This news article is just one more example of how government lies to the public & unfortunately many of the people believe it.

You can see clearly how toxic pesticides harm people & yet they “claim” there was nothing wrong with it.

Then they spray these toxins onto our produce & we eat it, but then they expect us to believe it’s ALL SAFE.

China has some of the most toxic everything. They produce the cheapest plastics, materials, etc. which makes them even more toxic than chemicals produced in other countries.

“A toxic cloud has covered parts of Buenos Aires, causing alarm and leading to the evacuation of many buildings.

The authorities say the smoke was caused by a fire in a container with pesticides at the city’s port, but the situation is now under control.

Hundreds of people experienced nausea, eye irritation and other symptoms.

Buenos Aires Security Minister Sergio Berni said there were no health risks due to the “low toxic levels” of the pesticide, which was produced in China.

The toxic smoke affected Puerto Madero, Congreso, San Telmo and other central areas of the Argentine capital.

Residents and office workers went out with their faces covered by scarves or masks.

They complained of a strong, unpleasant smell, even inside office buildings.”

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