Social Media with No Censorship

Social Media with No CensorshipDamm, I had to put this “social media with no censorship” link on my site because FB is blocking me from PMing people. I PMed way too many people (over 100-200) and I don’t want to jeopardize my account) (this is my profile link, you can follow me if you wish)

Here is the signup page.

Sign up for the free one, you will be in queue to get an account.

The reason you have to wait is that it costs Steemit money to create new accounts.

The site is called Steemit & it does NOT cost you money to join.

You do have to use your phone number because you get money (crypto) for posting articles and videos if people upvote you. Now if you post & get a like (aka upvote), you make money.

You also get money for upvoting and commenting on other people’s articles.

For that reason, they have to make sure you aren’t a scammer just trying to drain the blockchain.

I spoke to one of the channels on Discord who helps newbies on Steemit. I told them about the situation, & they are willing to help anyone who needs help getting signed up, & getting acclimated.

Discord is the new Skype. A lot of people are moving there due to what Microsoft has done to Skype.

You can find them here.

People on Steemit are VERY helpful. You don’t even have to know the person to ask for help & they tend to bend over backwards to help.

If you need my help, just let me know & either I will help you, or get someone else to help you.

It takes some getting used to because it’s part of a blockchain

Remember this SM site has NO Censorship. 

Steemit has no censorship and there are others who are also anti V who have accounts. You have to search & find them or ask people who have groups and FB pages for their Steemit name & then just follow them.

If you read & understood what I wrote & weren’t just blindly following what everyone else did/said without thinking, then kudos.

Have FUN!



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