Here just some of the Toxic Foods Not Banned in the US

Toxic Foods Not Banned in the USWe will provide a list of 8 toxic foods NOT banned in the US, but are banned in Europe and other countries. There’s even some chemicals in the list.

In addition, we will also even discuss some of the diseases linked to these toxins aka poisons.

Don’t even bother asking yourself why these aren’t banned. We can tell you why…

Because the government is corrupt and works to hide all the terrible things the EVIL CORPS do to Americans, while continuously selling Americans the most TOXIC forms of food, skin care, kitchen items such as plastic containers, utensils, even furniture, carpets, what they spray in brand new cars, and the list goes on.

You name it, if an EVIL CORP can find a way to pay LESS for developing their products so THEY can make more money, they don’t care if they poison you.

So here we go with the list of toxic foods not banned in the US

  1. Farmed Fish

    Beside the other ecological issues that farmed fishing does to us and the ENTIRE ecosystem, eating farmed fish is dangerous to your health.

    The most common farmed fishes are tilapia and salmon.These fish are given feed that is NOT what they normally eat in the wild. It’s toxic and that means WE eat the toxins.

    You are what you eat and what they eat.”

    They are given:

    GMO corn
    GMO soy
    Hydrogenated Oils
    Food Colorings

    If it says Atlantic salmon, it’s farmed and is full of dioxins and PCBs. This affects our liver, kidney and promotes cancer.

    Instead buy Pacific or Alaskan Sockeye or King Salmon.

  2. The Dairy industry

    The chemicals used in the dairy industry are RBST and RBGH which are steroids and growth hormones. You know the ones that are banned in professional sports?

    There are even other chemicals in the milk or cheese you ingest.

    These chemicals are banned in the European Union (EU), Israel, Australia, New Zealand and even in Canada.

    There was a study done that found 21 chemicals and medications in your average glass of milk bought at your local American convenient store.

    Drink organic raw milk, or coconut or almond milk.

  3. Olestra

    Olestra is found in fat free chips.

    Anytime something says “fat free, low fat, or no fat” do not even consider picking it up, this is a warning that it has TONS of chemicals in it.Olestra is banned in the UK and Canada.

    Olestra causes diarrhea which then develops into leaky gut by destroying the small intestine.

    Buy chips that are NON GMO and cooked with coconut or avocado oil.

  4. GMO Papaya

    Who even KNEW that papaya was NOW GMO. Geeze

    It’s banned throughout the ENTIRE European Union (EU).We need to ALL stay away from GMO produce and if you can’t afford organic, start growing your own organic, it’s not as hard as you think and every day more and more people are moving in this direction or partnering with others to create a mini garden or micro farm.

  5. BVO (brominated vegetable oil)

    This is a flame retardant often found in sports drinks and that bright yellow greenish soda pop sold in America.It affects the thyroid and produces inflammation all through your body.

    If your child has ADHD, ask yourself if he/she has inflammation in the gut which then affects the brain.

    The gut is linked to the brain.

    It’s banned throughout the ENTIRE European Union and Japan.

  6. Second Hand Smoke

    Most people don’t understand that even if they do NOT smoke cigarettes, if you are around others who smoke, you are breathing in their cigarette smoke and it’s even WORSE than smoking cigarettes because almost all cigarettes have a filter, but with second hand smoke you aren’t using a filter.

  7. Dye Yellow #5 & 6

    Found is sooo much fake food, the list of where this is found would take up pages and pages.

    Side affects include:

    Headaches or migraines
    Thyroid cancer
    Skin ailments over time.

    Bottom line, STOP eating fake food.

    Anything in a box, can and even most frozen foods are FAKE.

    Read the ingredients. If you don’t understand what it says, it’s a chemical. There’s a few exceptions where healthy companies are producing vegetables in a can that have no toxic metal or chemicals, or the frozen food has no additives, but you still need to read the ingredients.

    There are some preservatives that are all natural and sound like they are chemicals, so all you need to do is look them up online to check.

    If the ingredient list shows the first ingredient as the REAL food and then only one or two chemical sounding names, chances are they are natural preservatives.

    But it’s always better to do a quick search online to be sure.

  8.  Arsenic Chicken

    They put arsenic into the chicken feed, but it could also be in the feed for turkey, cows, and other meats and poultry.

    Arsenic causes neurological diseases over time.You can watch the full video below.

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  1. Sunsweet Prune Juice now has Sucralose in it. Sucralose is a form of sugar with added chlorine.

    Look for all natural prune juice in your local health food store and of course, read the label before buying.

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