Here are Several Healthy Snacks for Children

10 Foods That Appear Healthy But Are Really Toxic

Snacks for ChildrenBesides the “so called” healthy snacks for children that aren’t healthy at all, there are many foods and drinks kids gravitate to that are also toxic for them and of course even for adults. 

We will provide alternatives so you can start teaching your children how to eat healthy and not be swayed by conventional marketing and the conventional toxic food industry.

Healthy natural food should be Medicine, NOT Fake Food which is what 90% of the food in the grocery store is. Even the food grown in the ground and on trees isn’t healthy because of the chemicals sprayed on it.

Does your child have ADHD, Diabetes, Obesity, Liver failure, or Autism?

Want to know what not to give your children?

Here’s a great educational seminar with Dr. Axe and this wonderfully educated pediatrician Dr. Michelle Levitt from Akron, OH.

She REALLY knows her stuff and specializes in childhood obesity.


  1. Juices – all of the juices sold in the grocery stores are just water and sugar. Most are just as bad as pops/sodas. They remove all the nutritious parts of the fruit.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    Water is THE best drink to consume as our bodies are made up of at least 75% water and our cells need it. Dehydration leads to headaches, dry skin, unhealthy teeth, and other health symptoms.

    If you need to add flavor to purified water (never drink tap water which is full of chemicals and toxic fluoride), you can infuse water with real fruit. You can throw in pieces of fruit to the water and let it take on the flavor, or blend it with your Vitamix. Vitamix is hands down the most talked about blender that anyone who has it in their kitchen, loves.

    Or, you can soak a whole pineapple (take the skin off of course) in water.

    Or drink  coconut water that provides you with electrolytes. Electrolytes are certain nutrients (or chemicals) in your body that server very important functions.If you lose those electrolytes and don’t replenish them, they could cause negative symptoms. They provide things like, regulating your heartbeat, stimulate your nerves, balance your fluid levels, and allow your muscles to contract so you can move.

    Nirvana is a good brand which we always get from here and only in the glass. We know it’s not organic, but it comes straight from Thailand, so we hope it’s naturally organic.

    Lastly, they can drink coconut milk.

  2. Cereals – cereals are laden with sugars, and even though they state they have whole grains, it’s never REALLY 100% whole grain like they say. It only has to have 50% whole grain in their products to use that fake label, because the government allows these EVIL CORPS to get away with lying.

    And we highly doubt anyone even checks to make sure there’s 50% whole grains in the product. They could probably get away with 20% and no one would care.

    Plus the grains are going to be GMO. GMO seeds are bad for you first of all because they were made in a lab, NOT by nature. Second, these GMO seeds have been developed to be able to grow despite the glyphosate toxic spray. This spray kills weeds and insects on ANYTHING that isn’t GMO.

    Glyphosate is very harmful to us, the earth and animals. The science has been suppressed for years by the developer of these GMO seeds and now in 2016/2017 we are FINALLY starting to see proof that it is very harmful.

    The government also protects this company called Monsanto. The reason we know this is because every time the people go to court asking these EVIL CORPS to label their fake food with the words “GMO,” the EVIL CORPS win in court. This has been going on for years.

    If GMOs are so healthy, why would they stop people from wanting clear labels?

    Why would the government side with the EVIL CORPS instead of the people?

    GMO crops are also banned in Europe.

  3. Yogurt may sound like a healthy snack, but it’s not. Conventional yogurt is full of sugar and the fake fruit mentioned above. Plus, the dairy is pasteurized and produced on the unhealthy toxic factory farms where the animals are ALL fed the bad grains and GMO corn.

    The low fat yogurts are loaded with fake sugars, and of course even the bad real sugar in order to make them taste good since they are so low in fat and otherwise tasteless. This is the case even if it says it’s organic.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children 

    Whole fat grass fed organic yogurt, goat yogurt, kefir or coconut kefir yogurt.

  4. Margarine and vegetable oils are all toxic for you. They are processed using high heat. And because the Omega 6’s break down, they cause inflammation in the body which is one of the leading cause for health issues today.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    Grass fed REAL butter (the more yellow it is, the better), ghee, and coconut oil.

  5. Granola bars are almost always laden with bad sugar, corn syrup, and of course those toxic vegetable oils. They also add in GMO soy so they can call it a protein bar.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    You can find good quality granola or protein bars, but you have to read the label. Even if it says honey, it’s probably processed honey. The only honey that is good for you is raw honey, meaning it hasn’t been pasteurized. Almost all pasteurized honey has the same affect on your body as regular toxic sugar.

    You can create your own trail mix with raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and organic dried fruit such as raison, dates, goji berries, etc.

    Organic almond butter on gluten free crackers or celery sticks are also good alternative snacks for children.

  6. Fruit snacks are also toxic. They contain tons of sugar so not only does it cause problems with the body, but of course it rots their teeth.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    Instead you can give them plain fruit, although some fruits are very high in fructose which also isn’t healthy. Berries and grapes are a great fruit, but if they aren’t organic, they are even more toxic than other non organic fruit because they are so small, that the spray really seeps into the fruit.

    Even organic fruit snacks or gummy bears have sugar in them, but hope is not lost, as you can make your own. You just use gelatin, real fruit, and these fruit mold trays . You can either use your Vitamix to crush up the juice, or buy real organic fruit juice (no sugar) from online or the health food store.

    Agar-agar powder replaces gelatin for all vegans and Kosher families. Gelatin is made of proteins and peptides, and agar is a polysaccharide vegetable ‘gelatine’ derived from a number of seaweeds (Gelidium amansii) which is processed by boiling and drying. Carrageenan panna cottas was also mentioned as an alternative.

    Tapioca flour is also good for smoothness, and while it’s very low in all types of essential vitamins or minerals, it does make it possible to recreate recipes like mouses, puddings, and jellos.

    If you have an allergy to nuts, and other gluten-free grains, you will find that it’s a necessity in the kitchen. It comes from the cassava root aka yuca root which is mainly grown in parts of Africa, Asia and South America.

    You will need to experiment with these alternatives to gelatin, since you can’t just substitute the same amount of agar agar to gelain.

    Here’s some articles discussing that

    Substituting agar for gelatin – 1

    Substituting agar for gelatin – 2

    And here’s a video to teach you how to make all natural gummies

  7. Veggie chips – most of them are fried in vegetable oil, sunflower or safflower. Remember that Omega 6 fats create inflammation in the body which isn’t healthy.

    These veggie chips almost all contain much more potato starch in relation to actual vegetables, and when broken down, potato starch just turns into sugar. Even at Wholefoods they sell these toxic veggie chips.

    If you really want to go that route, look for vegetable chips that are fried in avocado or coconut oil, or baked.

  8. Whole Wheat Bread is NEVER 100% whole wheat. The second ingredient is always sugar. In the 70’s and 80’s we were taught that whole wheat bread is good for you, but it isn’t.

    It’s also created from GMO seeds and sprayed with glyphosate.

    Based on the way that it’s made, it breaks down into a peptide that then shoots to the morphine center of the brain and then becomes just as addictive as cocaine.

    The gluten in bread and MANY other products causes all of the health issues like digestive issues, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and autism.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    Sprouted grain bread, romaine lettuce, or just avoid bread altogether.

  9. Sports Drinks are almost all sugar or artificial sugars if says diet, and even some of those diet ones still have sugar. They also contain chemical dyes and coloring.

    Healthy Alternatives Snacks for Children

    The only reason your kid would need to replenish their potassium, would be if they work out really heavily. They can do this by eating bananas, pomegranates, and drink dairy free smoothies, and coconut water.

    They can drink watermelon water, or eat real fruit to quench their thirst.

Other things you need to know

  1. Low Fat and Fat Free Foods – use sugars and the bad vegetable oils.
  2. Gluten Free Packaged Foods have become a marketing term to hook people in, so even though they aren’t produced with wheat, barely or rye, they are still using other unhealthy ingredients like tapioca and rice starches which then turn into sugar. They also add additives and fillers, the bad vegetable oils, and maybe even white flour.

We hope you learned something from this article to help you and your children and their snacks. We know it can be hard with all the marketing directed towards children.

You can watch the entire video below.

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