Barking dogs hinder your health?

Barking dogsDid you know that barking dogs hinder your health?

Most people still don’t understand that noise pollution is very very bad for our health.

What Is Noise Pollution?

Most people don’t even know what noise pollution is.

If you live in an area where there is constant traffic, honking horns, construction, loud music, screaming people or barking dogs, this will ALL hinder your health over time. It chips away at your nerves so you are never completely relaxed. This is one reason why so many people are high strung and it’s a known fact that stress affects our health which we believe is why so many people are sick these days.


When we sleep, we are meant to sleep in a quiet atmosphere. If dogs are barking, even if it’s off in the distance, our ears can hear that constant noise, and we are awoken from our sleep.

Constant Barking Dogs

If you can hear dogs barking from your neighbor’s house or backyard, after a while the noise can and most probably will drive you insane. You can’t sleep, enjoy quiet time, watch a TV show, read a book, and if you work from home, work to make a living.

Training Barking Dogs

Sometimes the owner doesn’t know their dog is barking like this because they aren’t home, but other times the dog owner doesn’t care and has no respect for others living around them and how their dog’s lack of training affects others.

It’s always recommend you get your dog trained and find out why the dog is barking. Most dogs bark due to loneliness, stress or to warn others. When a dog is barking nonstop, it usually isn’t because someone is a threat to them or their owners.

Here’s a device that will help you stop most (not all) dogs from barking. It’s also great for mailmen, mailwomen, postal carriers, UPS and FedEx delivery people, newspaper boys or girls, and pretty much anyone who delivers things to homes where there may be barking dogs.

We know this device works, we’ve purchased it and tried it on some of the most vicious of dogs.

It seems to work better on larger dogs, but who knows, maybe it will work on the small yappy dog in your neighborhood.

Hope it helps alleviate your stress, as YOU deserve health

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