Our B12 Oils Review

B12 OilsSo in our search for a quality B12 supplement, a couple of times now people in Facebook groups have recommended this B12 Oils company. http://b12oils.com

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When we were finally ready to order, we started e-mailing the company because we were confused as to which oil to purchase. The oils are to be put on your skin so they bypass the digestive system and go right into the bloodstream.

We asked a few questions:

  1. If they shipped overseas since one of us is located overseas right now
  2. What was the price to the overseas country
  3. What was the price within the US and we gave them the state
  4. For their telephone number
  5. And which product to get and we gave them a brief summary of why we needed it

Communication Issues BIG TIME

Right away there were communication issues with who we assume was a man. He starts either joking around or commenting on how there’s no such thing as shipping anymore since it’s all done by air. After 2-3 e-mails, we were pretty sure he wasn’t joking around.

The way he initially said it, it made it seem like he doesn’t ship his products AT ALL, so we started getting really confused and frustrated until we realized he was nitpicking with the word “shipping” which literally means to ship by sea. We finally discerned the he was trying to say that the items go by plane LOL

Of course everyone knows that “shipping” is just a generic term that means getting a item from one place to another.

He finally gave us a price, but did NOT stipulate where this price was to go to. Remember we asked him for two different shipping prices. He also starts talking about ordering 10 bottles LOL, at $50 a bottle? No we do NOT have $500 to lay out for B12 Oils.

After FINALLY clearing up the shipping issues and asking for a recommendation on which product TWICE and he still hadn’t given us his phone number, we were starting to get perturbed. This person started to sound like he wasn’t all there upstairs.

We asked for a recommendation AGAIN (third time) and for the phone number again.

Refuses to provide contact information

This time he refused to give the phone number saying it was too complicated to deal with all over the world. Complicated? You type out your phone number and the person calls you, or you use Skype which is free. At this point he HADN’T even given me his name and with all the game playing or him being idiotic, we finally said we have changed our mind, you just lost a sale and got yourself a bad review.

While he tried to make it seem like he did everything we asked for, obviously he hadn’t. He FINALLY stated that a consultant needs to talk to us to determine which type of oil to get and it’s Saturday and they aren’t around. Ok, FINE, why couldn’t have he said that right from the getgo? The fact that it took him FOUR e-mails to communicate that made us distrust him even more.

It’s clear this person is overseas, and we don’t even know where overseas, as we are sure he would have avoided telling us that as well.

Order at your own risk.


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