5G Protest Day

The notification for 5G Protest Day

Global 5G Protest DayHi everyone,

So I have been meaning to write to everyone on my list because I got 2 new subscribers recently and I don’t want people to join and not get any e-mails.

While I may write the odd article on this site, all of my energy and time has been focused on Our Free Society since the scamdemic started because of the war we are in.

My main focus is to wake people up to the TRUTH.

I had been studying the truth starting 5 years ago, but was only studying it part time.

Once this started and I knew it was done intentionally, I had no choice but to invest full time because it’s my duty to help try and save humanity.

So I will write most of my health articles over there since this is a war against our minds, spirit, and of course our bodies, and I educate people on how the allopathic medical industrial complex is what is driving this scam and the takedown of humanity.

I’ve had to learn a ton more about the body and viruses in a short period of time and in a way I’m glad I was forced to because now I know that viruses are NOT real. They have never been real. They just lied to us like they always do. You can learn more about that here if you want.

While you may not know what I’m talking about, I hope you will subscribe over there so you start to learn.

Our HUMANITY and Mother Earth literally depends on it.

Here is the site.

And I also wanted to notify everyone that tomorrow is the WORLDWIDE 5G protest day!!! Please spread this and see if you can join.

Thank you, and I hope you are hanging in there.

We Deserve Health

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