This is an article about the decline of insects and
how this is affecting humans

Most people would only be too glad to get rid of pesty insects, but we are starting to learn how devastating this is for our planet and food supply.

We talked about the death of the honeybee and how scientists have noticed this decline in insects as far back as 2004, but it could be even further back that some people started to notice this problem.

Why is this a problem?

Well besides the fact that it’s just wrong to kill off any part of nature, but also because honeybees pollinate, and if they aren’t around to pollinate, then we lose the crops we need to feed humans.

What will become of honey?

Never in the history has honey been extinct. Honey has been used for hundreds of thousands of years.

Now we are learning that other insects that also pollinate are also dying off and again, this WILL affect our food supply word wide.

Here are two articles written that take a look at the reasons why bees have been killed off, and we feel also explains why so many humans have so many illnesses these days.

This article here discusses the most recent news about the loss of bees and the decline of insects. The comments are also helpful in understanding how serious this situation is.

Anyone who thinks that GMO crops shouldn’t be addressed is either not educated about this very very serious issue, or is someone working for the large corporations that are killing off our natural resources.

We all know that pesticides are bad, it is only common sense that spraying your food with chemicals is going to eventually harm your body in some way.

Greed will kill us all.

We Deserve Health & the Right to Live Free off Greed

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