What is the Truth About Vaccines?

Are you concerned about giving your child vaccines?

If you answered yes to this question about vaccines, you should be.

VaccinesForcing Vaccines on Children

As much as the corrupt mainstream medical community would like you to believe otherwise, vaccines are now considered VERY dangerous if you have read or listened to any of the stories from parents who now have children who have autism, or their child developed other issues after receiving a vaccine shot.

In fact, the situation in America and other countries is so dire, that the public school system, which of course is run by the corrupt government, FORCES children to have vaccines, otherwise the kids can’t go to school.

There has even been many cases where ex husbands retaliate during a custody battle.

They know full well that the mother of his children do NOT support vaccination, and he agreed with her 100% when they were married.

During the fight, they usually take the child to a doctor to get vaccinated without the mother’s consent, and in one case the father tried to win full custody, citing that she is harming the child.

The EVIL judge, in that case, threw the mother in jail so the father could force take the child to the doctors to get vaccinated.

Government Protects EVIL CORPS – That is their Job

If you have done any research into the topic as to why the government protects the PHARMA MAFIA and other EVIL INDUSTRIES OR CORPORATIONS, you will learn that the government was never developed to protect the people. It was developed by VERY rich men, and their entire goal was to protect THEM because we the people are the majority, and they are the minority.

This is why if you look carefully, all throughout history most of the time we, the people, are NOT protected. 

The government has done a great job of lying and saying they do protect the people, and they throw a few breadcrumbs our way and make it look like there are aspects of the government that protect us, but if you do any REAL research into this topic, you will learn that just isn’t the case.

In fact, in almost every department within the different arms of the government, people who have the authority to do anything often get paid huge sums of money by these EVIL CORPS, and then after they leave their post, they get jobs at these EVIL CORPS with HUGE salaries.

Or the opposite is true. Someone who worked for an EVIL CORP will get a job within the government to pave the way so they can make sure there is no oversight for what these companies are doing to harm us.

Compare Vaccines from the 1960’s and 1970’s to Present Day

There is a LOT of money to be made in vaccines, and we also believe that they FORCE vaccines upon us and our children so we become debilitated and can’t fight back against the EVILS who are harming us.

Plus, what better way to cash in, then to poison the children so they then have to take their drugs for the rest of their lives.

Most parents believe that all vaccines are safe, especially if nothing happened to them when they received their vaccination shots as a child.

There is a reason for that. Vaccines were NOT combined together back in the day. We were only given one shot per one disease and the shots were spread out.

Who is Dr. Wakefield?

Back in 1998 there was a scandal with Dr. Andrew Wakefield who graduated medical school in 1981 from Bath University in England. In fact, he’s the son of two parents who were also doctors.

He later became a  gastroenterologist surgeon who specialized in inflammatory bowel disease.  Along with 12 of his colleges, he and they did a very small study and they realized there may be a correlation between autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella (the MMR) vaccine.

The Lance Study

Shortly after the Lancet study came out, 10 out of the 12 other doctors retracted their opinion about the correlation between autism and the MMR vaccine.

The Lancet, which is one of the oldest weekly peer-reviewed general medical journals, claimed that Dr. Wakefield had ties to lawyers who were representing parents, and they were trying to create a class action lawsuit against some of the companies that create the vaccines. The 10 doctors or scientists stated they were unaware of this fact.

The Lancet later on exonerated Wakefield and his colleagues on charges of ethical violations and scientific misconduct.

In February 2010, The Lancet went after Dr. Wakefield and stated again that Wakefield was unethical, that he investigated these children without getting the necessary ethical clearances, and there was scientific misrepresentation because their sampling was supposedly consecutive when, in fact, it was selective.

Everyone later on claimed that Wakefield was guilty of deliberate fraud for financial gain, and that all 12 only picked data that suited their case, thereby falsified the facts.

The British Medical Journal even published a series of articles on the exposure of the so called fraud.

Framing Dr. Wakefield

A freelance journalist by the name of Brian Deer started attacking Wakefield. He wrote for The Sunday Paper which is a British paper published by James Murdoch.

Murdoch sat on the board of GlaxoSmithKline (formally Smith Klein Beecham), a British pharmaceutical company headquartered in Brentford, London. He later stepped down around January 27, 2012 after a phone hacking scandal broke. This is when he moved to America.

Deer created a huge story that Wakefield was this evil rich man trying to harm children.

He discredited Wakefield’s reputation and ruined him. He made an example of him to other doctors and scientists if they dared stand upto the PHARMA MAFIA.

He also tried to make it seem like Wakefield was creating a single vaccine to be in direct competition.

Wakefield, in fact, was working with a medical school to create a NATURALLY occurring Transfer Factor. He didn’t own the patent, the school, Royal Free Hospital, did. 

It also wasn’t meant to prevent the measles disease, it was ONLY meant to boost the immune system once someone got the measles.

Also, Deer had once been totally AGAINST  Smith Klein Beecham due to their AZT drug, but down the road it seems he became close to them and supported them because they gave him total access to their adverse drug reaction data.

Other Scientists’ Research

Dr. David Lewis from the EPA took Wakefield’s study, and examined it himself.  Around Nov 10, 2011, he concluded that Wakefield was NOT a fraud and even tried to encourage Deer to look at his findings, or at the very least retract his statements of Wakefield that he was a fraud.

Dr. Lewis is a former senior-level research microbiologist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a well known whistleblower

The Doctor who learned about this from Parents

Wakefield states unequivocally that the study was NOT created for the purposes of litigation. Once it was determined that the vaccine was the cause of the autism, then the parents signed up to the class action in the UK.

Yes, he had agreed to be the class’ expert witness because he WAS an expert in this subject. So WHAT???

And of course the vaccine company had their MANY so called “experts” on their side ready to argue that Wakefield didn’t know what he was talking about.

Why wouldn’t Wakefield offer his expert opinion if he had done the research and agreed with the findings?

Yes he was paid, but not by the lawyers, he was paid by the National Health Services.

In fact Legal Aid first sent the payment to the school and then to him.

Also, the editor of The Lancet knew of this research study a whole year before the data was divulged to the public. The lawyer informed The Lancet of this.

Later on this editor mysteriously “forgot” about this very fact when he went to testify at the General Medical Council under oath.

This is how much power the PHARMA MAFIA has. They have editors lying under oath. It was only later on that the truth came out.

Prior to this scandal, Wakefield had worked as a surgeon. Then later on he become an academic and had a team of around 19 scientists who studied inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). For over 10 years they published around 130-140 research papers on the IBD topic.

On May 17, 1995, he started learning how vaccines were potentially responsible for autism AND IBD.

Around that time, a mother called him saying that her child had been developing fine UNTIL he/she received the MMR vaccine and now he had autism and IBD. She also told him there were many other parents in the same situation and NO ONE in the medical community would take the parents seriously.

The parents all told him the same thing, that the ONLY change that happened to their children was this MMR vaccine. They took their children to get this vaccine at the same time because different vaccines are supposed to be administered at specific ages.

The symptoms after the MMR Vaccine Were

  1. Fever
  2. Seizures
  3. A very long sleep and when they finally woke up, they were never the same

So because there were enough children that contracted autism and IBD after the MMR vaccine, he decided to study this topic.

That’s when he learned that the younger the child, the higher the risk of them getting autism was due to the measles component in the MMR vaccine.

He later on came to the conclusion that the safety standards for the MMR vaccine were subpar. In fact down the road the Cochrane Reviews said the same thing, particularly when compared with the single vaccines.

Wakefield says that the FDA never made the vaccine company do another research study when joining all 3 vaccines into one dose which is where the problem lies.

The Cochrane Reviews do primary research in human health care and health policy. They are the gold standard internationally for evidence-based healthcare resources.

In April 2018, Wakefield was FINALLY vindicated. Watch Del talk about it here.

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Note: we don’t believe in religion, the bible, or the gawd that supposedly judges all of humanity. We are spiritual beings who believe in the Laws of Nature. Saying that, this person has done a lot of research on the topic and we respect his opinion for that reason. Therefore we hope you read his article on vaccinations.


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