Dr. John Piesse and the Story of Vaccine Damage

Dr. John PiesseDr. John Piesse from Australia always trusted the government’s information that only one in a million have complications from vaccines.


When he went to look at his patients’ records, he noticed that after he vaccinated them, 50% of his infants became quite ill and two of the infants died. The deaths were passed off as SIDS.

Over the years he started noting more vaccine damaged cases, PLUS he realized there were actually NO gold standard studies done that proved that vaccinations were efficient.

Then he noted that the national infant mortality rates of Australia were proportional to the number of vaccine doses.

He also stated that there is a lot of evidence of “manufactured science” which is fake science, and doctors are ignoring the very fact that there is vaccine damage to their patients.

Witch Hunt

A reporter and the Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy, colluded together to creating a story that they broke a cell of anit-vaxxer doctors who were under investigation.

They stated that Dr. Piesse was guilty of serious misconduct when this wasn’t even remotely true.

Section 147(2c) of the Public Health & Well Being Act states that all children going into child care or kindergarten in Victoria need to provide prof of immunisation.

While it says that, it also states that if there is a medical exemption, it’s upto the doctor’s discretion on whether to vaccinate or not, and he doesn’t have to disclose a reason to the government.

Dr. John Piesse believed that the Immunisation Status Certificate he was providing to his patients met the requirements of the legislation.

Other Sources

Another doctor who is also under investigation who did not want to divulge his name stated:

“Most doctors are not aware that the Immunisation handbook doesn’t even meet its own mandatory guidelines for gold standard evidence. For example, there are no links to any safety studies on the MMR vaccine and a textbook reference is used to claim the MMR is effective. That textbook is co-written by Dr Paul Offit, a doctor who has profited in excess of $13 million from the rotavirus vaccine he produced with Merck, a company which also holds a monopoly on the production of the MMR vaccine”.

“If doctors are not aware of the poor quality of evidence provided in the handbook, how can they offer proper informed consent? Without valid consent, which would include disclosing all the possible adverse reactions listed on a vaccine package insert, doctors are left open to being sued. The Rogers vs. Whitaker case is testament to that. This case has set precedent for a high level of disclosure of even rare risks. Doctors not willing to do their own research into the accuracy of the content in the Handbook may find themselves facing legal action should an adverse reaction occur. If a significant adverse event occurs which has not been disclosed in the consent process, the practitioner performing the procedure bears legal liability for the event, whereas the same adverse event would not attract legal liability had proper consent been given and the procedure performed competently. This is why clinicians like Dr Piesse should be commended for being brave enough to stand up and realise, the Government is only protecting themselves”.

Dr. Piesse continues to be vilified by the deadstream media and the medical board who is calling for him to have his license revoked.

A law firm that also wishes to remain anonymous wrote a document stating:

“Immunisation Status Certificate (ISC) meets the requirements of the legislation. In fact, their letter states that “..It would not be lawful” for any childcare centre or kindergarten to deny enrolment of a child using the ISC provided by Dr Piesse.

Furthermore, any childcare service or kindergarten who denied enrolment would be “engaging in discriminatory conduct” thus leaving them open to legal action.”

Another anonymous source named, Sarah, stated that she went to 5 different doctors who all stated her son shouldn’t be vaccinated, but Dr. Piesse was the ONLY one who would give her the certificate so she could send her son to Kinder.

Even the barrister she visited reviewed the certificate and said it’s all legal.

She’s been in a battle with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for 22 weeks, because they refuse to admit they were wrong, they can’t show anyone the law that says the doctor did anything wrong, so it’s them just using Dr. Piesse as an example.

The Government

Jill Hennessy is the government official who is responsible for NOT allowing kids to go to kinder or child care without first being vaccinated.

It’s clear that the government and the many doctors care more about forcing Australian citizens to inject their kids with harmful vaccines, than looking at the truth which clearly shows that many of the vaccines can and do cause harm to kids.

They also gag the doctors from speaking the truth.

Here is an article that shows how Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister and his wife Lucy, are tied to pharma and tech companies. Lucy Turnbull is chairman of the pharmaceutical company Prima Biomed.



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