Junk Companies That Create Multi Vitamins

Multi VitaminsDid you know that there are many unethical companies out there who manufacture poor quality multi vitamins? In fact they may even be owned by pharmaceutical companies.

These companies don’t create PURE multi vitamins, they add chemicals or other harmful products into the multi vitamins, or they create them in such a way that they don’t absorb into the body properly, so you get absolutely no benefit from them.

For example, magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate don’t penetrate your bone cells well. They have a tough time leaving your intestines.

As Suzy Cohen (a former pharmacist now Functional Medicine practitioner and supplement formulator) says, there are many reasons she doesn’t offer a multi vitamin in her line of products.

  • Amount – the amount of each vitamin is so low, it wouldn’t help you at all. 1 mg probably won’t even make it past your digestive tract, let alone into your bloodstream.
  • Allergies – a lot of these multi vitamin companies use synthetics in their products which of course trigger allergies. Items such as soy, dairy and wheat.
  • Inactive Vitamins – low quality forms of vitamin B are cyanocobalamin B12 which then breaks down into cyanide and cobalamin by your body. Often these inactive vitamins need your liver to convert them into something that will work making you feel tired because your body is working harder to generate something useful that will heal you. The better quality Vitamin B12 is methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin or adenosylcobalamin, so make sure these are what is in your multi vitamin.
  • Toxins – the above low quality Vitamin B12 has  minute amounts of cyanide which she says does have a low potential to do harm when bound to organic cobalamin. Who wants ANY version of cyanide in their body even if it is in small minute amounts?
  • Cramps and diarrhea – if there are cheap forms of magnesium in your multi vitamin like the “oxide” form, you may encounter the cramps and diarrhea. The gentler forms of magnesium include the “chelated” forms, or threonate, or glycinate.Mag stearate (Magnesium stearate) is a lubricant used to make the machines that make supplements run faster. High quality supplement makers run their machines slower so they don’t need this lubricant.”This substance consists of stearate, which is a saturated fat, and a tiny amount of magnesium. Think of it like bubble wrap around the ingredients of your supplement. 

It doesn’t function as a vitamin or mineral, and more importantly, it doesn’t give you “magnesium” as the name implies. Your body requires biochemical work to “pop the bubble wrap” and split the molecule apart into its backbone of magnesium and stearic acid. Once split, you get a negligible amount of magnesium, perhaps a couple of milligrams.

    While Suzy doesn’t consider it a toxin, it doesn’t add any value, plus can deter other ingredients that are beneficial from working properly because it affects the release time and slow them down. It may also reduce the bioavailability of active ingredients or make them unpredictable.

  • Other Additives – can include hydrogenated oils which most everyone knows isn’t healthy for you.
  • Artificial colors – do you have the following in your multi? FD&C Red #40, Blue #2, Yellow #6, and titanium dioxide? Versus the natural colorants such as, blueberry juice concentrate, carotene from carrots, paprika, beet juice, purple sweet potato, hibiscus, natural astaxanthin, and CoQ10?

The best way to get nutrients is to eat healthy clean food. Food grown in good clean mineral based soil, not sprayed with toxins. Food that takes time to grow as nature intended, NOT rushed, which is now why gluten is harmful to our bodies where it wasn’t many years ago.

Notice how anything that is “rushed” these days is harmful to us. 

Anything from a box, can, or is frozen with chemicals in it needs to be avoided.

Also the type of oil you use when cooking matters. Coconut oil is the healthiest because it’s beneficial for your body. Grapeseed oil is also okay, but has no benefits for the body, but at least you can use it at high temperatures without incurring free radicals like you do with all the mainstream oils that restaurants and food manufacturers use.

While we all want convenience, because we have accepted that speed and no effort (cooking) is more important than our health, we can now see what it’s doing to us. Not just physical ailments, but even our brains and emotional state is affected. People have memory issues, are less smart, are hyper, depressed or anxious, and the list goes on.

Like Suzy Cohen says, “we need to stop fooling ourselves into thinking we can eat garbage and take one pill to fix it all.” In our opinion, it’s not just the garbage, but how the food is made that is the issue.

Here are the full articles that Suzy Cohen wrote about multi vitamins, and why they may or may not be good for you.

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