Complaint About Bragg

BraggSo we’ve been using the gluten free Bragg liquid Aminos since 1997 and always loved it, but we’ve also had huge complaints about the plastic bottle Bragg uses.

  1. No matter what size bottle we used, it always leaks the liquid aminos all over the counter and this happened even when we wasted the outside of the bottle over and over again.
  2. The liquid aminos used to crust up the sides of the bottle when it dripped and leaked.
  3. When we tried to use their small spray bottle, it used to clog up the hole so we couldn’t get the liquid out. We finally gave up and just used the large 32 ounce bottle.

We called them and complained over the years and they never made the effort to fix their bottle issues.

Now it’s 2017 and we’ve had it with Bragg. First they started changing their top. We never had an issue with their top before, but for some reason they decided to mess around with it. One version of the top was so cheaply made, that it cracked when we got our Bragg liquid aminos from Vitacost. Now it’s April 2017 and we just got our latest 32 ounce bottle, and they made the pouring hole (spout) too big. Now when we pour it over our chicken, too much comes out, the food is too salty, PLUS we are wasting our money because already 15% of the bottle has been used and we’ve only seasoned one meal with it.

We called up Bragg at (800) 446.1990 to speak to them about it expecting them to do something about it, but no, that didn’t happen. Vicky kept asking how we were using the bottle (it’s NOT rocket science) and supposedly they made the hole larger because others were breaking their nails to get the hole open. We NEVER had a problem with the hole not producing enough liquid. In fact maybe too much came out even when we poured from the other tops. It’s a heavy bottle and it’s not easy to control. We thought about pouring it into a spoon, but we know it would spill onto the counter, plus we are seasoning chicken and steak which requires a spray or small hole for easy seasoning.

They have NO intentions of fixing the problem and Vicky’s only other solution was to tell us to buy a spray bottle. Why should WE have to spend our time trying to find a spray bottle that is glass, lead free, can handle the liquid aminos since we know it clogs easily? Why should we have to spend money going over to the store to buy it, PLUS buy a bottle in the first place?

Then she just tried to get us off the phone.

We are going to be looking for an alternative to Bragg because it’s clear that the company doesn’t care about their us as customers who have purchased from othem for 20 years. Vicky didn’t even offer to provide us with a refund, a coupon for something else, nothing. Very poor customer service in our opinion.

We aren’t sure yet, but we think they changed the formula as it just didn’t taste the way it normally does and when I mentioned this, Vicky didn’t even acknowledge my concern.


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