Our Earth is in Crisis So the other day someone asked one of us what was wrong with our earth. In our opinion, the earth includes us, as we are natural living being on our natural living planet. We had been discussing a topic on You Tube about how EVIL CORPS and the government are … Read more

Greed Over Stevia

So what is the Greed Over Stevia?

Greed Over Stevia
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The greed over stevia has to do with mega greedy corporations like Coke and Pepsi using the Stevia recipe, but not giving the indigenous people in South America such as the Guarani Paî Tavytera and Kaiowa people one cent for their stevia recipe.

Please watch this video and sign this petition to support the original recipe and give these people their fair share.
Thank you
We Deserve Health

Is your child unable to walk?

We here at “We Deserve Health” rarely believe in conventional medicine unless one needs emergency surgery, so when we see an alternative therapy that helps people & conventional doctors shun it, we welcome the chance to tell people to help them, & of course prove that a lot of the conventional doctors don’t know what … Read more

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