When You Purchase From Companies, Do You Ask Them Questions?

Ask Them QuestionsWhen you are about to buy something from a company that “claims” to be holistic, all natural, etc., you should ask them questions.


Because most of these companies either don’t know what they are doing or are JUST pretending to care about you, the earth, and the products that they are selling, you need to constantly ask them questions.

You will see why as we list the types of questions you need to ask before spending your hard earned money

  1. Q. How is your organic chicken chilled?

    A. The answer should be air chilled.


    Because if it’s water chilled, it’s usually done in chlorinated water.For companies that care and use air-chilled, they save as much as 30,000 gallons of water each day.

  2. Q. How is your organic coffee grown?

    Do you ensure that it is mold free?

    A. Most coffee is grown in moldy soil or has some sort of mycotoxins on it. If they care about this HUGE issue, they will make sure the beans are sourced from an area that doesn’t have mold, AND they will tell you it’s third party tested which confirms there is no mold in it.

  3. Q. Organic Hair Dye – what ingredients are in your hair color?

    A. They should give you a complete list of all the ingredients in their hair dye.Even if it’s organic, that doesn’t mean they have omitted all chemicals.

    One hair color company had been a favorite with women for years, until one day women started complaining that their scalp was burning after they used the hair color.

    Turns out the company took the greedy way out and started putting chemicals back into the product.

  4. Q. Henna hair dye – how can we ensure your henna is mold free?

    A. It’s now come to light that henna hair dye products can have mold in them. They should tell you that they get their henna third party tested, and you should even ask for a copy of the test results just to be sure.

  5. Q. Multi Vitamins

    We have learned that buying a multi vitamin is usually a waste since the amounts of what you need are so small, most people do buy multi vitamins, so here’s what you need to ask:Does your multi vitamin contain any of the following?magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate, soy, dairy and wheat, cyanide, Mag stearate (Magnesium stearate), hydrogenated oils, FD&C Red #40, Blue #2, Yellow #6, and titanium dioxide?A. The answer should be NO on all accounts. You can read why in this other article.

As we come across more questions you should ask, we will add to this article.

Keep in mind that the organic, natural industry has group leaps and bounds in the last 10-20 years, and because of that, you will get unethical people creating companies to take your money and lie to you.

Also, even if the company starts off on the right foot, somewhere along the line, they either get greedy and want more money so they cut corners, OR they sell their small company to a large EVIL CORP, who then degrades the products by adding chemicals into it.

Be well and stay smart and don’t be afraid to ask them questions with regards to all of the food and products you buy!

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