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Covid 19Here are some Coronavirus Remedies (covid 19) that can help you. And here’s my longer list of flu and cold remedies. That’s what you should really be concentrating on, not living in a state of fear because the government wants you to be afraid.

Note: I no longer add to this page, but I’m going to link this page to my other site’s remedy page and vice versa. I recommend you read both because they are all different remedies.

If you know my other work on my Our Free Society site, you can see that when I wrote this article up which was at the end of March 2020, I still thought there was a virus and I too believed in the evils’ lies. Now I know 100% that there’s NO deadly virus.

I wrote that first paragraph right at the beginning of when this scamdemic all started 4 weeks ago.

I edit this page every time I come across new remedies because this war is constantly evolving as the evils poison us more and more.

Most of the people they say died from the coronavirus did NOT die from it.

The governments are trying to scare you and they are making the doctors lie on the death certificates. That’s what’s come out now this week.

I won’t go into all the reasons why, but you can always contact me if you want or watch my channel here.

The coronavirus or covid19 is your body’s way of detoxing because you started wearing toxic masks and took the PCR test over and over again.

And if you were already sick or you eat unhealthy fake food, you will get sick versus someone who keeps their body healthy.

The only people who are dying are people who already had huge health issues, got the flu vaccine at some point in the last 3 years, or were taking the toxic drugs that the pharma mafia and allopathic doctors convince people to take.

Or the person was somewhat fine, went to the doctor, got toxic drugs from the doctor, and then died due to the drugs.

I also learned recently, that almost every person who went into the hospital and was put on a ventilator died. They were NOT supposed to be on those, but the higher-ups in the hospitals that were getting huge sums of money were putting patients on there so they could kill them. They were literally being paid for every death they produced.

A few nurses willing to tell us the truth were admitting that, and this doctor told us this back in June 2020.

The average age of people who are dying is 74.5 years old.

There’s also evidence that more people die of TB than covid-19.

Also, kids who do this vaping thing are at risk and I assume anyone else who smokes cancer sticks.

  1. China is saying that Vitamin C is helping people get over it within a few days and that’s both drops and Intravenous Vitamin C. The government is trying to hide this information from the public. You can watch this video on high dose vitamin C.
  2. For your chest, sit in a salt cave or salt room. Depending on which company offers this service, this has even been known to cure snoring.
  3. Diffuse essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, etc.
  4. At 30:27 in this video he explains how to make a cranberry poultice to loosen congestion in the lungs and chest if you get to the point of having pneumonia.
  5. This wonderful doctor here says that doctors now realize that Quinine and Zinc 50-100 mg works and anyone with covid 19 should be fine to walk out within 12 or so hours. Now I don’t know if it’s per hour or per day, so make sure you speak to a naturopath doctor or call his clinic. And you can also take it for prevention.
  6. 05-08-20 – just heard about artemisia annua tea which helps treat inflammation, but more importantly malaria. The evils are hiding that a mainstream malaria drug helps with coronavirus (covid-19), so this tea should help. There was even a study done on this tea/herb. Here’s some info from an allopathic hospital if you can believe that.
  7. 05-08-20 – Cinchona tree bark, from which quinine was isolated, has been used to treat malaria since 1632  There isn’t enough quinine in tonic water so drinking that nonostop won’t help.
  8. 05-08-20 – About 182 plant species from about 63 different plant families are used to treat malaria across several communities in Uganda (Table 1). Of the 63 plant families, species within the family Asteraceae are most widely used in the country to treat malaria, constituting up to 15% of all plant species used (Figure 3(a)). This is followed by species from Fabaceae (9%), Lamiaceae (8%), Euphorbiaceae (6%), and Mimosaceae (4%) families, with Myrtaceae, Aloeaceae, and Rutaceae families each contributing approximately 3% to the total number of species used for malaria treatment in Uganda (Figure 3(a)). The remaining families contribute only 49% of the total plant species used for malaria treatment (Figure 3(a)).no tree species in the forests of southern Uganda were more useful than Hallea rubrostipulata and Warburgia ugandensis in the treatment of malaria. These medicinal plants are known by different local names in different parts of the country as Uganda has diverse ethnic groups, including the Luo, Baganda, Itesots, and Banyankole/Bakiga.

    Here is something you can read.

  9. 07-08-20 – a woman who had covid-19 said this was the only cough drop that helped her and it makes sense why, because it’s got Manuka honey in it. It’s called Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Drops, Lemon + Bee Propolis, Unpasteurized, Genuine New Zealand Honey, Perfect Remedy For Dry Throats. Here, you can get it here. And here’s a site with authentic New Zealand honey. They ship worldwide. It’s the only place where the manuka honey is authentic.
  10. 01-17-21 – so I’ll be uploading an interview to my YouTube channel soon from a doctor who recommends glutathione, and NAC n-acetylcysteine. He also talks about HCQ, but of course that’s not all natural. He will discuss how this is a blood coagulation problem, NOT a virus which of course we knew all along.

A lot of the evidence is coming in now that the tests to see if you have the coronavirus is garbage (no kidding) and has an 80% false-positive rate. Some of the tests that arrived in the UK were tainted and the PCR test is NOT supposed to be used to test for viruses. The inventor stated this.

That means that 80% of the time it can tell you that you have it when you don’t, or you don’t have it when you do. You can read that here.

The UK has already stated they don’t consider the coronavirus to be high risk (watch here – video book burned by the evils at goolag), and China already said they were in the decline mode minimum a couple of weeks ago.

And some truthers are right, the Chinese have HUGE pollution problems, so they could have been seeing the results of that where this covid 19 made their respiratory issues worse.

We won’t know the truth for a while since so many lies have been spread about the coronavirus. Every government worldwide and their mainstream media is in on this and if you think that’s far fetched, just go listen to how they talk in other countries and how almost every word is scripted just like what you are hearing in your country.

The government is even telling doctors it’s okay to put down on the death certificate that they died of covid 19 even if they didn’t.

Even some parents are coming out in public to say their child didn’t die of covid 19 AFTER the governor lied and said they did.

Us truthers knew 100% from the beginning that this was a plandemic. It was a false flag.

A false flag is when the evils who control the world create a major traumatic event that includes real people, but also actors. They literally stage the entire thing all to instill fear in the population. Then they cover it up and go after ANYONE who tells the truth or finds the little lies and pieces the puzzle together.

You can read more about the coronavirus here and read all about how Bill Gates is involved.

Here is Dr. Eric Nepute. Love this video…




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  1. Now that we know the graphene oxide is also what is making us sick, here’s a video that explains what to take.

    I’ll list them here as well.

    NAC – N-acetylcysteine
    Milk Thistle

  2. More and more holistic people are getting sick which speaks VOLUMES since no terrain theory fanatics can say it’s because they aren’t healthy, although our emotions play a huge role and a lot of holistic people (not all of course) are mean spirited towards me.

    This sounded interesting because she mentions radiation as being the cause.

    -Load up on minerals and water.
    -Zinc and copper, start with a 15mg zinc to 1-2 mg copper ratio, increase to 30mg to 4mg if needed. Zinc and copper deficiency is directly link to lack of smell and taste.
    -high dose vitamin C (sodium ascorbate), up to 10 grams per day.
    -sauna if available.
    -detox bath: Epsom salts, baking soda, sea salt, borax
    -ground as much as you can, bare feet on dirt. Get some sun.

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