Harmed by EMFs

Harmed by EMFsHave you been harmed by EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies?)

Most people don’t know they’ve been Harmed by EMFs. EMFs is also known as wireless technology radiation.

In fact, it’s not even a question about whether you have been harmed by radiation, because even if you aren’t aware of it, you have been. That’s through your cells, DNA, and your brain.

Here is a site called “We Are The Evidence.” It helps to bring your story of how you were harmed by EFMs, to light.

This is an organization that knows it’s VERY hard to prevent harm from wireless technology radiation because the telecommunications industry has even MORE power than the PHARMA MAFIA.

We hope you share your story to help yourself and bring light to the world about this horrific health hazard.


We Deserve Health

You can read more about 5G, the next weapon the governments and EVIL CORPs are using against us



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