What Are Biosolids?

BiosolidsBiosolids is a combination of human waste and industrial waste and toxins, such as pesticides, petroleum derivatives, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals such as aluminum (which they say is worse than mercury), arcinic and mercury, 

The industrial waste is very dangerous chemicals created from manufacturing plants.

This sludge is then mixed together with human waste and used to fertilize all of America’s crops.

You then eat these crops and the toxins are then stored in your fatty tissue which then makes you sick.

Biosolids are a health hazard to all of America.

How did we find out about all of this?

Well Dr. L. Lewis is a PhD microbiologist who was fired from the EPA for blowing the whistle on the EPA. He eventually wrote a book after investigating how EVIL CORPS work together with the government to hide the truth from the public. Here’s the book.

EPA Looks the Other Way

The EPA has been allowing this sludge of biosolids to be used as fertilizer for many years now.

It’s also mixed in with potting soil that you buy in the store for your garden or plants you grow indoors.

If it was JUST human waste and it was mixed with the soil, that would be fine, as that helps the crops grow. But that’s not what they are doing, they are mixing toxic chemicals in with the human waste and we believe it’s because the EVIL CORPS that pollute our air, water, and earth have nowhere to put it. That’s why they have been dumping these toxins into the ground for decades, usually in poor towns and cities because they know that poor people are generally less educated and won’t put two and two together.

These EVIL CORPS then get their father (the corrupt government) to hide what they are doing so they can poison us.

This IS a health hazard

Dr. Lewis says that back in the 70’s when the EPA was created by the Clean Air and Water Act, scientists were given free reign to research and study. They stood up to Washington.

Then after a decade or so, they had to suddenly start submitting all of their findings to the EPA in Washington and many of their findings were probably swept under the rug.

There was a book written by Rachel Carson called, “Silent Spring”  in 1962. Even back then the pesticide poisoning was taking effect by killing off the birds.

Carson was instrumental in creating awareness for the environmental movement. In 1969 when the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught on fire AGAIN due to all the sludge from all the toxins poured into the river, Time magazine put the picture on the front cover which enraged the country. This pushed the government to create the EPA.

Amazingly the citizens really didn’t care all that much about the river being VERY polluted, they cared MORE about the jobs the toxic companies were providing them. On a more positive note, at the time this latest fire took place, they had been trying to clean the river up along with a newly elected mayor.

Back to Biosolids and How They Harm Us

What the scientists learned, is that even if these chemicals are low in concentration in water, once they hit the body of an animal or human, it stores these toxins in the fat, and then they magnify to higher levels that are dangerous.

This is why you will find these chemicals in birds and breast milk.

This biosolid sludge is what they are putting all over our crops, on golf courses, even on children’s playgrounds.

Dr. Lewis Published Papers and Then Was Fired

When Dr. Lewis published two scientific articles on the biosolid topic in 1996, that’s when they fired him. This was AFTER the EPA gave him an award for one of those papers he published.

This when Dr. Lewis decided to find out which people are in charge of the government and who is allowing biosolids to poison our farmland, golf courses and playgrounds.

Who’s in Bed With Whom?

It turns out, the EPA and the water environment federation (WEF) were working together. The government gave the WEF huge sums of money for agricultural colleges, and then these colleges created “studies” that came out with so-called “science” that said that biosolids are safe. They aren’t dangerous.

How They Covered it Up

In fact, they created so many articles over the next 10 years, that there would be no way for any ethical scientist like Dr. Lewis or even other ethical EPA scientists to keep up with them.

If you do a search for the water environment federation, you will SEE that they have full control over the first and second page of google.

Not only that, but this water environment federation sector created their “own” science organization and sent over low-level ignorant scientists to the EPA.

These are also the “scientists” who get promoted at the “office of water.”

They are also the ones who sign off that the biosolids are safe for humans and all living creatures.

Dr. Lewis and His Whistleblower Lawsuit

During one of the depositions in Dr. Lewis’ whistleblower case, it came out that these scientists HAVE to protect their reputation by supporting this 503 sludge regulation that is nothing more than a sham. You can read more about that in his book here

How the USDA Fits In

Now get a load of this…

The USDA, which is another corrupt entity of the US government, also allows the organic bag of soil or mulch you are buying for your garden to have lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. in it.

They are NOT required by law to label that it has biosolids in it, so you are buying and spending all this money on organic soil, ONLY to find out you are buying toxic soil.

What this means to us, is that we can not TRUST that USDA’s organic label on your soil. So ask yourself this… how can you trust their seal of approval on anything else you buy that’s organic?

The USDA actually oversees the science that oversees giving the green light to this biosolid sludge and they are the ones who fund the agricultural colleges.

They are ALL in bed with one another.

The Toxic Industries

The reason this is all so easy for these criminals to do, is because every single toxic industry doesn’t want to pay to remove their toxins. They want to pocket as much money as they can and if they had to actually pay to remove these toxins from their manufacturing plant, it would cost them millions or billions.

We have often questioned WHY they don’t just create a safe natural alternative, but of course they do NOT want to spend the money. Plus to us, it seems like they purposely want to go in the direction of toxic. Because logically if they are already spending millions lining government people’s pockets, WHY can’t they just create a safe non toxic alternative to whatever they are using?

The dumping of these toxins affects so many different industries such as the mainstream dental industry that STILL uses mercury and other toxic chemicals in their offices.

How to Protect Your Soil

Most potting soil won’t list the biosolids on the bag, but in some states they require it, so look for things like:

  • milorganite

One person said to find the label OMRI on the bag. They label non-food products such as cosmetics, pet food, and soil. You can read what they do here.

You are going to have to make your own mulch or find a nursery near you who guarantees you that they have NO biosolids in their soil.

Unfortunately, the problem is that even if you make your own, every food item you use has probably already been touched by biosolids.

The ONLY silver lining is that the USDA doesn’t allow organic farms to use biosolids, but since we don’t trust the USDA and there’s fake science happening across the country with bogus studies being done and published to prove that everything is fine and dandy, who knows if biosolids is being used on some organic farms.

Try and ask small or micro-farms.

What Diseases Stem from Biosolids?

Dr. Lewis says that you can see what these biosolids are doing by looking at the huge increase of neurological diseases like autism, ALS, Alzheimers, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, dementia, just to name a few.

He also says that the vaccine and GMO issues all have a crossover correlation to what is happening to people and making them sick.

You can watch the entire interview with Mercola here.

Other Interesting Comments Dr. Lewis Made

  • Because the EVIL CORPS have so much influence and money, they often get their own people placed in the key positions within the government. Or, they are promised lucrative jobs in HUGE corporations with a HUGE salary if they do the EVIL CORP’S dirty work for them. Most people know that already.
  • What you may not know is that these trolls cause so many problems within the government, that the ethical scientists can’t handle it and leave. That’s what happened with the EPA in 1993 and after, and in the CDC in 2006.
  • The other issue is that REAL scientists are afraid to speak up. On Dr. Lewis’ last day on the job, he went out with one of the head scientists for his goodbye lunch. He told the guy that he hopes he carries on the research in regards to biosolids and the guy’s response was, NO, not after what happened to you.
  • The Union of concerned scientists did a survey in the office of R&D where Dr. Lewish worked in the EPA. This was done around the time that Dr. Lewis published his articles on biosolids. Over 50% of the thousands of scientists SAID that in the previous 5 years they had been asked several times by the EPA to change their scientific findings and conclusions because it conflicted with the EPA’s policies.

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