Here Is Someone’s Mold Story

Mold StoryWe thought we’d share someone’s mold story just in case you think that you don’t have mold JUST because you can’t see it.

She sent it to her neighbors because they had 3 floods.


Just want to give a friendly reminder to those that were hit from the flood. PLEASE check your crawlspace and have a mold inspection done on your home. 

We weren’t hit by the floods but left our home due to hidden mold before the first one. 

We bought our home in 2002. My dad moved in soon afterwards. He was the head golf pro and GM at the golf course for 15 years. Soon after moving in, he began getting infection after infection. Then cancer. Then had his leg amputated from diabetes and infection. 

Dad started getting sick in 2006. I had my son in 2006. We built a kitchen upstairs so my dad would have privacy and his own area downstairs. So my husband and I were rarely in that part of the home for long periods of time. 

In 2006, we had a child. My dad kept him while I was at work. He lived for my son and was an awesome grandfather. Took him golfing every day. Picked him up from the school bus every day in his wheelchair. 

In about 2012, I began demanding the doctors test my dad for dementia or alzheimers disease. 


He seemed to be getting dementia. However, every time he’d spend time in the hospital he’d seem and act perfectly fine like the brilliant man he always was with his genius IQ. I should have noticed that and won’t forgive myself for that. 

Then he’d come home and act completely out of it again. 

In 2014, I put him in a nursing home because I could no longer care for him. He was falling a lot and breaking bones. 

I went to sell my home in 2014. When putting in new countertops, we found an ungodly amount of mold behind the dishwasher. More searching found our subfloors were filled with mold. 
3 professional mold inspectors found not a single speck of visual mold anywhere inside our 3400 Sq feet home besides that kitchen. However, an air quality test showed outrageous amounts in my dad’s kitchen. The people who sold us the home had unhooked the air ducts under that kitchen so it wouldn’t spread throughout the home. Yes i went to raise Hell with the previous owners after finding out. Oddly they are deceased and so is their realtor. 

USAA insurance paid to replace our entire kitchen and flooring downstairs. It looked immaculate visual wise and you’d have never known Hell was hiding behind the appliances and under the subfloors. My ex husband and I weren’t effected because we were never in there. Sadly my father and child were. 

USAA didn’t tell us how serious toxic mold could be and we hired family to fix it. Within a month of workers opening the kitchen floor, my child and I were extremely sick, in and out of the ER, with lung damage because the people didn’t know it close the air ducts off. They didn’t do proper containment protocol. We were in hotels for a year because we became extremely “sensitized” to the tiniest bit of mold spores. Every time we’d try to move back home, one of us would have an anaphylaxis reactions and end up in the ER. Not having proper containment during caused my son and I to have many allergies and sensitivities. Our entire home was ruined because stachybotrys was spread thru the HVAC and everything in our home turned black within six months of that kitchen floor being opened. 

25% of the population have a genetic disorder where they don’t expel toxins like normal people do. Most people, and many physicians, aren’t aware of this. Because of the extreme exposure, my child and I are extremely reactive to the smallest amount of mold spores and chemicals. 

I lost 100k in equity for having to leave the home. We lost all of our belongings.
I’m not trying to sue anyone involved. I easily could have. 
I’m simply wanting to raise awareness of toxic mold poisoning.

We’re doing great now. My child is now an honor roll student. 

But my dad DIED and I can’t get him back. 

All I can do is warn others. If someone in your home is having several odd symptoms, please test your house. 
I won’t go under any home to check a crawlspace , but if someone is sick in your home I will be happy to talk to anyone who has questions.

I am not affiliated with any mold remediation companies or home inspectors. If you’re buying a home, please hire a home inspector and a seperate mold inspector. I sold real estate and many people, including myself, had no clue they need both.”

And what she doesn’t say in this story is that the minute the mold spread, she lost ALL of her furuniture and THEN you could see the mold.


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