How To Keep Deer Away From Your Garden

DeerThe last thing you want is to have your brand new garden produce flowers and vegetables only to have a cute little hungry deer come tear it all down. They will even eat trees.

Here are just a few of the tips to help you keep the deer away from your garden

  1. Build a fence. Out of sight, out of mind.You have several choices such as electrical, wired or solar, but if you have children, this is not a good idea.Then you have cross pieced wood, Stockade, wired, outward slants, a double fence, a stone or rock fence, or you can fence each plant individually.You will have to check with your municipality first to make sure it’s okay to put up an electrical fence.
  2. All natural repellents that repel both rabbits and deer. There is spray for the plants, or even ones you can even hang from a tree and works even in the cold. They don’t like bad smells.Some of these repellents smell worse than others depending on whether they have animal feces, urine, fermented blood (YUCK!) dried eggs, human hair or soap.
  3. Then there’s the taste based repellants that taste like rotten eggs, garlic or sauce.You can also make your own homemade repellents.
  4. Scare tactics which scare deer very easily, such as motion activated sprinklers, automatic flood lights, different types of noises, or again, your homemade scarecrow version that we all know and love from “The Wizard of Oz.” They think it’s an actual human working in the yard.One thing you will have to do though is change up the prevention tactics every so often.Deer aren’t stupid, and once they get used to one prevention tactic, it no longer has the affect you want and you will be right back to square one.
  5. Plants – choose plants that deer don’t like such as plants with spines, hairy foliage, fibrous leaves, ornamental grass, plants with a lot of smell, or poisonous plants.

Other tips to consider

  1. Always keep your garden clean of fruit so they have no reason to come in.
  2. Wrap your new plants with nets, plastic or wire.
  3. Never use poisons on the which will harm other animals or children.
  4. Getting a dog is one sure fire way to keep them away.
  5. Wind chimes.
  6. Tin pieces that make noise.
  7. Even firecrackers.

You can read these tips and more in greater detail with this article below on how to keep deer away from your garden.

Happy growing!

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How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden : Deer Proof Gardens

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