The Root Cause of Migraines

MigrainesSo someone on Quora mentioned she had migraines, and since I’ve had very bad headaches for years that may or may not be migraines, I decided to try and help her if I could.

Here is what  I wrote…

(I’ve omitted the other topic we were talking about and I also added in the section about stress as I forgot about that until I was editing this here)

On another note, I’d like to see you heal your migraines.

I’m dead set against anything allopathic, so I hope you aren’t taking toxic drugs for that or even Tylenol, which is very toxic to the body. I was a Tylenol popper for YEARS, and I know I did major damage to myself because of it.

Finding the root cause of your migraines is key to healing.

I’m not sure if you’ve already looked into these, but when I have a migraine it’s either because of:

  1. PMS (I’m done with that thank gawd)
  2. My digestive issues. Our digestive system is the key to a healthy body because our digestive tract is what runs our entire body. If that’s not working properly then nothing else will, and they call that our little brain.
  3. I ate something that was going bad which affects me more due to #2.
  4. I’m dehydrated.

    Most people do not drink enough water or even if they do, the water they are drinking is dead or toxic water. Most of the water in the US is full of toxic chemicals PLUS drugs like antibiotics and LSD.I’m only beginning to learn about LIVE water, and I’m currently checking into a new filtration device that will give me that.

    There’s a device that does live water, but I don’t think it filters. This one does both in one.

    Without water, our cells and body will become dehydrated, and we will get headaches, especially in the heat.

  5. Of course, if we are eating garbage food (fake food, GMO foods, chemicals, etc.) then we will get headaches. Drinking tons of alcohol, smoking toxic cigarettes, doing tons of drugs, etc.
  6. Too much EMF, RFs, and DE in your home or being near the toxic 5G weapon that will give us ALL debilitating pressure to our cranium. I’ve already experienced it once recently, and I could tell right away it was 5G because it was like no other type of headache I’ve ever had before.

    It squeezed my entire BRAIN, whereas my regular headaches are only on one side of the brain and usually around the eyes or side of my head.

    If you are using a cell phone all the time instead of a landline, and then putting it to your head, that’s radiation right on your head.

    If you work near radiation equipment (people who work near those scanning devices at the airport get cancer like mad, and many die.

    That’s 5G by the way.

    People who work as technicians in hospitals near radiation equipment. Even getting mammograms and ultrasounds are toxic to our bodies.

    Using wifi instead of wired devices like all things wifi, tablets, smart devices (they spy on you through that technology and can use it to control your home) laptops, keeping wifi on your cell, etc.

    The more 5G gets installed and turned on (they want to harm us with this), the more and more people are going to get sick and die.

    We’ve been fighting against 5G for around 3+ years now (worldwide), but the evils got their way for the most part, and that’s also what the scamdemic was for, so we would be locked in our houses while they install it in schools and other public places.

    What it’s going to do to the kids will be horrific.

  7. Mold poisoning which is unfortunately everywhere and getting worse.


    Because of all the herbicides, pesticides and then the GMOs they started in the late 1990’s.

    Nature is fighting back (mold is a living organism), and we as humans (even animals) are paying the price. Mold can kill us.

    I’m just finishing up my notes on the Percy vs Monsanto talk, and I didn’t realize it’s not just corn that has 85% mold, but also canola.

    Canola is a very toxic oil and almost everyone worldwide uses it to cook with (especially restaurants that don’t want to use healthy oils), so on top of corn being used in so many food products which has mold, now I’ve learned about canola.

    There has been a HUGE increase in mold worldwide that has affected so many people’s health (it’s an epidemic), so it’s no wonder more and more people have mold poisoning which has a whole host of health ramifications.

    You can see them here.

  8. Of course stress is a major reason for getting constant headaches and migraines and every other illness under the sun.

    Stress Kills

    In fact, I’m certain that people who think they have covid-19 have actually given themselves the symptoms due to them watching the fake news on the MSM and trusting their governments.

    Yes, you can give yourself an illness just by thinking about it 24/7 for months on end. This is also why people in the same household get sick around the same time when someone gets a flu or a cold.

    It’s also why women who live in the same household often have their menses at the same time.

    We are all connected as a human race.

    It’s even said we are connected to animals and insects and I can believe that, because we are all part of nature.

    Viruses don’t exist except inside our bodies because they are supposed to be there.

    Now saying that, I’m still researching whether someone can harm you by injecting a virus into you via a vaccine because the government has done that before. You can listen to this podcast here on that.

    And here are the two videos that prove (in my mind at least) that viruses never existed and it’s been a lie this entire time just to scare the population and also to give people a reason to inject the poisonous vaccines into their bodies.

    First video that is more like a podcast.
    that google took down from the site (more censorship), so you can watch it there.

    In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion the other day that they are trying to bring down the holistic industry/community.

    Not that they weren’t already trying to do that for years by trying to get rid of the homeopathy industry for decades. Or how they go after anyone who makes “claims” that their product cures people or mentions what ailments it can help with, while they have no problem letting the pharma mafia advertise their toxic drugs night and day on the brainwashing TV. And none of their toxic drugs help with ANYTHING. All they do is mask the problem and cause more problems within the body.

    It’s just now it looks like they are really going after a lot of people, trying to block people from getting access to holistic information, etc.

    This is why you can NEVER EVER get anything holistic covered by the government.

    They will lie and say you can’t test supplements because they are food, but that’s bullshit.

    There are tons of supplement companies out there that sell crap. It’s not hard to test them to make sure the herbs are of quality, and the combination actually helps people in some way. And that also doesn’t explain why they won’t take ANY holistic practitioner’s word for anything if you are sick and need letters for disability. Or why they won’t cover the very expensive costs from those types of practitioners or even NDs.


  1. I also diffuse high-quality essential oils (the drug store brand is low quality and will do more harm) when I’ve got a headache (lavender).
  2. Sometimes the only thing that helps is a very high quality 70–80% dark chocolate from Peru.
  3. Taking an epsom salt bath (good quality of course) is helpful.
  4. Sometimes I force myself to throw up which makes me feel better.
  5. I also have an herbal tea I make when I’m feeling nauseous. It’s all loose, and I only use 1/4 tsp for the first two because they are on the bitter side, 1/2 tsp for the last two.

    Burdock root, Valerian, Chamomile, and Lavender.

  6. I almost forgot…I just finished watching this and uploading it.

    Of course google censored it from YouTube since they have to censor the truth from the public.

    You can still watch it on BitChute.

I hope some of this helped you in some way.

Feel better.

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