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Lentils and Beans

So What’s Wrong with Eating Lentils and Beans?

Lentils and BeansOver the last 10+ years, a lot of people have switched from eating red meat, chicken and fish to eating lentils and beans.

We are all for people who want to clean up their diet, stop raising and killing animals in an inhumane way, but we were surprised to learn, that according to the Paleo diet, lentils and beans aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Even with soaking, they are hard on our digestive system.

So what about going the sprouting route? Well besides it taking a few days to prepare, you run the risk of contaminating your lentils and beans with mold. Mold that is VERY dangerous to most people, especially the 1% that have a GNOM marker for mold.

Overall meat has more nutrients than lentils and beans. No one is saying you should never have lentils and beans, we are just saying having them every day to replace the protein your body needs, probably isn’t a good idea.

And like always, it’s best to try and eat beef, chicken and eggs that are raised on a caring farm that knows how to feed the animals properly, doesn’t give them chemicals via their food OR water, and their animals are killed in a respectful non aggressive manner.

You can read more about the type of acid in lentils and beans here on this paleo page.


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