Why Is Wheat Harmful?

WheatSo we often hear how wheat is harmful to celiacs, but most people don’t know that wheat is harmful to EVERYONE.

It harms your brain and we are going to explain why wheat is harmful now when it wasn’t harmful many years ago.

The seeds are treated with a fungicide, then sprayed with hormones and pesticides. Even the wheat bins are coated with insecticides which just decays the grain even further.

If they see even one bug, they continue to fumigate the grain again.

Their next step is to add more chemicals to bleach the flour. They use a chlorine gas bath (chlorine oxide) which gives the floor that pristine white coloring. Even the EPA who is a corrupt government body recognizes that chlorine gas is an irritant. They warn us that it’s dangerous to inhale and lethal.

The reason it’s allowed in the production of wheat, is because the EVIL CORPORATIONS control and are in partner with the government, so toxins that harm us are allowed in our food supply.

Then to continue the bleaching, they use oxides of nitrogen, nitrosyl, and benzoyl peroxide mixed with various chemical salts.

What is left over at the end?


Alloxan is a product of the decomposition of uric acid. It is this poison that is used to produce diabetes. Alloxan causes diabetes because it increases enormous amounts of free radicals in pancreatic beta cells which then destroys them.

The commercial process of creating flour strips away ALL of the nutrients from white flour so the only thing that is left is starch.

So why was wheat NEVER a problem so many years ago?

Well for one, they had REAL mills back then. They would grind the flour slowly, but today in order to rush this mass production, they use high temperatures and high speed steel rollers.

Bleaching and oxidizing agents for wheat weren’t developed 1900’s. It was developed to produce the quick aging of wheat flour. Before that, it took several months for oxygen to condition flour naturally. Because everything done slowly is more healthy, our bodies never had a problem eating bread prior to the early 1900’s.

While there used to be a law banning the bleaching of flour, the government allowed this highly toxic method to be used. This was even after there were pleas from Dr. W. Wiley MD who knew the harm it would cause.

Common sense suggests, that over time the EVIL CORPS who manufacture wheat have changed the natural component of “wheat” due to using intense chemicals during the processing of the wheat, and speeding up the process that isn’t occurring naturally.

Since they played around with Mother Nature, they ruined the glutenous part of the plant, and this is why many people can’t handle ingesting wheat. Most people mistakenly think that wheat is only a problem for celiacs, but this just isn’t true. Wheat is now harmful to the brain in every human whether you notice the symptoms or not.

Over the last 10-15 years, we ourselves have noticed a huge decline in the average person’s cognitive abilities. Whenever we deal with call centers, most of the people manning the phones can’t even remember what we say two minutes earlier, or they make a lot of mistakes. This is just one sign of how their brains have deteriorated.

Here is an article that teaches you what goes into the commercial methods of producing wheat.


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