.
  6. Our tap water has chlorine, fluoride and other toxic chemicals. All harmful to our health.
  7. GMO seeds are bad for you because of how it’s manufactured. They are fake seeds where they take two different species and splice them together and how it’s grown is another issue.They use glyphosate which is extremely toxic to us, the earth and animals. The company responsible for creating glyphosate is the SAME company that created “agent orange.” (see #3)This company, Monsanto, went around worldwide marketing their seeds, along with their toxic glyphosate chemical toxic product, to farmers who didn’t know any better. They also used under-handed shady tactics to lie and manipulate the farmers so they stopped buying regular seeds. And once you use GMO seeds on your land, getting back to regular seed is VERY difficult.They also took farmers to court bleeding them of ALL their money.


    They “claimed” that the farmers stole their seeds.

    Somehow they magically knew that the seeds where on the land of the few farmers who refused to buy their seed.

    We think they either threw them on these farmers’ land, or the wind blew them there from the land next to theirs. Of course NONE of this can be proven in a court of law, so they ruined many farmers’ lives.

    In fact, many farmers worldwide have committed suicide after dealing with Monsanto and their GMO seeds.

    It’s also known that farm workers have become VERY sick from these toxins sprayed on the land. They are handling these toxins day in and day out.

    Here’s a good article on how glyphosate has ruined the Argentinian farming industry.

  8. Factory farming – long gone are the days when animals had a quality of life, and then they were slaughtered in a humane way for food.We believe this issue of how animals are treated started to became a problem because of the fake fast food industry.With the fast food industry creating HUGE demand on farmers to provide cheap meat, chicken and things like potatoes, farmers stopped caring for the animals and the ENTIRE farming industry changed.

    Now ALL animals are:

    * Shoved into an over crowed pen, barn, etc.
    * They NEVER see the light of day
    * They aren’t able to walk around
    * They can no longer eat what they would normally eat if they were able to roam the farmland, and instead they are fed toxic food that they shouldn’t be eating. They are EVEN fed other animal body parts even though they aren’t supposed to be eating that crap.
    * They are given drugs (antibiotics) because they are sick all the time due to how they are raised, what they are forced to eat, how they live in unsanitary conditions, and overall, live a MISERABLE life.
    * They are given hormones to fatten them up so the farmer can make MORE money off of that cow, pig or chicken.
    * They are even physically abused by some or many of the workers long before or just before they are slaughtered. The undercover videos will make any emotionally sane person’s stomach turn.

    And did you know that when you kill an animal and that animal is terrified, your meat tastes worse than when the animal isn’t scared? Not to mention those fear toxins are now in the meat you are eating.Putting aside how terrible it is to treat animals in this manner, the way they are raised and what they eat affects our lives because most people eat this toxic food and this is why so many people have digestive issues.

    It’s no longer the saying, “you are what you eat,” it’s now the saying, “you are what you eat and what THEY ate.”

    For people who don’t want to take drugs (antibiotics or hormones, they have no choice, it’s in YOUR FOOD.

  9. Fake Food – all food now is fake. Even the produce you buy is plastic with little to no vitamins, minerals or taste to it. Take a trip to Italy or Georgia, the country, and THERE you will taste REAL produce.Almost everything people consume now that is frozen or in a can is toxic. There’s more chemicals in the products they call “food,” than there is REAL nutritious food.While the fake food industry has been around since the 1950’s, every year the EVIL CORPS have taken out more and more of the REAL food, and replaced it with chemicals made in a lab.These chemicals are meant to keep your taste buds salivating so you continue to buy their products. The chemicals are addictive just like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. This is just one reason why so many people are obese and their intelligence levels have decreased.

    Humans were NOT meant to eat fake food. They were meant to eat REAL living clean nutritious produce and animals.

    The government allows this because they work in tandem with the EVIL CORPS who produce this food.

  10. Killing animals. These horrific people over-kill animals, fish, etc. through excessive hunting which isn’t hunting for food, but for either for sport or to sell on the black market.Any human that kills for sport is a psychopath that gets their thrills from killing.Overfishing has become a HUGE problem worldwide and pirates worldwide are killing whales, dolphins, and other exotic fish so they can sell it on the black market.

    Man was already raping the waters in the early 1800s when seeking blubber for lamp oil which then almost made the entire whale population extinct.

    Atlantic cod and herring and California’s sardines were also overfished to the brink of extinction by the mid 1900s.

    Due to the overfishing and the fish not being able to replenish themselves, it became a serious GLOBAL issue by the late 20th century.

    Now commercial fleets are going deeper in the ocean and father down the food chain. This “fishing down” practice is so harmful to the water’s biologic system, that it’s predicted that if this continues, all water’s fisheries will collapse by the year 2048.

    That coupled with climate change, habitat destruction, and acidification, and our entire water system is in crisis.

    The killing due to poaching animals is mainly done in Africa where there are no jobs for people, so a lot of the men and even women go into the forest and kill animals because the parts of these animals are sold on the black market for high dollar amounts.China is one country that buys many of these animal body parts because they think they either have health or aphrodisiacal benefits.

  11. Spraying chemicals on the grass and vegetation  not only affects the the animals that eat the grass and vegetation, but the insects too.Without ALL animals and insects, we lose our eco system. The ecosystem allows nature run smoothly.Once you remove or harm the ecosystem, you will start to see dire consequences which we are already seeing.Constant year after year use of chemicals on our soil have depleted the soil of ALL its nutrients which means that piece of broccoli you are eating has very little nutritional value. Not like it did in the 60’s or 70’s.
  12. Clear cutting trees – trees are needed for our ecosystem.We need trees and the rain forests worldwide.

    What happens when you cut down trees?

    * Animals, insects and plants lose their homes. That’s 80% of the earth’s animals, insects and plants live in the forests and need trees.
    * Trees protect the soil from the sun and then releases water vapor into the atmosphere. If the tress aren’t there, the soil dries out and the entire forest will become a desert.
    * The trees keep the forest cool during the day and keep the heat in at night. You take away the trees, the temperatures aren’t regulated and this will harm the animals, insects and plant life.
    * Trees absorb pollution and greenhouse gases which are responsible for global warming. Less trees or NO trees means the greenhouse gases speed up and increase global warming which we already see happening due to the decrease in water, the melting of the North and South poles, extreme forest fires in California, and the list goes on

    So who is responsible for all of this deforestation aka clear cutting?


    * The biggest contributor of deforestation is the agriculture industry.

    Farmers cut forests to provide more room for planting crops or grazing livestock. Small farmers will also use a terrible process known as slash and burn agriculture.

    * Next is the logging industry that provides the world’s wood and paper products. They have been ruining our forests for decades.

    Loggers also illegally build roads in order to access more and more ares of the remote forests to of course, cut down MORE trees.

    * Lastly trees are cut down to provide dwellings for humans and mainly due to people and governments NOT designing cities properly.


So this is just a short list of what the governments worldwide have done to harm humans, animals, insects and our earth.

Yes the EVIL CORPS are on that list, but they wouldn’t be able to get away with the things they do if it weren’t for the governments helping them.

We Deserve Health

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