Doctor Threatens

Doctor ThreatensWhat if your doctor threatens you with CPS when you question them, or you refuse to allow your child to be given toxic vaccine shots?

Most parents will be very scared if a doctor or nurse threatens to call CPS and rightly so.

This is not an uncommon practice with doctors who know NOTHING of how toxic vaccines are, OR they do know and are just in it to get money from the PHARMA MAFIA.

Yes, your doctor does get kickbacks for every vaccine shot administered.

A lot of mothers cave when a doctor threatens them with CPS and they end up risking harm due to the doctor’s bullying. 

As always, we recommend that you stop going to all allopathic doctors, and switch to NDs (naturopathic doctors), or just look after yourself.

We feel that everyone should know at least the basics of how to keep their body and mind clean so they are in optimum health.

If you can find a real osteopath, we highly recommend this.

Not the osteopaths who were forced by the medical industry to become a doctor of osteopathy (DO), but then switched over to the allopathic side and no longer practice osteopathy.

They are great at what they do in helping your internal organs, scarring from accidents, blood flow to the body, joint and muscle issues, and so much more.

They are heads and tails more experienced than a chiropractor AND there should be no pain unlike with chiropractic adjustments.

Of course you have to find one who’s great, not everyone’s skills and gifts are equal.

So we found this wonderful script online on how to handle it when a doctor threatens you with CPS.

We wish to thank Hilary Simpson who got this from a friend of hers.

First you should know ahead of time if your state is a one or two-party state.

One party means you can record conversations secretly.

Two party means you have to disclose you are recording and most of the states are like that. Here is a list for your convenience.

If you have to tell them you are video recording, say something like, “I am now recording this for my safety and your safety.”

And here is the rest of what you should say to them

You can even pull this piece of paper out and read from it.

“Excuse me. I want to make sure that I understand you correctly.

Are you saying that if I agree to let you administer those vaccines today that we will walk out of here with no problems, but if I refuse the vaccines, that you will call CPS and file a report?

(They confirm by saying yes)

Claiming what exactly?

Are you familiar with the Nuremberg code and what it says about informed consent?

Are you aware of the informed consent laws for our state?

Do you understand the implications of your statement and what it means for a medical professional to use methods of coercion and intimidation to get consent for a medical procedure?

We are done here.

I am under duress and I will not be threatened or manipulated to consent to any medical procedures nor will I be signing any documents.

If you do not let me leave and if you file a CPS report with false claims, I will call my attorney and report you to the medical board of our state for attempted coercion which is illegal.”

We hope this helps you and please let us know if this worked.

We ALL Deserve Health and to OWN our Own Body


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