Here is a list of Symptoms from Vaccines

Symptoms from VaccinesAs we come across stories from people who had symptoms from vaccines or people who gave vaccine shots to their children and they had symptoms, we will list them here.

And just to be clear, this isn’t JUST about injuries, many people and babies die too.

This isn’t the list of stories from the flu vaccine. You can read that here.

All names are kept confidential for their protection from the EVIL CORPS who poison them, from the criminal government, and the vicious people in this world who want to FORCE people to be shot full of poison.

We decided not to edit any of these for spelling, grammar, etc.

  1. “my daughter and I have decided that it would not be surprising at all if we learned that she had actually gotten polio from the four live virus vaccines (oral polio) that she got when an infant. She definitely regressed after each vaccine, and developed both intractable pain and motor skill problems that nobody recognized could be polio. What was the dead giveaway happened last week for us when I found a newsletter for post polio syndrome talking about individuals who had had polio as children, but later developed unique issues after a concussion, My daughter developed those same issues after she had a concussion in college, and I sent her the article, and she said, yes, that article described her issues completely. The big giveaway was the hypersomnia that developed for which no sleep doctor has ever found an explanation. Hers was definitely a vaccine induced reaction, that eventually prompted her doctor to make her medically exempt from further vaccination, Similarly, you have probably heard that a friend of mine died after he caught herpes opthmalmicus from his wife’s shingles vaccine. Those of us with thiamine defects in our genetics in my opinion, should NEVER be given a live virus vaccine,”
  2. “The MMR killed my best friends baby son. He got sick and was admitted to hospital with convulsions and died at 18months old within 2 weeks of this shot. Since his death I have found a number of babies who have died after vaccinations.”
  3. A baby died after getting the Hep B vaccine while still in the hospital due to his weakened condition. The doctors literally KILLED HIM!
  4. “I wasn’t given any option not to vaccinate in the hospital at birth. They have had everything up til 12 mo. We came back for varicella and what we were told verbally in the office was MMR but was written on the vacc chart as PCV4. Within a couple of hours both babies spiked fevers as high as 104, started with severe vomiting and diarrhea, and developed a red rash all over their bodies.”
  5. Malakai Le Grange was born on the 12th of June 2018 at the Pretoria West Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.On September 21st 2018 the criminals giving him Rotavirus orally, PCV (Prevenar 13) in his right thigh, and a third dose of the Hexavalent (DTaP-IPV-Hib-HBV) in his left thigh. Some time around 3 am on September 22, 2018, the poor baby had stopped breathing and the hospital pronounced him dead at 8:10 am. You can read the entire story here.
  6. “I got a Hep 2 vax and a Whooping cough Vax when I drove school bus. I also had monthly X-rays for a year around the same time. I have had eczema issues ever since, including asthma from mold when we flooded. It’s so beyond annoying! I never had issues before that.”
  7. “One of my neighbors lost her daughter to DPT shot. Katie was perfectly normal till she got DPT shot at 8 weeks. Then grand mal seizures and petit mal seizures so bad that it destroyed all but her brain stem.”and”my neighbors son was paralyzed from the DPT shot in the 80s. They were the first to sue a laboratory and win.”
  8. “I have 4 sons who were NEVER immunized!! They are now 27 to 36 years old. They have NEVER been sick or even to a Dr!! We homeopathically immunized our kids. Do your research and don’t let anyone scare you. I made that mistake by being forced to immunize my handicapped daughter in a 2nd marriage. She now has autism on top of Downs. I could kick myself for not standing up to him!”
  9. “One of my biggest regrets as an unawakened parent years ago, was trusting my family doctor and getting the Gardasil/ HPV vaccine for my 2 daughters as they were just going into puberty. I can’t change what has happened but I can educate and warn other parents.
    Neither of my girls had regular periods again after the vaccine. At ages 28 and 30, they’ve been unable to get pregnant despite the expensive process of consulting a fertility specialist. One is also showing signs of type II diabetes, also a reported side-effect. Both have been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and can’t ovulate without massive amounts of hormones, which have miserable side-effects and are unhealthy.
    In my extended family, I also have 3 other nieces (2 by marriage & not genetics) who have also not been able to conceive. All were vaccinated with this. PCOS has become so common, many of their friends have also been diagnosed with it. The U.S. Office on Women’s Health estimates that 1 in 10 women between ages 15 and 44 in the U.S. have PCOS and many aren’t even aware of it.”
  10. “With my personal situation when we went to the hospital they said just kee giving her tylenol and motrin alternating it was just from her shots when we came back 2 days later they were shocked she was still going through it and was then hospitalized. Now we are dealing with loss of hearing and vision, eczema, and mild autoimmune issues including anemia.”
  11. “I had a year of chronic throat infections and a lump in my throat appear directly after the HPV. I was such a healthy person until then. ” and something else she said…
    “I’ve seen a friends boy have seizures directly after his 4m vaccines. After his 6m vaccines he stopped breathing in his sleep. He had a foot monitor on which alerted his mum and his mum ran into the room and called the ambulance. It happened to him 3 times that month. Sids …. unexplained hey?”
  12. “My son had hypotonic episodes ( appeared dead)after each set of vaccines . A ped neurologist confirmed brain damage in temporal region of brain caused by vaccines”
  13. “my son had what the ped told me was a hypotonic hyporesponsive episode, is this the same reaction as your son? he also just lost consciousness and wasn’t responsive”
  14. “Personally I have a really good family friends who’s daughter is my age. We were is school together, played together, etc. I remember coming back after spring break and she was very different. She didn’t talk much and she kept falling off the balance beam that we played on….
    Turns out she got vaccinated and had a horrible vaccine injury that affected her brain. It’s not autism, I’m not sure what it is but it was ruled as a vaccine injury. We were in kindergarten.
    My adopted grandmothers grandson now has autism and the doctor that administered the shot said it was a vaccine injury-he was two.
    My best friend got the HPV vaccine- stopped having her periods, major anxiety, stomach issues,etc. and a doctor confirmed it was due to HPV vaccine and heavy metal toxicity.
    There are more that I know that have been effected by vaccines, but they never got the clear answer of “it was a vaccine injury”.
    It’s really sad how many injuries go unheard, undocumented, and ignored.?”
  15. “i watched my sisters black out immediately following the hpv vaccine. the doctor was still in the room! she then woke up and lost a lot of her senses, couldnt speak well, walk, smell, etc. then several days later she got better and has been ok. but obviously something happened to her. nothing like that ever happened before or after that.”
  16. “Three autoimmune diseases appearing after kindergarten shots, reaction to MMR, eczema, gastrointestinal issues since first vaccine, etc…
    Dr. diagnosed these issues as vaccine injuries based on family history and timing of symptoms. That’s one of my kids. The other became infected with the bacteria he had a vaccine for and it caused his tonsils to become enlarged and diseased. A swab confirmed it was a vaccine that failed. One kid had no health issues aside from mild eczema and my youngest is unvaccinated and healthiest kid of the bunch.”

We are going to end this for now and keep posting symptoms from vaccines by adding to this list as we find more people’s stories of vaccine injuries.

What amazes us most is how many people CONTINUE to force these shots on their babies and children even AFTER they have been told about the symptoms from vaccines. And friends who try to educate them on this so VERY important topic are then SHUNNED.

THIS is what the government is forcing on us and the people who are so brainwashed into harming themselves AND their children just amazes us.

We Deserve Health and the RIGHT to decide what goes into our bodies!

No one OWNS us, we OWN ourselves!

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  1. “My son got multiple shots and spiked a high fever just a few hours later he started having what I now know as febrile seizures, his brain began to swell. when I took him to the hospital they said it wasn’t from the vaccines but it was normal for sick children. They gave him Tylenol and antibiotics after keeping him overnight on oxygen and monitoring. When we came home I noticed behavioral differences and sensory issues.”

  2. “People have different experiences with vaccines.
    I personally, for the past 27 years I’ve lived (fully vaxxed), I’ve never suffered allergies that exceeded 4 days. I could catch colds like any other person and I’d be fine in the next 3 days even without antihistamines. My immunity has been super strong (not because of vaccines though), that I’ve only got one hospital admission from a severe malaria.
    I’d tolerate any form of weather no matter how extreme it could be.
    in 2017, part of my travel preparations, I got a mandatory yellow fever vaccine jab and immediately, things begun falling apart.
    The day after, I got a terrible cold and I’d have trouble breathing in the morning. No type of antihistamine or natural remedies have been of help. It’s now about 16 months later and the allergies don’t look like they’re leaving any soon.
    There’s no way someone would convince me that something else sparked the nasty allergies besides the jab.
    Other people are affected in different ways. The most vulnerable to vaccine damage are infants when it comes to inoculated vaccines that carry many adjuvants and heavy metals. At birth, the baby’s neurones are so fragile that even the alleged normal ranges of those heavy metals could turn neurotoxic causing a myriad of health effects.
    From nerve damage to messing up their immune system, among others….
    So far, the knowledge we have about human immunity is still insufficient to make a verdict on vaccine safety. We just need more research into it.”

  3. “My cousin stopped breathing after the MMR vaccine. Her doctor told her never to get it again.”

  4. “My daughter began having serious gastrointestinal issues, having facial tics and developed a stutter right after a rounded vaccines. There was no other change of anything else in her life that could have caused such drastic injuries out of nowhere. Nobody could ever convince me that was a coincidence like people try to say about vaccine injuries. It’s 13 years later and she’s still got the same issues to deal with.
    I was also injured by the Tdap vaccine that I had to get for work. I was perfectly healthy. I saw a doctor very regularly and worked in a hospital. I got the shot and almost right away began having vertigo, syncope, ectopic heart rhythms, flushing, high blood pressure , severe migraines and anxiety. It was like I was living in someone else’s body all of the sudden. It was terrifying. My doctors literally had zero explanations for me. They were stumped. I didn’t realize until after the fact when I researched that it had to be the vaccine. It took me years to feel more like myself again. I literally left my job in healthcare so I’d never have to vaccinate again. It changed my life forever. Nobody in my family will ever be vaccinated again no matter what.”

  5. “My daughter went in for her first round and right after getting them she quit breathing and turned blue in my arms. She has gut issues really bad now. She is now on CBS oil and it has helped so much. After that experience I refuse to vaccinate anymore. Even if my other 2 might not have a reaction I just can’t bear the thought of losing them to vaccines.”

  6. “My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis shortly after one round of mmr. Unfortunately I had never read an insert, as that’s one of the possible reactions. It was confirmed by her specialist and he advised against any other vaccines”

  7. “I got the Tdap vaccine as an adult because I cut my foot and thought that I needed a tetnus shot. Almost immediately after the shot I developed pneumonia like symptoms that persisted for almost 6 months. I went to 3 different doctors and was prescribed 3 different antibiotics over the course of 6 months. No official diagnosis. It was so hard to breathe, I really thought I was going to die. About a year later I had to get the hep b series for a job. I had trouble staying awake and was diagnosed with narcolepsy shortly after the 1st shot. I was later diagnosed with diabetes. I was in good shape and very active with absolutely no family history of diabetes. I also suffered blinding ocular migraines and muscle pain and weakness that went undiagnosed. The only health issues I have showed up shortly after a vaccine.”

  8. “My cousins son got shingles from the chicken pox vaccines. He still has immune system issues.”

  9. “Baby 1- Perfectly healthy. Enter MMR series at 6 (for Kindergarten) – 3 days later, suffered Seizures.. dr said it wasn’t the vaccines. Baby 2- After 2 month vaccines, eye started to turn in. They claimed he was born with a lazy eye, nothing to worry about (it does run in the family) .. said they would do surgery later. Age 5 (MMR series for Kindergarten) – blind in that eye within 2 weeks of that shot..told it wasn’t the shots. Baby 3- First visit for shots on Friday.. diagnosed with RSV and admitted to the hospital within less than 48 hours – signs of illness at visit. Dr said it was fine.. not a reason to delay shots further.. didnt’ consider this an injury though. He was just sick.. but it put baby behind on the schedule. So at 6 months, baby got 4 month was cooing, sleeping through the night, and healthy. (DTap, HIB, PCV, IPV, Rotavirus) – screamed all night for 3 nights straight. Ran a 102 degree fever. It took an entire month to get him back on schedule. Dr said it wasn’t the vaccines. I was hesitant, and should have started looking into them then. Didnt. 10 months is crawling, standing, and cruising with furniture, pulling up.. not walking yet, babbling, knows a couple words, sleeping through the night. Baby got 6 month vaccines.. (repeat all the same vaccines) – that night baby ran another fever, 102 stopped sleeping through the night again. Stopped crawling, stopped standing, stopped babbling, lost words learned, started rocking, and banging head on anything they could.. Dr refused to admit it was the vaccines.. I refused to accept it wasn’t.. and that was what started it. It was actually her knee jerk defense of the vaccines that made a red flag go up.. I set out to PROVE TO MYSELF.. that it COULDN’T have been the vaccines.. because they’re safe and effective.. and i fell down the rabbit hole.. and never came out.. prior to the baby 3- I had never connected the dots.. I was just told, “It wasn’t the shots. They’re safe and effective. These things just happen.” .. it wasn’t until I found evidence of these things happening in others within the same timeframes and in the same manners as mine, that I believed they were from the shots.. and compared the dates of occurrence to the dates of the shots.”

  10. “i have an arsenal of documents downloaded off government websites under freedom of info that would clear this up for you. You will read how vaccines are nothing more than human experimentation. They also admit to giving over a million people cancer strain sv-40 through polio vaccine. Plus hundreds of independent studies that clearly show that its damaging the dna/rna. Plus the lies from govt telling us that its safe to have flu vaccine whilst pregnant that theres extensive evidence that its safe. Yet funnily enough the vaccine manufacturers brochure from inside the box clearly contradicts what we are told, the manufacturer says there are no well documented studies in pregnant women. Not only that it also states that the flu vaccine has never been evaluated for carcinogenic potential, genotoxic potential, or effects on fertility. These are 3 huge reasons alone to take notice of. Why are they allowed to have it on the market if its never been tested for these things…. seriously WTF its not rocket science.”

  11. “I witnessed it directly and recently …2016 a very close like sister friend , had held off on vaccinating her son as she has planned to homeschool. Things changed and they had to enroll him in public. The docs told her he would be fine …(he was 5 year old and had never had any) .. they told her he would be fine , not to worry , and they would catch him up. He was a perfectly healthy and happy 5 years old with no issues….she gets him jabbed….they go home… and he has a seizure….. ambulance time…..they go back home that next night another seizure….. ambulance again…… then another seizure while waiting to see neurologist……and he know takes medication for the duration of his life…. they worry constantly….. the pills make him feel sick…. their life is a struggle now and the family had to go on medicaid…..”

  12. “My friend’s baby daughter had regress after hexavaccine. Confirmed by doctors, surprisingly. My adult friend had to get some shots to be able to work in a hospital. She has eczema since then (and she never had that before the shots) …”

  13. “My son had seizures for seven years following his DTAP. We saw his neurologist several times where we were told they were genetic. His dad, three unvaccinated siblings, nor I ever had seizures. I finally told her we could keep coming and wasting everyone’s time but we both knew it was a vaccine injury. She silently nodded her head yes at me, but would never write it in his chart.”

  14. “I had one sided paralysis after each of my childhood vaccine appts. It was noted as “hysteria”. Then I was given a tetanus booster in hospital and had an anaphylactic reaction. Turns out I was having cumulative reactions to Tetanus. I have multiple autoimmune diseases with onset within a month of that last reaction.
    No, no medic will admit that this was because of the vaccines. It’s not good for their image.”

  15. “I had an anaphylactic reaction less than ten mins after the hpv vaccine and needed epipen and adrenalin. After than I had infection after infection after issue after issue. I ended up sick on and off for the next 9 years. Just starting to get better”

  16. “I had an anaphylactic shock 24 hours after receiving the TDap shot. I was in the hospital for almost a week. I was diagnosed with HSP and subsequently my kidneys bleed for almost 2 years. My father in law had a similar reaction to the very same vaccine. No way my daughter was ever getting that vaccine. Researched more when daughter was born decided not to vaccinate her at all after finding out what’s in vaccines and hearing peoples stories and the stories of payout. My child is priceless and no payout is worth the risk to her.
    Also I got the varicella vaccine and STILL got the chicken pox when I was a teenager. If I’m giving a shot to my kid like that she best never have the potential to ever contract the disease.”

  17. “My newphew went into anaphylactic shock after his 6 month vaccines. After receiving the tdap after I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. I now have eczema and some type of arthritis that I’m sure of . I haven’t been diagnosed yet. But will be seeking confirmation soon.”

  18. “My child had all vaccines up to age 3 and never started talking. Compound heterozygous MTHFR. Not a single ear infection or illness, no diagnosable reason for speech delay. Had heavy metals in her hair analysis including aluminum. There is no reason a perfectly healthy child simply does not learn to talk….”

  19. “My daughter has 2 autoimmune diseases T1 Diabetes at age 8 and Chronic Fatigue by 14…she rec’d her childhood Vaccines ti age 2….I had no idea Diabetes could be triggered by her early shots..except that its in the Vax side affect sheet that neither the Doctor or I ever read before Vax…once you start over stimulating the immune system more Autoimmune conditions start to appear…Check inyo Yehuda Shoenfelds work…he is a World Famous Doc out of Isreal and wrote Vacvines and Autoimmunity and his work on ASIA..”

  20. “My daughter had her 4 month vaccines and had a fever over 102 within hours followed by projectile vomiting for 4 days straight after every single feeding and in between.. Dr confirmed it was the rotavirus vaccines which gave her all the symptoms of rotavirus which is what we were supposed to be avoiding by getting the vaccine. Luckily she did not end up in the hospital dehydrated. She is no longer vaccinated because I will not take a chance of her having a worse reaction.”

  21. “At birth and up until 1 I had medical exemption from vaccines due to being born 32 weeks gestation. My weight at birth was less than 4 pounds. I gained weight quickly and turned out to be perfectly healthy baby with no health issues. When I was 1 y.o. they gave me first vaccines. I developed terrible allergies within a week after. They couldn’t figure out where it came from and what I’m allergic to. I also was constantly sick. My mom didn’t ever think it could be related to vaccines. By age 5 my allergies went away.
    At age 18 in university they revaccinated us with DTaP vaccine. My allergies developed again within a week after. It got a little better by age 25, but at age 29 when I moved to United States, it was required by immigration service to get certain vaccines to apply for green card. So I was vaccinated again. Immediately my allergies came back and already for 5 years I don’t live without pills. I don’t know what I’m allergic to, sometimes I wake up with swollen eyes to the point that I can’t go out of the house for 3 days because it looks like I got beaten in the face. It sure brings a lot of inconvenience in my life. Needless to say that taking medication every day that barely even helps has also side effects that effects health.”

  22. “I got a Tdap shot while pregnant with my daughter and I developed hypothyroidism. No history in my family of it. I am fairly heathy and eat mostly whole foods. There was no reason for that to happen. I got diagnosed at 21.
    My youngest brother who received the most vaccines as a child is the most injured. He is on spectrum (I was old enough to remember how he was before his MMR booster. It wasn’t until age 5 or so that he regressed) he also had dyslexia and severe gut damage.
    My other vaccinated siblings also suffer from a range of issues such as psoriasis, asthma, vertigo, eczema.
    My daughter who was vaccinated had horrible gut health. She was always constipated and crying in pain. She spit up from reflux until after 12 months. She was always sick, and after every set of vaccines she would just scream, and when the screaming stopped, she just looked vacant and floppy. Thankfully we stopped, she is almost three and besides still having some gut issues, she is okay. She still has trauma from the doctor though and has anxiety attacks when we go to doctors (though her new pediatrician is so kind, and always reassures her they have gentle hands and they won’t hurt her. So lucky we found a pediatrician who supports us fully!)
    My son is not vaccinated, although he did have the vitamin K shot, because of a known CHD which meant he could have needed surgery right after birth. He is far more healthy, no issues. He does have eczema, but, in my research it seems a lot of people who have done vitamin k, even just that, have kids that suffer from eczema. Gut health is way better, he’s only ever been sick once in his 14 months of life, it was the flu and he recovered in 2 days, his sister was sick with the same for over a week”

  23. “My daughter had a 2 1/2 minute grand mal seizure and stopped breathing, 24 hours (to the minute) after a vaccine. My son regressed 3 years in his schooling (he is neurotypical otherwise) after a MMR. With my daughter, the ER doc laughed and said he gave every kid their first seizure for free. She hasn’t been vaxxed since and no seizures since. My son’s ped will admit orally that she can see the connection, but won’t go any farther.”

  24. “One of my daughters—the only one who had all the shots as a child but not as a teen. She has an immune disorder and allergies. I asked the doctor (an alternative MD) why she was sick with all these things and he answered me I one word: “vaccines.”

  25. “I am personally injured by the HPV vaccine. I was not sexually active had a pap done, I know now you don’t need them unless you are active, had normal results. Had the HPV series and my next pap, still not sexually active I was positive for HPV.”

    and from another person about HPV

    “That vaccine killed my best friend. Slowly. She passed a few weeks after her second dose after a steady decline in health. I havent had a pain free day since recieving the first dose… 9 years ago.”

    More information on other ways to help with HPV BESIDES vaccines.

  26. “We got an exemption because we have seizures that run in our famlly the insert describes a reaction to thr vacine in seizures. My daughter died from seizures started after the vaccine. So check out family history and insert cautions. It might help.”

  27. “The money the vaccine court paid my baby brother’s family after the flu shot killed him will never bring him back…”

    and from someone else…

    “My sister was injured by the Gardasil vaccine. She got a payout, yet everyone still says we’re antivax for not letting our family get it.”

    From someone else…

    “As someone who knows a child who was left paralyzed for almost 2 years with unimaginable pain, never mind she almost died from the Gardisil vaccine, this infuriates me to no end. She was one of those that had an underlying condition that caused this as she was extremely allergic to heavy metals which unlike many, her family and doctor were well aware of this fact. Many are unaware. Despite it being in her medical history, it was administered to her anyway. Her mother has spent years trying to make parents aware of the dangers and to urge them to read all ingredients personally rather then rely on an outsider with their children’s well being. She unlike many others were lucky, since many have died in similar situations. It’s obvious that the welfare of these children are of little consequence to social media giants. I’ve left Facebook already as I’m tired of this constant censorship for information control.”


    “I am a nurse and lost a patient to guillian barre caused by a flu shot.”


    “My two youngest got hit hard d/t mmr, good info Squaline and methal mercury destroy brain matter…nuff said”

  28. She doesn’t know what vaccine it was, she thinks it was the MMR

    “Seizures, high fever, lethargy, stopped talking, stopped crawling and standing, refused to eat, screams”

  29. Look at how two babies in New Zealand were FORCED to have vaccines by nurses, and the babies died within minutes of getting the MMR shot.

    These allopathic medical practitioners are EVIL.

    NO ONE should be allowed to harm you or your children. I don’t care WHAT the criminal state says.

    The only comfort is they were both charged and plead guilty to manslaughter.

  30. “A DPT took my brothers brain. He’s alive but not living. My pro vax mom was 80 before she understood what had actually happened to him.”

  31. You should see teh pictures of this once beautiful healthy teenager and what she looked like just before she passed over – sigh


    Good evening, I come here to tell you what is happening with my sister Vitória Marina Souza Gomes, she is 17 years old and is a resident of the city of Rio de Janeiro. There were 15 days when Vitoria went to the clinic to take the vaccine for YELLOW FEVER, the next day she started a headache and nausea, and started with a very high fever, Priscila Souza, who is her mother which is also 36 weeks pregnant, took her to the hospital. UPA near her home, where they gave a aspirin and sent her back home. Her case only made it worse, a swelling began in the eyes, the fever did not subside and difficulties in breathing, the mother again took her to a hospital where they took blood, which in 20 minutes was ready and the result came with nothing. Vitoria as you can see in the picture, she kept swelling and every hospital we went it was a new diagnosis. The two of them could not walk anylong, and the mother took her to this last hospital of NOVA IGUAÇU POSSE, she is in the ICU in induced coma, in the oxygen and a drain in the lung, because she’s injured. They did a yellow fever test that was evaluated in São Paulo and will returne only within two days. Today they gave a diagnosis of Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria lodged in the lungs. At the moment the doctors said that it only depends on her.

    People come to ask for help in her case because the hospital does not have support to help Victoria. The doctors made a little found to buy an ointment for her eyes that have swelled again. We need to get her out of there.

    I’m pleading now for help so that this post gets to the eyes of the “important people” so we find help to transfer her to a better place with better support.

    The crisis in Rio is very strong and the fear of losing Vitoria is very Real. Please help us by giving liks, sharing and marking your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

    Thank you!

    Google Translate

    This is one case in Rio- Brazil. I’m sharing with consent. Her family ask to share to as much people as possible. I think it’s important to share in this moment of fear and pandemics created by our governments and big pharma!”

  32. Now dogs are dying…

    “This is Stella, she was supposed to come home to us on Thursday from Iowa. Instead, we got a call from the breeder on Thursday morning saying that she was feeling a bit sick after some five combo vaccine she had the day before.
    Stella died last night at the vet office. We never met her, but our hearts are grieved. Grieved over the fact that she was healthy a week ago until this vaccine. Grieved that the breeder said this is her third puppy that has died in the last few years due to a vaccine reaction. They increased the required vaccines in the last five years. She was 1.7 pounds and yes, the vet can’t find any other reason that she died besides the vaccine. I never met her, but I loved her already. ? RIP Stella.”

  33. “This is for all the medical, educational and food prep professionals. Forced vaccination protocols are and have been in place for a long time, more are coming. I was forced vaccinated with a HepB shot on July 2, 2007. 5 days later I had a failing liver and a heart attack while fighting a fire. It was found that I had CMV and it attacked my liver then my septum.”

    and someone responded to him with…

    “I am so sorry. My son had a near fatal reaction. I believe what happened to you. Heartbreaking.”

  34. Now doctors are tearing families apart BY telling mothers who are vaccinating their children that they should NOT be around non-vaxinated children.

    So cousins & friends & other family members aren’t seeing their family.

    What a GOOD way to further decay the family unit…

    “My doctor had said to keep my children away from my sister in law while they had vaccines. Her doctor said to stay away until 2. My doctor said 5. I haven’t seen them since. No birthdays, nothing. But, my nieces and nephews are VERY sick! VERY sick! (4 out of 5). Autoimmune, Epstein Barr, one has to be on a special diet, one child has a very pale face and very skinny (like my oldest- who was one of my 3 oldest to get vaccinated) etc etc . It is unfortunate when families split because of something they don’t understand. I’m so sorry you are going through that. I completely understand how you feel!!!”

  35. Interesting article & good for the Italians.

    When I went into an expat FB group in Italy about 2 years ago, I was ATTACKED by these Americans, Canadians, Brits, etc. for questioning whether it was mandatory to get vaccinated in Italy.

    They literally drove me out of the group & onto anti Vax groups to learn more.

    At least the Italians are smarter than the expats & I’ve learned that’s the case in almost every country where expats reside.

  36. “Me and 2 of my 3 sisters were vaccinated and had severe reactions, almost died. So after the third one, the pediatrician we were seeing talked to the cdc about it and they (the cdc) told him and my parents not to vaccinate anymore. “

  37. “Thank you Mr. Kennedy for telling us the truth. One of our family friends baby was fine but when the baby was given those vaccines she became autistic. These pharmaceutical companies are have no ethics.”

  38. A 2 1/2 month old baby died due to the 8 toxic vaccines injected into his body all at once.

    And of course, the doctors labeled it SIDs to hide the fact that it’s because of vaccines.

    You can read more here

  39. When a post asked what was the deciding factor in no longer vaccinating their children, here is what some parents said…

    “Forth child. Seizures and the whole nightmare. Same as so many others in finding out. Same exact ..fevers, vomiting – just plain sick and now autistic. Never vaccinated again. Two youngest are beyond healthy. The eldest kids were fine and I thought normal. But now these little ones are showing me how strong kids are supposed to be. No health or mental problems ever. My three year old course backwards even. All other kids have had shingles and pertussis and g.i, problems – depressions and anxietiy.”


    “My stepdaughter was injured. When my twins were born I knew I was going to delay. I read Dissolving Illusions and that did it. Never stopped reading and researching though. The more you know the sicker it gets.”


    “Being told my nephew is autistic cause its genetic.”


    “Fetal cells – nothing else really matters. I did continue learning but the idea of continuing to inject DNA from a murdered baby into my children…..human sacrifice…..NO WAY!! The next wake up call was Dr. Mendelsohn’s book where he predicted we were trading relatively harmless childhood illnesses for serious autoimmune diseases like leukemia. That was 25+ years ago and I’m watching it play out before my eyes.”


    “I always had a gut feeling they weren’t okay. But my breaking point was when my son had a severe reaction to the MMR. Then I realized he had reactions from the start and was disgusted with myself for believing the excuses the doctors gave me.”


    “My son has ADHD, sensory disorder, depression and anxiety. It was when I learned those can all be a result of heavy metals in the brain.”


    “Hearing people’s “instant autism” stories and Veira Shreibner discovering how vaccines cause so-called SIDS. The big “SIDS” cover up is the most eye opening thing of all.”


    “Almost lost my daughter at 4mnths”


    “I’m vaccine injured. When I had become pregnant, I unknowingly had several friends who did not vaccinate. When I looked further in to Crohn’s disease and found the link to the MMR vaccination it led me on a mission to find out more. I’m the only one in my entire family with crohn’s disease, I fell ill at 14 and believe that my childhood immunizations contributed to my current health problems.”


    “When I almost died and almost killed my unborn daughter.”


    “Sadly, my own kid getting injured is what woke me up”


    “My daughter kept having mild reactions, at 6 mo she had her first seizure.. I should have listened to my gut, and my husband ?”


    “My ex husband getting an autoimmune disorder from the flu shot wasn’t enough…
    It was reading the package inserts and researching more 18 years later that really did it.”


    “After my daughter died just shy of 4mos old 2years ago! ?Sadly, it took her death to wake me up to a lot of things.”


    “I worked with autistic kids who’s parents said they had no delays before vaccines, AND my husband learned scary stuff in Chiropractic university.”


    “My daughter lost the hearing in her right ear 100%> after the MMR”


    “The way my youngest reacted to her shots. Unconsolable. She never was this way. I feel dumb now because my sister was warning me for 20 years that vaccines caused my nephews’ autism and sever food allergies. I should have woke up sooner. I now think my 4 year olds eye surgery and speech problems is from vaccines as well.”


    “My son becoming autistic when he was completely fine!! And my husband and his family who are very educated people explained a lot of it to me, the vaccine conversation with Dr Bob and Melissa (forget get last name) but she has a daughter who was terrible injured by a round of vaccines she has bad seizures because of it… Not to mention I was bullied into vaccinating my 6 year old when I knew in my heart it was not right but was told I basically had no choice and he’d be fine and they don’t fucking cause any numerological issues in kids”


    “Watching my brothers after their shots as child and knowing how I responded. Reading and studying and digging deeper and deeper.
    My brothers have permanent damage they will never recover from. They both vaccinate their own children and the one I have contact with, his only child, a son, has damage as well.”


    “My daughter after her 2 month shots as her brain began to swell”


    “We have a perfect immune system and body to fight off viruses and disease . Health doesn’t come from a needle.
    Mine was my peanut allergy & huge swollen arm after my last adult vaccine (Dtap)”


    “Ten years after I buried my daughter, I delivered my rainbow baby. Her pediatrician asked me if I had researched the vaccines yet, decided what I wanted to do. My oldest was 18 years old, and that was the first time any health “professional” had ever suggested anything of the sort. I was kind of shocked. My first 6 had all been vaccinated, and I probably would have argued their virtues with anyone up til I fell in that rabbithole. She recommended I start at the CDC website, and I did. Probably 90% of my research was straight from there or through a link I’d found there. I read articles, followed citation link after citation link, and researched symtoms and treatment of the actual illnesses. Somewhere along the way, pieces started clicking. I found myself in tears a lot; I’d been reading like a cram session for midterms for several days when the dam broke. I called my pediatricians office from a decade before, asking for dates. All I could recall positively was that when I’d gone in for my postpartum visit, they said they could just vaccinate her then, so I wouldn’t have to drag all 6 kids back 2 weeks later. (Imagine, knowing that your baby died as a matter of convenient scheduling and simple ignorance).
    I clearly remember holding her wriggling thigh down while she was stuck, I believe, 4 times. She screamed, of course, fussed herself to sleep on the way home, and was never the same. She cried and screamed, didn’t want to nurse right. Her thigh was warm and firm, and she ran a fever. The doctor’s office told me to give Tylenol, it was pretty normal. She passed away at 51 days old, approximately a week later.
    They told me they found her file, then told me it was only a name, no info attached, no record of visits or shots. They assured me the county office would still have all that, since it must’ve been lost when they transferred to electronic files. The county office had no record of her either, not even a name, but they sent me to the office where I could get a copy of the autopsy report. Labeled SIDS, end of story. I guess I would have had to realize what was happening back then, to request further testing myself, but I had no clue, til it was way too late.
    Now, I am haunted by guilt, regret; in my dreams, I hear the cries of my baby that I failed to protect. When I look at my kids, I see all these issues they had since they were tiny that I dismissed as normal, and now I know why. Because I was scared, and I didn’t know better, and I had never read an actual vaccine insert, and no one told me I was gambling with their lives.”


    “Sitting in the nurses office with my daughter for her 6 month vaccines. I felt so sick to my stomach and tears just rolled down my face uncontrollably when my daughter was screaming as I held her down. When it was done the nurse said that she knew it was hard seeing my daughter like that. She had no idea what was going on in my head. I was always petrified of needles but this was something else. A mother’s instinct. I was already on the fence. I walked out of there and never went back. They called me several times and sent me a letter basically saying how dangerous it was for my child to not get vaccinated. My daughter now has a thyroid problem despite our clean diet and lifestyle.”


    “Med school when no questions were allowed during the short two page topic of vaccines.”


    “When in Germany a doctor told me I shouldn’t take my daughter in public after receiving her vaccines to attend school on the post we were living. He said it was potentially deadly to weakened immune systems, and people with pace makers. I went home and immediately started to research. A year later, still on post my newborn 3 months got chicken pox. The pediatrician asked if I had him around a recently vaccinated child. I did, a woman in my building that I became close friends with had her daughter vaccinated. We were always together since the men were at work, training, pt etc. The doctor on post said it wasn’t the case, but I believed the German doctor, who told me about them to begin with. Sadly my military husband was extremely pro, so my eldest two are vaccinated up until we divorced. My youngest two are not.”


    “I had no idea. My first three girls were vaccinated. I was learning about the constitution and came across an article about vaccines being unconstitutional, so I dove in reading everything I could. Pulled my own head out of my ass. Now that I know I can see two of my girls are vaccine injured, yet anyone who has been vaccinated is vaccine injured. No it’s do or die. I will fight too my last breath to stop vaccines and protect our children.”


    “Me too, to many mistakes looking back. My 3yr old daughter’s temporary paralysis did not even stop me from over-vaccinating myself for nursing school. Im embarrassed and disappointed. I had soooo many warning signs with my daughters and my gut was never at peace. I am confident had I followed the entire schedule and timing my daughter would have been more permanently injured.”


    “My 9 year old neighbour’s kid died in my arms a few hours after his chickenpox vaccine. The parents were put through hell for years, with everything questioned but the vaccine. They won a settlement with a gag order, eventually.”


    “February 2007, my brother (born January 2005) went to receive his MMR shot…. the kids was talking, eating, playing, laughing. He gets the shot, within in 3 days- he stops and hasn’t been the same ever since. He as well as our other brother (born February 2003) both have autism.”


    “When my youngest was 4 and fully vaccinated, he and many many other fully vaccinated kids his age and older in the town we lived got whooping cough. Did some research… more vaccines for my family.”


    “The mystery of the unknown and knowing that my child could be completely different after being injected.
    The measles and mumps and all the rest scared me way less than what was inside of a vaccine vial.
    Once I saw how much it was censored, it intrigued me to want to know why.”


    “Evee Clobes and Nicholas Catone. Their death stories sealed the deal for me. Thankfully I found them before consenting to anything more than the vitamin k.”


    “When I knew my daughter was ‘coming of age’ for the HPV vaccine, something didn’t feel right about it. So, I asked her doctor if she would give it to her own daughter and she hesitated to answer but was honest with me and told me no she would not give her daughter the HPV vaccine.”


    “My son came up in hives within minutes of vaccines and the screaming for hours on end where my slap in the face”


    “My oldest having a highly dangerous reaction, and 6 people at the clinic blowing it off at the next visit”


    “First was sids and how many babies died with in the time frame of vaccines…. then my son de exzema and dig deep into causes of children’s illnesses and diseases… then that led to the story of nicholas and that was enough for me I hold my son every night and thank god I listened to my gut at his 2 month check up and said no !”


    “Getting pneumonia 48 hours after the shot,,,then in the ER”


    “A serious injury to my baby.”


    “My sweet Jakob’s death”

    I asked how old and which vaccines and she wrote… “10 weeks old, all 2 month vaccines in 2007”

    So for anyone who thinks this is a recent issue, think again. That was 13 years ago.


    “Watching my granddaughter stop walking and talking” I asked him what age and what vaccines. Here is what he wrote…

    “12 months and MMR. Within 2 hours her entire body was covered in a rash high fever absolutely could not stand up. She quit muttering . She was taken to the hospital but sent home saying that this was nothing to worry about and the vaccine had nothing to do with it. She began having absence seizures and developed a movement disorder.
    With hundreds of therapies and many many hours of working with her for 8 she has over come most of the set backs. She is agile intelligent and able to speak extremely well. The movement disorder has slowed down but under very stressed conditions it still manifests. She still has her diagnosis of autism.”


    “My son almost died after vaccine injury that was the smoking gun for me”


    “My son almost dieing in his sleep is what told me to question them, I wasn’t all there yet though. Took him to get detoxed (he was having a rare seizure) and that doctor told me to research more and that the pharma companies and vaccines are shit”


    “My son loosing his ability to speak.”


    “I have two boys. Despite being vaccinated with mmr they both got measles…
    The doctor on both occasions commented “oh you must have got a bad batch”
    My reaction was like. . Wait, what? There’s bad??? You’ve got to be kidding me! So WHERE’S MY LOTTO TICKET ?? I could be so lucky to get a bad batch on two separate occasions!!
    Yeah, nah… They don’t work ?…
    the following years I have done much much research and discovered that not only do they not work but both my children had a huge range of reactions to all of their vaccinations;!
    None of which were attributable to their vaccinations at the time ”

  40. “Westons first Chiari surgery was performed in March of 2015.

    They told us that there was a chance he would have to have the surgery again in the future. I have found that a rather large percentage of vaccine poisoned children suffer from this affliction. This condition goes largely undiognosed.

    Weston is also severely hearing impaired which started when he was very young and diagnosed years later. At that time in 2006 he was 8 years old. They informed us that this also was progressive and at some point in his life he would probably go completely deaf. I believe it was from MMR.”


    “Our son also lost his hearing, among other smaller issues, due to vaccines.”


    “My almost 16 year old son has autism, Chiari, epilepsy, mild hearing loss, scoliosis, mitochondrial disorder, etc.”

  41. “My ex developed epilepsy from the gardasil HPV vaccine. Won a class action lawsuits against Merk”

  42. “My mom was one of those who contracted Guillan Barre’ Syndrome back in ’76. She died at age 86 but was in bad health and in pain for the rest of her life. She was the only member of our family who got the shot.”

  43. “Wow powerful, I have 2 children who are vaccined and 2 not , as I did my research after like u,and my non vaccinated children are so much more healthier than my vaccinated , well said “

  44. “NO VACCINATIONS FOR ME. I’m a vaccine damaged adult and I received 3 vaccinations on 6/27/2000. They destroyed me and my life. I will never let anyone put anything in my body again! They are death shots. I was pregnant when I got the shots. I didn’t know at the time and my daughter was born very sickly and has asburgers syndrome. Please don’t take any VACCINATION. They are not safe. Not! I’ve had severe pain and joint crippling for 20 years. No doctor will sign that paper in the USA. our government is so corrupt and evil. Much love to you dear friend “

  45. “The last time I got a vaccine was 20 years ago. The following 4 years after i was very sick, I nearly died. I went to the doctors several times and no one could explain what was happening to me. I stoped eating processed food and started juicing. After detoxing my body it took a different turn. I havent been sick since. Vaccines kills! Food is medicine!”

  46. “I live in Germany these days but grew up in the suburbs of Boston. My mother was the head nurse in a Boston hospital and was forced to “take the shot” during the fake swine flu scare in the 1970s.
    She was lamed by the shot, like thousands of others and the government never accepted any responsibility for their crimes. She eventually died after years of struggling with her imposed disability.
    Stand up to these murderers at every level. They have no conscience nor empathy, only their evil agenda.”


    “I too was force vaccinated for the “Swine Flu”. I was in the USN at the time and got deadly sick at sea with this krap. Me and 3 others on the Ship almost died from it. I fully recovered with no apparent other adverse side effects to this day. I’m almost 64 now and whenever I hear of vaccination I think back to that event in my life and wonder if the others that got sick from the vaccine were as fortunate as me.

    That said. I had a neighbor in the early 80’s whose son was autistic. At that time I had never heard of Autism. But now I know the cause and it saddens me to know the truth and I can’t find that prior neighbor to educate her.”


    “thats so terrible,sorry to hear that your mother was taken so early ,its shocking to think no one cares and history will repeat itself time and time again,i can remember being perfectly healthy and at around 5 i was among 1000s of kids chosen for medical tests etc etc which was nothing but a front for vaccines,not long after i developed cold sores on my lips which i have mostly got under control using chlorine dioxide and nothing else really works,if i use this i rarely ever get a cold sore im so glad i discovered it ,no one else in my family has it,i also suffered from a mysterious flu and even after blood tests when i was about 12 the doctors had no answer for it,the first sign was a flu type feeling then a bleeding nose ,severely weakened nana would collect me from school ,i would usually recover within a couple of days,i could get the flu even during summer,eventually my immune system must have fought whatever it was and i never got that type of flu again,ifoolishly got the tetanus shot when i was about 16 but never had a shot since”

  47. This is due to the Gates eugenics program in Africa…

    “I’m from the Eastern part of Africa, a country where the Gates have a lot of projects. After my first baby, I got some vaccinations then I have been trying to have a second child ever since, but I keep having miscarriages. I knew deep down inside the vaccines had something to do with it. I am healthy and genetically, we never had miscarriages in my family line, and the doctors cannot give me a definite answer. I just knew in my heart that it has something to do with the vaccines I took after I gave birth.”

  48. “My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry! I am starting to think that a vax brought on my t1 diabetes 25 yrs ago. NO diabetes or obesity in my family. I was a skinny child & nearly died. Then they said I had to get a flu shot every year cause i m high risk. Every time I got it, I got the full blown flu missing school, work everything. I almost passed out in a store once & could barely walk or drive home. I swore off that evil witchcraft a decade ago & went vegan. Now I rarely get sick. Also, if you think about it, if you get diabetes, you have to become hooked to the system your whole life, cause you cannot live without insulin & it feels like the powers that be are counting on this! When I was diagnosed, I was the only kid in my whole school that had it & now its epidemic in the states. I feel like a guinea pig cash cow. Come Lord Jesus!! God bless you, your family & whoever reads this.

    They also said I had to be on birth control cause diabetics cannot get an unplanned pregnancy. They scared me into trying 4 different forms of bc throughout the years & they all damaged my body in many ways. At my last OBGYN app. they tried to get me to take that gardasil shot also, even though i m happily married & healthy. Its not hard to do a quick internet search & see thousands of women’s testimony on how it made them sterile!”

  49. “Thank you for this interview. I just saw “vaxxed”. And it has confirmed issues I have been suspecting. I have two children a boy of 2 years old and a daughter of 11 months old and when my son was getting his first round of shots ( I don’t think they’re ALL bad, honestly, I don’t know. I’m just following the “EXPERTS”.)
    Before my son got the shots he was standing almost walking. After the shots he had a started showing signs of a degradation he stopped standing. His speech was stopped. immediately he had a hard reaction to the vaccine. I honestly should of known was he was receiving. He had a disturbing rash all over his body, fever, and intense diarrhea. He got better a week later. But his speach, and walking started stagnating. I began reaching out to my doctor he confirmed that he saw degradation in my sons development. And referred me to a group of experts in child development.
    Once I spoke to them they said he started showing signs of autism. Remember my son was born completely normal. Zero issues. But once the vaccines were given. He changed. But I thank god. That they helped him immensely and my son is talking now and did eventually start to walk at almost 15 months very late in my opinion. They still think he’s on the spectrum. But I will do everything I can to make sure my son can live a normal life and became a purposeful man.
    **Please people/parents be incredibly cautious about how many shots are given an one time and which ones are being administered to your children.**
    Sorry for the long msg.
    Once again ”


    “It must be nice to just throw out any old comments you CHOOSE and show just how really ignorant you are!! When I was in grade school all of us children got an oral vaccine for polio, then we were made to get a 3 vaccine injection for polio separately . The day I was to go get my 3rd polio vaccine injection, I got off the bus, got to my front steps and couldn’t walk, called out for my dad and told him I cannot walk, he had to carry me into the doctors office and I was diagnosed with polio! Many of my school friends had polio too and the next year I saw a lot of them on metal leg crutches! I will never take another vaccine ever again! Many children in India now have polio because of Bill Gates polio vaccine pushed on India, they ran him out of their country! Do some research please and have a great day!”


    “16 years ago after my grandson’s 1st vaccine, he developed “failure to thrive”.
    We noticed his decline when he first started sleeping WAY TOO MUCH. Then projectile vomiting and losing weight.

    We told his Pediatrician that this started after his first vaccine. They denied a correlation.

    They couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong (He couldn’t keep down breast milk; that’s all he ever had). They tried to convince my daughter to use formula… And as he continued to drop weight and couldn’t hold his own head up, they contacted CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES!

    But before we were aware of CPS involvement, we decided to see a specialist at UC DAVIS CHILDRENS HOSPITAL.

    The Gastrointestinal Pediatrician order blood work before doing the planned Esophagus and Stomach scope…

    When we arrived for our 4pm appointment to discuss the blood work tests, the receptionist asked if we could wait until 5pm, after the Doctor’s last patient. She wanted to talk to us in her office.

    We did and we were very concerned as to why we were taken to the Doctors private office; not a patients room.

    The Doctor presented us with his blood work and urine results…

    He was in KIDNEY FAILURE!

    The Doctor explained it was quite serious and strongly recommended that we take him IMMEDIATELY to Stanford Childrens Hospital (5 hours from us) to see the Chief of Nephrology; plan for his admission into the hospital. She had already consulted with him and he felt strongly he should be in his office first thing in the morning.

    We arrived at the Hospital at 8:30 am and in the parking lot, my daughter gets the call from CPS! Her pediatrician had contacted them for his failing health! (They ended up immediately closing the case after the Chief called and set them straight!)

    Longer story short… The past 16 years has been filled with medical care; hospitalization and procedures, special diets, a feeding tube and stress.

    Moral of the story? 5 years ago I found a few Medical papers published that “Vaccines can cause RENAL FAILURE (damaged kidneys) and is also responsible for GASTROINTESTINAL DAMAGE.

    He is 17 yrs old today, he had a Kidney transplant, he still has a feeding tube permanently in his stomach, he is on a special LIQUID FORMULA (he still cant swallow), and since Kidneys are responsible for GROWTH hormones; he is 5’1″ and weighs 100 lbs.”


    “I know 5 children with absolute cause and effect of vaccines damage, they were all mentally fine until immediately after receiving vaccinations. Every pro-vacciner said you can’t tell if a child is autistic until sometime after they have received many vaccines. Well I’m talking about children receiving vaccines after the government decided that all children had to be vaccinated before returning to school, I remember this happening in the early 90’s. I think about 1993 or 1994. When the rule comes out and your child is between 8 to 14, then not too young to see if they were autistic before or not. Maybe that is why the cdc wants your children vaccinated at birth and before age 2 and continuing into adolescence. If you at least believe in God and the Bible then at the very basic view is that these vaccines are Not Kosher. Many contain pig or human (cannibalism) materials, not to mention all the “trace poisons”.”

  50. “when I was 2 years old I had a stroke not long after being vaccinated. I had to learn to walk talk go to the bathroom etc all over again. When I was 7 years old I to started braking out in hives all the time for year’s it was awful. Than when I was 13 I started haveing seizures which I have to this day I am 41. That will not ever go away. My parents like most thought they were doing as they should and never put this together. I figured this out my self around 19 or 20 .this lead me down the truth community path . Ofcourse I have not let the medical industry do nothing to me since. My family life changed as well as mine big time. Thank you. I am sorry for you and so many. Since the day I put this together I said to god thank you for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear. I will forever try to tell others and so I do.”


    “Fleet Wood what happened to you? I’m so sorry to hear this. I suffered severe ear infections and allergies when I was young, and have only partial hearing in one ear due to a vaccine that almost killed me. I am thankful that I am too old to have gotten MMR…….. that one is CRIMINAL.”

  51. “I am new to this group. I never thought a lot about vaccines. When we were kids we went to the dr and got our shots. We get a new puppy it goes to the vet and gets shots. You have a baby the dr vaccinates your baby on a strict schedule. Tells you the vaccines are safe and you need them for school,health etc. you trust them why? Because they are a dr. Well June 18, 2020 my dr gave my daughter her 2nd HPV shot. In less than two weeks my daughter who was completely healthy and an athlete became extremely ill. She had dizziness, nausea, weakness in legs, orthostatic, headache, eye pain, eyes were glassy and red, lightheadedness and extreme fatigue.The dr tried telling me this is normal at this age. Oh hell no it’s not. She is literally sick 24/7 she doesn’t play with her friends can’t play sports and has been missing school. She blacked out at school. We went through some testing. All normal. My friend ask had she had vaccines lately. I said in the summer. So I looked at the date and she said you may want to research. Omg all these symptoms are part of an HPV injury. The dr won’t admit it. Still claims the shot is 100% safe. The research hasn’t shown at least what I found is this permanent or will this go away?? She’s been ill 7 weeks now at least. The medicine the neuro prescribed made it worse. Please help if you have any knowledge. I will never vaccinate my children again. I learned so much through research about vaccines s in fact I’m pretty sure my older two have injury from the mmr.”

  52. “I have an autoimmune disorder from the Hep B vaccine series that I received in college.”


    “I’m sorry to hear your story. I am also a vaccine injured adult victim. Living with a vaccine injury, is NOT living. You are existing in hell on Earth. How I wish that I died when I was mandated to take that tDap vaccine in 2007 instead of enduring an excruciating slow death as the toxins from that tDap vaccine remains destroying a little part of my body each and every single day. My heart goes out to you and many others who were all LIED to by our Government!”


    “TDaP destroyed my life too. It is an excruciating slow death. ?”

  53. “I speak a lot about medical freedom, but I’ve never really shared my full story. And since I have a ton of new friends, I figured I’d introduce myself and tell you how I got here ?

    I’m a single mama to one incredibly amazing 2 year old girl. I’ve been doing this alone from day 1, so she is truly my best little friend and my soul mate ? #singlemomstrong ??

    I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and hospitalized at 28 weeks. I delivered my baby girl at 31 weeks and she was only 2 1/2 lbs. We spent 2 months in the NICU together, and while it strengthened our bond, it also was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever gone through.

    I suffered from severe postpartum anxiety because of everything we had been through—I was obsessive about germs and hand washing, I didn’t want anyone else to hold her, and I barely slept for the first year of her life because I was terrified she would stop breathing in her sleep ?

    I vaccinated my daughter NOT because I wanted to, but because I hadn’t had time to research it like my gut told me to and her pediatrician lied to my face when she said “we don’t adjust the schedule for preemies! We go by the date they were born, not by their due date” ?? ….I was so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety at that time, and I let her persuade me.

    ……she was vaxxed TWO DAYS after her DUE DATE ? she was barely 5 lbs.

    Then she had a mild seizure……. her doctor tried to convince me that it was just “acid reflux”. She put her on the same meds they recalled last year for having cancer causing ingredients ?

    She started crying and screaming NONSTOP….. all night long, 24/7, blood curling screams and writhing in pain.

    Then they said it was a milk allergy. Then they put her on another medication. They told me to prop her upright all night long. Nothing changed, it just kept getting worse.

    My “awakening” was when I finally heard a voice telling me to read the insert for the medication that they had her on for the so-called reflux, and that’s when I discovered it had a warning stating “children under the age of 1 shouldn’t be on this medication more than 6 weeks” as it could cause serious gastrointestinal damage. ?

    ………she had been on it for 3 months ??

    When I asked the doctor about it, she said “well why don’t you go ahead and do some research and let me know what medication you would like me to put her on.” ???

    So I did. I read EVERY medication insert and decided no more meds.

    I read EVERY SINGLE VAXXINE INSERT there was…. and I was SICK at what I found!

    ……and this began our wellness journey. ?✨

    It took us a lot of very expensive trips to a Naturopath, and lot of extremely expensive tests, and a lot of lifestyle changes to get my baby’s body back to the way it was meant to be, but she is the healthiest 2 year old you will ever meet!! ??

    I thank God every day that I woke up when I did, and that my baby girl is healthy and strong today.

    So THIS is why I stand up, speak out, and share the things I share.

    You don’t have to agree with me…… but I will NEVER be silenced.”

  54. “I had been prescription drug free for 10 years but a 3rd life altering event happened just prior to Jan 3 in which my then 12 year old granddaughter became severely symptomatic with her OCD. Her first severe episode was at 18 months within 3 months of her immunizations. Her second was shortly after her kindergarten shots and this time it was right after her 7th grade round.”

  55. Ex military says, “Very good. Myself and 3 others got deadly sick in 1976, or was it 77?, from the swine flu toxic mix. That was 1% of of the crew of a DDG. I recovered fully, I think, can’t speak for the others. Wish that I had kept up with them over the years.”

    This was a comment after this person’s comment…

    “remember GULF WAR SYNDROME? I was all the shots they got that made our troops sick. A life sentence.”

    See this article from PubMed

    And this vet site here.

  56. “Fact and I am one of them . 6 anthrax shots within 6 months that was supposed to be a series of shots drawn out over a year and 8 months … I am disabled now due to them . Got these shots in 98 for my mission in Oman during Desert Fox ..”

  57. “Sorry you are still so unwell, I had gastrointestinal issues after having the heb B Vax, this was over 20 years ago. I went to a chinese herbalist and it took a few months but I got better. Then 3 years ago I had a reaction to a pharmaceutical drug and now I have fibromyalgia and other issues.”

  58. “As an INFANT Preschool Teacher, I have witnessed, FIRST HAND, the extreme regression of once bright, calm, social infants after they were vax in ated. It was heartbreaking, and life-changing. It’s like someone flipped a switch, and turned off their light.”

  59. “My daughter had four miscarriages. I did my homey research and found out that the MMR vaccine has aborted male fetus cells in it. One of the miscarriages was really bad. The doctor had to clean her out and then test the GRAPES that were growing in the womb. She had a partial molar pregnancy which is crazy dividing stem cells making multitudes of tiny babies.

    I, myself, reasoned that (she was not told any results, nor why the testing, nor anything at all other than it was a partial molar pregnancy.) she had too many chromosomes. 23 mother + 23 father + 23 aborted male fetus. I learned that a couple of years before my daughter was born (late 1980’s), there was a law that said these cells could be used. The Cabaler’s at the time were THEN trying to sterilize women and stop them from reproducing and they were doing this thru the vaccines.

    I worry today because one of the issue that can happen is that when the doctor cleaned her out, if he missed any of anything, my daughter can develop cancer as a result.

    Now THIS IS MY REASONING. I’m not anything medical at all other than high school biology. I wish the medical community could freely tell the truth….that is why I am thankful for your gut spilling here on this issue. I’ve known for a long while that the medical community was weaponized and blackmailed and oppressed. It really got bad when Hillary was 1st lady in the WH. And by 1996, I’d say, THIS was the absolute low spot in the ruin of our medical community. The human population has now for thirty years been under attack with the threat of annihilation.”

  60. ” yeah the sad part is even with videos people will still doubt! My daughter stopped rolling over and babbling after her 4 month shots (skipped 2 month shots). I shared with people and they say “oh babies just pick and choose what they want to focus on, she’s probably focusing on something else.” NO! She went from having “conversations” with me, her dad, stuffed animals, and the dogs to NOTHING. She went from rolling over to NOTHING. So what was she “focused on learning?” How to lay there like a log? Nonsense.. It had been 2.5 months and she still hadn’t talked, just grunts, cries, and screams. Praise the Lord we started to give her detox baths with Epsom salt and bentonite clay, as well as cod liver oil and she has started to babble more now, but still not as much as she used to. She has started to roll back and forth again as well. Those vaccines are TOXIC.”

  61. I don’t get many people talking about their pets getting sick due to vaccines, but I came across a few so I’m going to put them here.

    If I start getting more, I’ll create a new post.



    “I lost my 16yo shepherd last year; I’m absolutely convinced she lived that long without any health issues at all because I NEVER took her to a vet. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, our cats always lived into their mid 20s and our dogs (always big dogs, shepherds and pits) always lived into their mid teens, and we never had chronic health problems to deal with. Nowadays, it has become normalized that pets have all kinds of diseases that require “maintenance” via the disease industry, of which veterinary medicine is indeed an active member. Cats nowadays who live into their mid teens are considered old; and most big dogs don’t get past 12 or 13. This is NOT normal, and there is a reason for that. Just sayyin.”


    “they have given pets the poor health of their owners by putting grains & veggies into overly processed & nutritionally empty pet food”

  62. ” I was injured by DPT vaccine. I was a complete idiot in 2019 and took it when I was pregnant because my midwife recommended it. I regret it so much now. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy and multiple chemical miscarriages ever since. I am sure it’s related”

  63. “thank you Dr Carrie ?????? i lost my doctor my best doctor because of the jab she wont take it. i have had vax injury previously from the 2976 swine flu shot at 15 years old. I had a neurological reaction. since then I’ve had all sorts of nerve problems. I’ve only had 2 flu shots since then and don’t know if the Bell’s palsy I had in my late 30’s might have been from one of them but since this is happening I’m going to try to get my medical records but that would be 25 years ago and I don’t know how long the keep your records. not sure if my Mom told my doctor about my symptoms at 15 so not sure if it would be in my records but I doubt I could get records from the 1970’s. God Bless you Carrie and may God protect you in your work ??????”

  64. From an Amazon review on a book about vaccines:

    “As a previous reviewer wrote she is a lunatic. He also wrote about how vaccines have done so much good and very little harm. He said that the facts bear this out. Now we must examine the facts. The question now is whose facts. The CDC openly admits that only 10% of all vaccine adverse affects are reported. Of the ones reported most are discounted because of the criteria used to define an adverse event. Most of the data collected on these adverse events is buried under bureaucratic control. How do I know this? My son was one of those adverse events. He nearly died due to a bad or hot lot vaccine. When it was branded as a hot lot the FDA refused to put it on the recall list because it would cost the pharmaceutical company money to recall it. In the ensuing law suit we had to go into federal court and sue the Department of Health and Human Resources to get them to provide documents that they are already required by law to provide. Every time we have found an expert witness to testify they have been bought off by the pharmaceutical industry. Now if vaccines are so safe why all the cover-up? Ms. Mcbean asks some very valid questions and makes some brilliant observations. Because her “facts” don’t jive with the accepted beliefs doesn’t mean that they are false. The risk of vaccine damage to your child seems small until the damage is done. Then it is 100%! The conclusion that I have come to is the vaccines are all about money. The truth has been kept from the public so an informed decision can’t be made easily. A little digging into how drugs are approved makes it quite plain that the drug companies write the rules to their own benefit and the patient be damned. It is all about money. It more parents read this book before vaccinating there would be fewer vaccines sold and that’s a fact!”

    I will disagree that it’s all about the money. She just hasn’t done enough research or refuses to admit this is all about bringing down the human race.

    The money is just a side benefit for the evils. They already own trillions due to their criminal activities and stealing it from us through BS taxes of many kinds that go into their pockets.

  65. “I’ve had “mysterious” neurological issue that has effected me most of my life…. after reading about vaccines now for the last couple years I’m now convinced it is due to the two tetanus shots I got when I was kid. Tetanus shots were given to you in your butt….you don’t forget them.

    So I say to your post. ME TOO. And how many more people are just like us and don’t put 2+2 together ?”

  66. “Although I do think I know how it can be reveresed now. But not sharing that at this point since I’m still trying things on myself (I’m not autistic not on spectrum but just experimenting on myself and my two dogs, safely. One dog has major vaccine damage, 7 pound Pomeranian who got the same dose V every three years as a 150pkund dog would get. So yeah they affected her a great deal and I hope I can recover her back to health).”

  67. “I was a vaccine injured child. I almost died multiple times after receiving vaccinations. The worst one being the MMR. My dad had to breath for me, until the paramedics showed up. I developed degenerative bone disease, Crohn’s disease and IBS, due to the fact that vaccines and auto immune disorders go hand in hand. “Know all your enemies, we know who our enemies are”


    the vaccines I received in 83-84-85 seem to be the ones I had the worst reactions to. Reactions like, seizures, temporary paralysis, unable to breath.”


    “I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. I was a vaccine injured adult…the DTaP was the culprit. Cancer and sterilization was the end result. Be well ????”


    “I didn’t have ADHD or a lazy eye before my vaccinations.”


    “Omg. I read this message, as though it was spoken by my daughter. After the MMR vaccine, my daughters leg swelled after bringing her home. She became lethargic, so I held her that evening. Watching her closely. She eventually turned blue, and I had to give her CPR until the EMTs arrived. The local Children’s Hospital treated me like a madman for accusing the vaccine for causing the episode. My daughter is now 11, and the lifetime effects of the MANY vaccines that were issued are unknown. (Also…if I had just put my daughter to bed that night…she would just be another “SIDDS” statistic.”


    “I too was vax injured. I got my vax in 80-81 and was paralyzed from the waist down for 3 weeks. I was told I was lucky bc it could have traveled to my chest and lungs and I could’ve died. I also had auto immune issues.”


    ” I also got strabismus and mild ADHD in 1960 from their poisons.”

  68. “I have heart valve disorder, eczema, and asthma caused by getting a polio vax and small pox vax at the same time at age 6. The Drs still claim it must have been rheumatic fever that happens after a bacterial infection. I was perfectly well until those vaccines that were administered by a nurse.”

  69. “There is a adjavant chemical they put in all the vaccines. Because it causes your body to react to the vax by artificially, hyperstimulating the immune system. They put it in all vaxx even pet ones. It causes the immune system to be over reactive an attack it’s own organs. This is what happened with my dog his own immune system”

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