How to Read Your Thyroid Test

Do you think your doctor knows how to read your thyroid test properly?

Thyroid TestWell, the answer is no.

According to these doctors at the Hotze Health and Wellness Center with Dr. Steven Hotze, Dr. David Sheridan, and Dr. Donald Ellsworth, the most common thyroid test given worldwide is tested through the blood.

Why doesn’t this work?

Because you may have enough thyroid hormones in your body, but they may not actually be getting to your cells, so your thyroid tests may say they are “normal,” but they really aren’t.

And the thyroid hormone these conventional doctors usually check, the TSH, is not even a thyroid hormone, it’s a thyroid stimulating hormone located in the pituitary gland.

Dr. Sheridan says that each test has to be unique to the individual person. Considering he’s an MD, we were surprised to hear him say that.

Then these forward thinking doctors from the Hotze Health and Wellness Center say that the doctors can’t even agree upon WHAT the thyroid test levels should be in order to gauge whether a person has hypothyroidism. And of course like with ALL conventional doctors, their range is very narrow. It’s only plus or minus two points above or below the median range of the last 1,000 test results. That means 95% of the population will never be diagnosed properly, because only 2% of the people on either end of the scale will have the levels that will match up to their “numbers.”

To make matters even worse, these doctors sent 44 of their patients’ tests to two different labs and guess what happened?

Both tests came back totally different by an average of 25%.

So an educated open minded doctor can’t even believe the test results from the labs.

Dr. Sheridan also believes, as we do here, that what the patient tells you and how the patient’s body looks should be the deciding factors to determine illness, not some lab test that is most probably not even accurate.

If you want to watch the entire video, we provided it for your viewing pleasure.

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