Love Really Is The Answer

Are you feeling Love Today?

LovePeople can roll their eyes in the air because they have been taught to stifle their emotions or fear vulnerability, but love can’t be held back by fear, it’s too powerful.

These people who reached out to show acts of kindness to others, many of whom were total strangers, are a shining example of what unconditional love is and who we should emulate.

Amongst all the chaos in today’s world with EVIL forces trying to pull us apart and control us, these loving people are the ones who keep us sane.

Give Love (and YES, to yourself as well)

Be Able to Receive Love

Have Gratitude for all the positive you encountered each day

If we learn to follow these acts not because we will be rewarded, but simply because it makes us happy to feel this emotion that makes our heart sing with joy and gratitude, we will ALL be amazed at how much we can overcome.

We understand the stress of everyday life gets to most of us. This is why these forces try so hard to make us be afraid and worry, but that is THE time when we need this positive loving emotion the most.

Giving to others for no reason at all can be a 365 effort, not just when there is chaos around.

Enjoy, and we hope you feel loved today!


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