Coronavirus Remedies

Coronavirus Remedies

Covid 19Here are some Coronavirus Remedies (covid 19) that can help you. And here’s my longer list of flu and cold remedies. That’s what you should really be concentrating on, not living in a state of fear because the government wants you to be afraid.

The coronavirus is just the FLU people.

The only people who are dying are people who already had huge health issues, got the flu vaccine at some point in the last 3 years, or were taking the toxic drugs that the pharma mafia and allopathic doctors convince people to take.

Or the person was somewhat fine, went to the doctor, got toxic drugs from the doctor and then died due to the drugs.

The average age people are dying is 74.5 years old.

Also, kids who do this vaping thing are at risk and I assume anyone else who smokes cancer sticks.

  1. China is saying that Vitamin C is helping people get over it within a few days and that’s both drops and Intravenous Vitamin C
  2. For your chest, sit in a salt cave or salt room. Depending on which company offers this service, this has even been known to cure snoring.
  3. Diffuse essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, etc.
  4. At 30:27 in this video he explains how to make a cranberry poultice to loosen congestion in the lungs and chest if you get to the point of having pneumonia.

A lot of the evidence is coming in now that the test to see if you have the coronavirus is garbage (no kidding) and has an 80% false-positive rate.

That means that 80% of the time it can tell you that you have it when you don’t, or you don’t have it when you do. You can read that here.

The UK has already stated they don’t consider the coronavirus to be high risk (watch here), and China already said they were in the decline mode minimum a couple of weeks ago.

And some truthers are right, the Chinese have HUGE pollution problems, so they could have been seeing the results of that where the virus made their respiratory issues worse.

We won’t know the truth for a while since so many lies have been spread about the coronavirus. They want the entire world to go into a meltdown so they can move us forward to their one-world government as well as kill off as many people as possible. Their plan didn’t go off as planned which is why almost no one is dying.

You can read more about the coronavirus here and read all about how Bill Gates is involved.



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