q Examples of how dangerous Conventional Doctors are

How Conventional Doctors Will Stop You From Getting Well

Conventional DoctorsWe have a serious issue with conventional doctors. Not that holistic doctors are wonderful all the time, but at least they will NOT purposely stop you from getting well, plus there’s not much harm they can do giving you a supplement or vitamin, as they aren’t drugs.

Here are examples from people who had to deal with conventional doctors. These doctors say the stupidest things to their patients out of sheer stupidity, EGO, which is immaturity, or due to the fact that they are part of the corrupt medical system that is forcing people to be ill or take drugs.

We will also provide stories where the doctors or health care professionals REFUSE to study anything or even listen to their patients. The more the patients tell them, the more they ignore them or try to convince them that what they are saying is wrong.

In most instances when people have been sick for many years, they are more intelligent and more open-minded than any doctor they come across. After studying health online, they are able to put two and two together and FINALLY figure out what is causing their illness.

We won’t edit the stories to maintain their authenticity. Names are not mentioned to protect them.

  1. Woman who had mold toxicity

    “I went off steroid nasal spray. ENT had kept prescribing increasingly strong ones, then he ever suggested SURGERY because my sinuses were so inflamed. I asked “why don’t we find out WHY they are inflamed???” I started using colloidal silver nasal spray and by the next visit, dr could not believe the improvement. When I told him what I was using, he stammered and said, ” Oh no, I cannot endorse that, it is not a prescription”

  2. Woman talking about her son’s illness

    “Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia told us not to worry about Reye’s syndrome and Aspirin stating it is no longer a concern. When I notified them we believed toxic mold was the root of our son’s issues they said there is no scientific evidence to support my claims. “

  3. Former moldie (a moldie is someone who has been or still is affected by mold poisoning)

    “I thought “CFS (chronic fatigue symptom) doctors will be interested in clues. They’ll want to hear about the mold” and “Mold doctors will be interested in CFS, to see if CFS is from mold”BOTH didn’t want to know.BOTH wanted to shut down evidence. – “I thought “CFS (chronic fatigue symptom) doctors will be interested in clues. They’ll want to hear about the mold” and “Mold doctors will be interested in CFS, to see if CFS is from mold”BOTH didn’t want to know.BOTH wanted to shut down evidence.

  4. Another moldie

    “In my district they tore two buildings down after I got sick, but did not give me anything. All I wanted was medical insurance . They told me I should have moved out of the room like I did in 1984. However, the symptoms were different this time from 2005/2007. They were CFS symptoms this time , leaky gut, thyroid issues , period issues, brain fog , fatigue from hell and organ issues. Since I was already disabled when this came to the meetings with the district my union was useless. What did they care, I was gone. My microbiologist said their testing threw me under the bus . Gees I guess they threw the union under the bus too in 1985 when the union asked for testing because people were dying in the building. My twins were conceived when I was in that building and resulted in a twin twin transfusion pregnancy that eventually resulted in their deaths at 6 and a half months through multiple amniotic procedures to save their lives which caused sepsis in all of us killing them and nearly killing meThe moment I read that mold can concentrate nanoparticles, I thought “That’s it. This must be what the killer plumes are all about”But I don’t have fancy gadgets to test the hypothesis.
    I thought if I told researchers, they would take interest.But as we see, the more clues we give them, the harder they fight back.”

  5. Another moldie talking about sinus infections

    “this is probably the one issue I have been able to address. 2 years ago my sinuses were so bad I was sleeping sitting up and still open mouth breathing. ENT dr was prescribing increasingly strong steroid sprays. Then he suggested sinus surgery. I refused, saying why don’t you just figure out the cause of the inflammation?
    I found colloidal silver spray worked wonders. At my next visit, ENT was amazed at the improvement. When I brought out my silver spray, he stammered and backed away lol and said he could not possibly endorse it because it is not a script. SMH….but he was happy to push steroids, antibiotics, or surgery lol”

  6. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    “There was no “CFS” then, but that didn’t keep those other doctors from treating me like crap and making no effort to pursue the illness, beyond denial of its existence. I went to a doctor who took one look at me and could see that I looked pretty darn sick. He seemed to be sympathetic at first until he got the lab tests back. He said “Well, your results look normal, and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with you He started to make disconnected and inarticulate statements about “how a person’s attitudes and thought patterns could…” This was somewhere around the eleventh doctor I’d seen, and I could tell what was coming.I said “Hold it right there. If you don’t know what this is, just tell me so. I can accept that. But the next doctor to tell me that this is ‘all in your head’ is going to get punched in the nose”. He jumped back and just at that moment a nurse walked in the door holding a clipboard. He ran behind her and grabbed her shoulders, holding her in front of him like a shield. He screamed “That proves my point. You’re an UNSTABLE INDIVIDUAL.” and darted out of the room.”

  7. B12 Deficiency

    “Our family doc was clueless as to how to understand the results of the b12 test I requested back in 2014. They just told me to stop supplementing and retest later! They really should have realized something was wrong at that time.”

  8. B12 with no minerals

    “Be careful with taking too much B12. It can lower potassium levels which will cause heart racing / palpitations. Also minerals are required in order for your body to absorb B12 into the cells. Without adequate minerals, the B12 will pool in the blood & show up as misdiagnosed elevated B12, when you actually have a B12 deficiency due to it not being absorbed into the cells. Deficiency symptoms include severe allergies & chemical sensitivities. All of this has happened to me and has been confirmed by my doctors (meaning the B12 lowering potassium levels & minerals being required for B12 aborbtion, etc). It was terribly confusing & I was the one who researched the correlation & confirmed it with docs who were shocked that I had pieced it together via a ton of research that they had never considered).”

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  1. This is from a health care worker who cares for the elderly. Here’s just ONE of the stories she has to tell:

    “She’s having all the symptoms of thyroid problems but the doctor keeps saying she’s just fine and needs to eat more and that she’s malnourished. She eats over 3000 calories a day of good healthy food and keeps losing weight. She’s cold all the time, just all sorts of symptoms that seem to be her thyroid. So I switched her to a different doctor and I’m getting the same shit. Basically they are pointing a finger at me and accusing me of not feeding her enough.

    Both docs claim her tsh is fine so it’s not a thyroid problem. They’ve ran the TSH four times now upon my demands or they wouldn’t even do it. I told them I wanted a full thyroid panel ran but they wouldn’t do it so I went above them and ordered a full thyroid panel online. Thank God I did. Her thyroid is a hot mess. I’ll post a pic of her results.

    Get tsh is in range but very low. Four are out of range and the four that are within the range are one point from being off. So I did some doctor googling and figured out that with a low tsh and all the others being low it has to be a secondary problem.

    A pituitary problem.

    What could cause hypo pituitary is a tumor on the pituitary or a head injury.

    She had a brian tumor, meningioma that was benign about ten years ago and I’m pretty sure the trauma of the tumor plus the surgery to remove it is what’s causing this problem that’s affecting her thyroid. If I’m right it’s a very serious condition and even deadly if not treated.

    So I had my endocrinologist look over her results and sure enough he conformed what I spent hours on google figuring out.

    I should have saved my time and went right to him but I did get quite an education learning about all of this.

    My point tells no you all of this is that our lives are truly in our own hands. Doctors cannot be trusted in my opinion. How did her doctors not even suspect anything with all of her symptoms and a low tsh? They don’t take a good look at results. They don’t consider optimal range. Their range is too broad for most tests.

    For example the range for ferritin level is 10 to 200. That’s quite a broad range. Optimal ferritin level should be at least above 50 and closer to 100 if a person wants to feel good and have their hair quit falling out and actually grow back.”

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