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Healing When You Are SickHere are the Health Remedies I Recommend if you have a cold or the flu.

Note: some of the links below are my affiliate links, others are just plain links. Almost everything I always recommend I’ve used before and that’s why I recommend it.

Using affiliate links doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, I even have some coupon codes for you. It helps me make some commission off of any purchase you may make. All help is greatly appreciated.

My List of Remedies I Recommend


  1. Sunshine and Fresh Air

    They won’t tell you that one of the best remedies for a cold or flu is fresh air and lots of sun.

    I know it’s hard because most people feel sick and don’t want to go outside, but it really does help.

  2. Oscillococcinum

    This is homeopathy – You can get it here which is where I bought it.

    This only works at the start of your illness which is why it’s a must-have in the house. I’ve used it for colds too & I’m amazed at how it works.

    You only need a few pills (in homeopathy more isn’t better) under your tongue until it dissolves on its own.

  3. Thyme

    Fresh organic Thyme in hot water – make it into a tea. Drink every hour.

  4. Vitamin C

    1,000 mg every hour.

    I take 2,000 every day even when not sick.

    I switched to a liquid as it’s easier to digest. Before I was taking the gelatin capsules 300 ct located here. You have to click on the buttons to tell the shopping cart which one you want.

    I now use this liquid Vitamin C.

    If you are really sick, I recommend going for intravenous (IV) Vitamin C.

    Just make sure the place you are going to is clean and knows what they are doing.

    Vitamin C has cured even some of the most deadly illnesses. You can watch this video.

  5. Lemon

    In a mug squeeze some organic lemon and add hot (not boiling) water and drink every 1-2 hours.

  6. Oil of oregano

    This is the brand I’ve been buying for a few years now.

    Put 2 drops in a gelatin cap (you can get them on Vitacost too) and drink lots of water. Don’t use for more than 2-3 weeks as it will harm your gut flora long term. Gelatin capsules dissolve better than vegetarian ones, but you can use vegetarian if you want.

  7. Ginger

    Make ginger into a tea. Put small slices or chunks of fresh organic ginger in water. Steep for long periods of time. Drink every hour.

  8. Garlic

    Cut fresh organic garlic into tiny bits. Eat raw every hour.

  9. Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care

    Here’s this product.

    I personally don’t like this tea. It’s way too weak for me as an herbal tea, but others like it, so I’m including it in this remedies I recommend list.

  10. Elderberry Syrup

    Elderberry syrup is best to get it from someone who makes it organic, not from a store. Someone who takes great care in making it and without any other ingredients.

  11. Epsom salts

    Take very hot Epsom salt baths every hour. Get high quality epsom salts.

  12. Colloidal Silver

    This is the brand I take.

    Usually, people take colloidal silver one tablespoon every hour or so. The last time I had strep it didn’t help me, but it’s always helped me with many other health issues, and people swear by it.

    Like the oil of oregano, you shouldn’t take it long term as it will get rid of the good flora in your gut.

  13. Probiotics and Prebiotics

    I’ve been taking this pre/probiotic set for a month now and it really works in healing my digestion. If your digestion is no good and most people’s aren’t, the rest of the body won’t function properly.

    It’s the first probiotic I’ve ever taken with a prebiotic (it’s a set) where I feel it working, and I’ve taken tons of different probiotics over the years. It works on fungi in your microbiome.

    Here’s a code to get 10% off – WEDESERVEHEALTH

  14. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    For chest congestion, get a high quality eucalyptus essential oil and diffuse it in a diffuser where there’s no water involved. Ultrasonic is for the water diffusers and the Atomizer is just for the oil.

    Or you can mix the eucalyptus essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut, almond, or grapeseed oil. Don’t use any of the toxic vegetable oils.

    Rub it on your chest and under your nose, although it’s best to breathe it in, and diffusing is the best option.

    I recommend Young Living’s essential oil line only because I’ve tried many other essential oil companies and I always come back to theirs since it’s high quality and my nose can tell the difference.

    If you need help ordering just let me know.

  15. Sea salt

    For a sore throat, dissolve quality sea salt (NOT toxic table salt) in hot water, then gargle every hour.

  16. Borax

    Boron is an element, borax is a mineral containing boron.

    Many people have healed their mold poisoning and other health issues using borax. I will be starting it soon, I’m just waiting to get baking soda as well.

    The borax works on mold poisoning and the baking soda works on digestive issues, but borax works on a myriad of issues, not just mold poisoning. Here’s a playlist if you wish to watch some videos.

    People take baths with it, brush their teeth with it, and people have healed eye issues (water and borax on a cotton pad).

    If you are in the US, you can buy the 20 Mule Team brand from your grocery store which is in the laundry aisle. Or this one from here on Amazon.

    For drinking it’s recommended you start off slow. Some people put it in hot water, hot lemon water, hot tea, or this person started out with 1/16 teaspoon Borax and 1/16 teaspoon Baking Soda split between two cups of mate’ green tea with half and half (or whatever fatty creamer you prefer). Then added honey on empty stomach and she said don’t eat for an hour.

    Then work up to 1/8 teaspoon of each for deep cleansing, but she split it between two cups of tea.

    She drank it at least 5 days a week for 3.5 months till her stools didn’t have Candida in them anymore.

  17. Charcoal

    For upset stomach issues or the stomach flu, I highly recommend activated charcoal.

    It is also used for detoxing mold, but it shouldn’t be used for more than a month. This is the charcoal that I used to use. Then I switched to this charcoal.

    You only need a small amount (1/4 tsp) in a tall glass of clean, not toxic tap water.

    The oil of oregano I mentioned above is also great for stomachs.

    I also use the following to make a tea. Because you are making your own, it will need to be all loose tea.

    When buying tea, make sure it’s from a company that knows what they are doing.

    Tea should NEVER be stored out in the sunlight as that degrades the tea. If they aren’t selling it stored in the dark bins or selling tea bags sealed away from sunlight, you know they don’t know what they are doing.

    The types of tea… Burdock root, Valerian, Chamomile and Lavender.

    With the last two, I use 1/2 a tsp. With the first two, I use just a pinch as they are very bitter.

    I put the loose tea in a tea steeper and pour very very hot water and let it steep for about 5-10 minutes before trying to drink it.

    It helps calm the stomach. I’ve been using it for years.

  18. Somavedic Device

    While I haven’t purchased this device yet, the testimonials are amazing and I will eventually be buying it. I’ve already asked the company several questions.

    The device works with crystals and energy in such a way that it heals you. You can watch an interview with the inventer here. It is an older video, so understand that the devices do change over the years as he makes them better.

    They have several devices, and each device is stronger than the other. They do things like heal mold poisoning from your home and you, it even charges your water so you are drinking healthy alive water. Note: it doesn’t filter out the chemicals from the water.

    It helps with your health and your connection to spirituality so it’s helped many people with their relationships.

    It also helps with EMF toxicity AND they even have one for protection of the weapon 5G.

    If you ever want a coupon code, just reach out to me.

  19. Earthing Mats

    Earthing replaces the act of grounding which is done by going outside barefoot and walking around in good dirt.

    Our earth can help heal us if you do this every day or even sleep on the ground.

    Unfortunately, most of us don’t go outside into nature every day anymore, they don’t live around nature which isn’t healthy at all, or it’s too cold to do this.

    To get the same healing benefits many people do earthing with an earthing mat. I bought one for my feet and one for my chair or bed.

    I like the one for my feet better, but the chair mat actually healed the hip pain I’d been having for days literally within a few hours.

    Many people have found pain relief over time, or the decrease of swelling (inflammation) in their body.

    Here is the link to the site I buy from, and here is a coupon code I got for you. CYBER30

    I did research this topic quite a bit, so if you have any questions, just ask me. Don’t be fooled by Chinese knock-offs.

    This can be used worldwide because it doesn’t work on electricity, only the grounding plug, so you will need to test your grounding plug to make sure it’s working properly. The kits come with a tester, but it only works in the US and Canada.

    They don’t ship to countries overseas, but you can use this package forwarding company if you need that service. That link will give you $10 off. It’s a company I’ve used several times.

  20. Sound Therapy

    Also known as bioacoustic biology.

    Can help on an emotional level which will help you physically.

    Very interesting concept that I’m excited to take one day.

  21. TV Shows

    Watch TV shows that are about love, happiness or comedy.

    The main reason we get sick is due to stress and unresolved trauma from our childhood.

    I have a list of alternative therapy courses if you are ever interested in healing yourself emotionally which is key to building our immune system and helping us overall with relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

So I hope this comprehensive list helps you feel better both emotionally and physically.

We all Deserve Health


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