The Autism One Conference

Autism OneDel from HighWire went to the Autism One conference and interviewed several people.

Here is a brief rundown of this episode of HighWire.

  • Did you know that women aren’t having as many babies and many aren’t having any babies, as the fertility rates have gone down not just in America, but worldwide?
  • Chicago decided to test their water after what has happened in Flint, Michigan. The results are that they now realize they have a HUGE lead problem in their water.
  • In 2017, lead has been found in places like Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Warren, Pennsylvania and Goat Island, Texas.
  • Did you know that up until 1986 they forced people to run lead pipes from the main water line to their house? And now they are forcing all of these people to pay the cost of replacing all of these lead pipes. Once again the government doesn’t know what they are doing, and the citizens have to suffer for their stupidity and ineptness.
  • This is why we NEVER donate to fake charities. The criminal allopathic medical industry just rakes in money with these fake charities like the cancer charities where Dr. Bush discusses how he finally realized back in 2010 that every year more “research” was being done and yet people were getting sicker and sicker every year.

    We feel these charities have NO intentions of helping anyone but are just there to guilt people so they can line their pockets. You can’t tell us these charities don’t realize what is happening? Come on, we’ve known about cancer charities since we were a little child in the 1970’s.

  • What we do do is donate directly to people’s crowdfunding campaigns, or to causes where we know our donation will actually make a difference.
  • Listen to the interview at Autism One of an adult who grew up with autism. Get his perspective.
  • We love it when we see allopathic doctors that FINALLY come to their senses, letting go of their EGO, and realizing that they were brainwashed. This is when they switch to nature. It makes us so happy.

    Dr. Zach Bush is one of those doctors. He sheds some light on WHY almost all the allopathic doctors continue to embrace their brainwashing medical school and community.

  • Another doctor tells us that doctors can’t speak out about their fears or questions because they fear losing their jobs. These doctors have HUGE debt from going to school, they have a high-income lifestyle (mortgage) they want to continue, and if they start to learn, question or speak out against vaccines or anything else that the EVIL CORPS are controlling, they will lose all of it. They will lose their reputation, lose their job, be vilified in the mainstream media and so on.
  • Did you know that glyphosate went off patent in 2007 so that now EVERYONE (especially China) produces it and pours it into our soil? While Monsanto started this evil practice, everyone else picked up where they left off.
  • Did you know that glyphosate was first produced as an antibiotic?
  • Did you know that even if you eat organic, you are STILL breathing in glyphosate? It’s in your water, it’s in your rainwater, it’s EVERYWHERE.
  • Rain waters the crops (organic too) and it contaminates the organic crops with glyphosate.


Watch the various different interviews in this one episode with Del at HighWire at Autism One.

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