EMF Health Summit

EMF Health SummitThis is the first of its kind EMF Health Summit to get the word out to the mainstream populous about how EMFs, dirty electricity, smart meters, and 5G are killing us worldwide.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a problem just in your city. 

Wifi has become an epidemic problem worldwide. This is especially true in countries where all they have is wifi and cell phones, not a regular PC or MAC computer because they can’t afford it.

Most people who buy computers, usually buy laptops which are even more toxic than PCs because they use wifi, aren’t wired into their modem, and people usually put them on their lap.

Teenagers and young adults worldwide don’t even know what a landline is, they are tied to their phone 24/7, holding it in their hand, next to their brain. They also put it in their pockets which is just one more reason why men have become sterile.

Everything is very toxic. We don’t want you to believe that just because you use a regular computers and you are hard wired into your modem, that you aren’t harming your health.

The telecommunications industry did their FIRST and ONLY study back in the early 90’s when the first brick style cell phones came out. Then they controlled the government so no more studies would be done and you can’t even STOP them from putting up cell phone towers, 5G towers, etc.

They have also stopped scientists from publishing their studies. They warned cell phone companies about the dangers of cell phones, but they found a way to quash the data.

Children are especially at risk because their bodies are filled with more water.

Parents are actually contributing to the illness these children are experiencing by allowing wifi in schools, buying them toys that have wifi in them, even baby monitors have wifi in them.

AND, they give their kids smart phones from a very young age.

We see 4-6 year olds holding cell phones all the time.

Smart meters have been forced upon us for years and it’s getting worse. Again, this is a worldwide problem, not just a problem in North America.

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